Zomok Male
- lbs
- years old Rundak
POWERS Necromancy
Frost magic
BIRTHDAY March 3rd

Tobura (superior)


Sowing terror


Being ordered around


Zomok is a character within the Ghostverse introduced in the episode Resurrection in the Ghostverse Adventures series. Tobura's second-in-command, Zomok was resurrected thousands of years after his demise to act as a general of hers.


Zomok, being a member of the draconic Rundak species, is a large, intimidating being. His body is covered in spikes, and he possesses a massive one on the end of his tail. He has four sickly fingers and feet perfect for flight.

After being resurrected by Tobura, Zomok became more sickly in appearance, with bone being exposed on his body. He also turned from his usual scale color of purple to a pale blue and white coloration, the blue coming from the magic and the white being present due to the lack of blood flowing in his body.


Zomok is a cunning, cruel individual who will not hesitate to murder those he deems as enemies, and generally lacks any sense of mercy. Zomok also has a sense of humor, contrary to what most believe, and is generally known for lacking any sense of compassion or honor.


Zomok is a fearsome fighter who will not hold back at all in battle, and is also a cunning tactician who can easily exploit his foes, often relying on tactics some would call dishonorable. Some of his specific abilities can be seen here:

General Skills

  • Flight: Zomok, being a member of the Rundak, is capable of flying via his wings. He usually remains in the air in battle.
  • Tactics: Zomok is an unparalleled tactical genius who can exploit his enemies, and relies on all of the tricks in the book to defeat them.

Combat Techniques

  • Tail Stab: Zomok will often use his tail as if it's a weapon, skewering foes with it.
  • Wall Slide: Zomok may pick up an enemy, and fly along the wall with them.
  • Flying Kick: Zomok, from the air, may come down with a double-footed kick that sends opponents flying.

Magic Techniques

  • Frost Breath: Zomok can breathe ice to harm his foes, both in the form of one large breath, and balls of ice.
  • Necromancy: Zomok is capable of raising the dead, and forcing them to serve him. This requires a corpse nearby however.
  • Soul Rip: Zomok can drain the life force out of his enemies via magic, much like Tobura.


Ghostverse Adventures

Zomok debuted in Ghostverse Adventures, first appearing in the episode Resurrection. In it, he's resurrected by Tobura to act as a general of hers, though he expresses his distaste for being commanded by others. He also begins to experiment with necromancy and his aptitude for torturing his underlings is shown.


  • Zomok is inspired by Metroid's Ridley, both design-wise and in terms of some of the abilities he uses.
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