Zombmii Invasion!?
Zombmii Invasion.png
Developer(s) Big Blorb Inc.
Director(s) Lonky
Producer(s) Also Lonky
Designer(s) Lonky
Programmer(s) Lonky with a cool computer
Writer(s) Lonky again
Composer(s) Lonky with a soundboard
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) RPG
Series Miihem!
Release Date(s) 14th July 20XX
Mode(s) RPG and Multiplayer
Cost Free with 5$ DLC


Zombmii Invasion is an RPG taking some inspiration from Streetpass Zombies/Battleground Z. It is being released for the Nintendo Switch on the 14th Of July 20XX. The game revolves around your Mii taking down Miis that were drowned of their Emotional Magic, making them Zombmiis. 


The game starts with you and your Mii sitting on a bench in a park. A city is in the distance. A dark cloud begins to form above you as your Mii says that you should both head home, as it looks like it's going to start to rain. Once you get home you realise there's no colour in the apartment. Your Mii starts to look around and asks you if you see it too. Once you both look out the window you see that the sky is also grey. Worry sets in as you run out to see a large purple pod floating high in the city's central. They reveal themselves as Dr ____ (You add a mii of your choice for this role) who steals all of  the emotion from the Miis. You and your Mii run away from emotionless Miis running towards them and jump on a train to start the first level.


The game can be played with all Switch playstyles. The way you travel in the Overworld is similar to Earthbound. Running into a monster who is on the Overworld will trigger a battle. Battles give you 7 options:

Strike, A basic attack with whatever weapon equipped

Technique, a unique attack which can use things from magic to technology

Charge, which boosts your Special Meter

Defend, which blocks most of the damage from a certain attack

Dodge, which can either nullify all damage or have more damage dealt to you than normal if failed

Item, Uses an item to heal or do a bit of damage

Special, A move which needs a full Special Meter to use. An incredibly powerful move.


The game's world consists of 13 worlds with Rainbow City as the hub

Rainbow City is the first world. Represented by the a rainbow and the boss of the stage being a best friend of your Mii you can set yourself. It is the starting area and where your character lives. It is mostly basic while you wonder around a city defeating Zombmiis armed with household items such as hairdryers and toys. After you finish the world it fills with colour.  Defeating the world let's the selected Mii that was the boss join your party to help you with your adventure. The bos

Grey City.png

s is the Mii you picked to as one of your 12 friends' face put on a massive skyscraper. The more worlds you beat the more colour returns to Rainbow City.

Rainbow City.jpg

Green Forest is an area in which the Zombmiis are armed with tropical fruits and dangerous plants in pots. The boss is a Mii you set as your Friend and is a massive venus flytrap with the Zombmii popping out of it's mouth

Green Forest.png

Red Buffet is an area in which the Zombmiis have food based weaponry such as a Watermelon Cannon and a Zombmii hiding in a pie. The actual area is a food based world like the Luncheon Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey with Ice Cream Mountains and massive apple boulders. The boss is a massive cake with the Mii you set as one of your friends hiding in the top layer with other Zombmiis carrying the cake.

Red Buffet.png

Orange Desert is an area where the enemies are fire and sand based. The actual area is a desert with massive towering pyramids in the background and a sandstorm blowing around. The boss of the world is one of your set Friends as a Zombmii riding a Sphinx.

Orange Desert.png

Yellow Stadium is a sports based area where the Zombmiis are armed with multiple sports equipment like baseball gloves and Footballs/Soccer Balls. The area is composed of hockey stick trees and other sports equipment worked into the enviroment. The boss is a Friend Mii (Now a Zombmii) on top of a massive basketball using a Pole Jump pole to balance.

Yellow Stadium.png

Lime Lab is a factory area with an industrial theme and Zombmiis wielding gears and piloting cool mini robots. The boss is one of your chosen friends in a big test tube connected to a massive robot dinosaur.

Lime Lab.png

Pink Space is an area with an ethereal feel as it's in space. The Zombmii enemies wear spacesuits, have sci fi weapons and spaceships. The boss is a friend as a Zombmii hiding in the craters of a big meteorite. 

Pink Space.png

Purple Underground is an area underneath the floors of Rainbow City with poison based enemies and even some riding rats and snakes. The boss is The King Cobra Riding Zombmii. Another friend

Blue Ocean is the usual water world. Zombmiis dressed as divers,riding dolphins. the boss is a Friend in a big sub.

Cyan Skies is the usual ice world Birds, Tornados and more! The Boss is a Mii riding a massive bird

White Ice-One of the 3 areas not accesible from the start. Acessesable when all other stages are beaten. The enemies are all snow based, with Zombmiis dressed up as penguins and hidden in a snowman. The boss is a Group of your remaining 3 friends as Zombiis standing on the branches of a snowflake. Once beaten the snow clears showing the Brown Path

Brown Path is a stage where a bunch of Zombmiis from different worlds attacking at once. Making it a bit hard to beat. The boss is The Gatekeeper. A robot with no zombmii.

Black Castle is the final stage. Every enemy can randomly appear here. They are also buffed in stats. The final boss is Dr _____  directly controlling the robot from before. Now a deep black and white colour.


Sword Damage
Stick +1
Wooden Blade +2
Jagged Wooden Blade +3
Copper Sword +4
Brass Sword +5
Fencing Sword +6
Iron Sword +7
Jagged Iron Sword +8
Titan Sword +9
Chainsword +10
Golden Sword +11
Crystal Sword +12
Eye Sword +13
Heart Sword +14
Acidic Sword +15
Fountain Sword +16
Fiery Sword +17
Yin Yang Blade +18
Hero Sword +19
Golden Knight's Perfect Blade +20
Bow Name Damage
Crude Bow +1
Bow & String +2
Sharp Branch Bow +3
Copper Arrow Bow +4
Brass Arrow Bow +5
Flint Arrow Bow +6
Iron Arrow Bow +7
Jagged Iron Arrow Bow +8
4 Prong Arrow Bow +9
Drill Arrow Bow +10
Golden Bow +11
Crystal Bow +12
Plasma Bow +13
Cupid's Bow +14
Fang Arrow Bow +15
Toxic Tipped Arrow Bow +16
Fiery Bow +17
Yin Yang Bow +18
Hero Bow +19
Golden Archer's Perfect Bow +20
Spear Name Damage
Broom +1
Wooden Spear +2
Root Spear +3
Copper Spear +4
Brass Spear +5
Double Sided Brass Spear +6
Iron Spear +7
Jagged Iron Spear +8
4 Prong Spear +9
Drillbit Spear +10
Golden Spear +11
Crystal Spear +12
Olympic Spear +13
Star Spear +14
Fang Spear +15
Dragon Spear +16
Fiery Spear +17
Yin Yang Spear +18
Hero Spear +19
Golden Lancer's Perfect Spear +
Hammer Name Damage
Log Hammer +1
Wooden Mallet +2
Leaf Hammer +3
Copper Hammer +4
Brass Hammer +5
Spiked Brass Hammer +6
Iron Hammer +7
Spiked Iron Hammer +8
Knockout Hammer +9
Gamecube Hammer +10
Golden Hammer +11
Crystal Hammer +12
Sumo Hammer +13
Star Hammer +14
Crown Hammer +15
Dragon Hammer +16
Fiery Hammer +17
Yin Yang Hammer +18
Hero Hammer +19
Golden Striker's Perfect Hammer +20
Knife Name Damage
Toy Knives +1
Butter Knives +2
Wooden Knives +3
Copper Knives +4
Brass Knives +5
Ornate Toy Knives +6
Kitchen Knives +7
Ornate Iron Knives +8
Porcelain Knives +9
Priceless Knives +10
Golden Knives +11
Crystal Knives +12
Curly Knives +13
Comet Knives +14
Royal Knives +15
Sacred Knives +16
Sub Zero Knives +17
Yin Yang Knives +18
Hero Knives +19
Golden Bandit's Perfect Blade Set +20
Book Name Damage
Scrappy Tome +1
Decent Tome +2
Comic Tome +3
Hardback Tome +4
Leather-back Tome +5
Skull Tome +6
Metallic Sheen Tome +7
Rainbow Sheen Tome +8
Mirror Tome +9
Fairy Tome +10
Old Tome +11
Historical Tome +12
Novice Wizard's Tome +13
Asteroid Tome +14
Professional Wizard's Tome +15
Sacred Tome +16
Firebrand Tome +17
Yin Yang Tome +18
Hero Tome +19
Golden Sorcerer's Perfect Spellbook +20
Gauntlet Name Damage
Crude Gloves +1
Thin Gloves +2
Wool Gloves +3
Festive Gloves +4
Fingerless Gloves +5
Skeletal Gloves +6
Festive Mittens +7
Copper Gauntlets +8
Crab Claw Gauntlets +9
Iron Gauntlets +10
Golden Gauntlets +11
Jewel Gauntlets +12
Enchanted Gauntlets +13
Jet Gauntlets +14
Thunderclap Gauntlets +15
Shining Gauntlets +16
Blazing Gauntlets +17
Yin Yang Gauntlets +18
Hero Gauntlets +19
Golden Heavyweight's Perfect K.O Gloves +20
Stave Name Damage
Homemade Staff +1
Stick Staff +2
Acorn Staff +3
Coal Staff +4
Droplet Staff +5
Pumpkin Staff +6
Ruby Staff +7
Sapphire Staff +8
Mirror Staff +9
Fairy Staff +10
Heart Staff +11
Historical Staff +12
Rainbow Staff +13
Sun Staff +14
Solar System Staff +15
Sacred Staff +16
Rain Staff +17
Yin Yang Staff +18
Hero Staff +19
Golden Cleric's Perfect Staff +20
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