Zombiu remastered
ZombiU Remastered is a remake of ZombiU, created by PolisKaniner and published by Nintendo. Like the original, it is a Wii U exclusive game.


ZombiU Remastered's gameplay remains similar to ZombiU, and is therefore still a first-person survival horror game, with shooter elements. ZombiU Remastered introduces open world elements. The player uses the Wii U Gamepad to perform multiple tasks throughout the game. Jobs have been redesigned to make the game more fun.


In ZombiU, jobs didn't mean anything, and just tried to create a backstory for your character. In ZombiU remastered, your job impacts your character's skills and abilities.

Job Title Advantages
Athlete Higher stamina
Boxer Stronger Melee attacks

Takes less damage from punches, but vision goes blurry after many hits

Dancer Higher agility
Doctor Can heal self

Faster hacking ability

Faster at starting up cars

Police Officer

Police cars do not need hacking

Can turn off some alarms

Starts with a baton

YouTuber Nothing really, makes jokes from time to time.



Character Creation

Upon first launch, or after you die, you will be brought to the character creation screen. You will not be able to create the same character again on the same save file.


ZombiU Remastered is set in a zombie-infested London. Many changes have been made to the setting since ZombiU. Many locations have been changed to look more like London in real life, to make the game more realistic. Unlike ZombiU, ZombiU Remastered has open world elements, and the whole map of London is loaded during the game's first load, similarly to "The Crew". This means rather than sitting through a loading screen, the player has to travel to the location on foot or by vehicle.


The game's plot remains similar to ZombiU, but has been slightly altered.

Full Plot TBA


While the main story mode has a drop-in offline and online multiplayer mode, some modes are exclusive to multiplayer.

Multiplayer Modes

King of the zombies


Killer Freaks

In this gamemode, both players play as survivors. It can be played Online, splitscreen, with one player on the tv and the other on the gamepad or in single player. This mode is based off "Killer Freaks from Outer Space", a game that was cancelled, and later became ZombiU. In this gamemode, survivors work as a team against the "Killer Feaks from Outer Space" aliens, instead of zombies. The game is round-based, where the survivors attempt to survive as many rounds as possible.


All three gamemodes feature the same playable maps.


Using the Wii U NFC figures, Amiibo will unlock special multiplayer stages based around games that character has starred in.

Super Smash Bros. Series
Image Name Description Special Items Amiibo Image
Super bell hill Super Bell Hill Based on the level from Super Mario 3D World.

Double Cherry - Doubles your ammo

Fire Flower - Weapon that projects fireballs

Cannon Box - Weapon that fires cannonballs on a timer

Boomerang Blade - Bladed weapon that can be thrown three times

POW Block - Weapon that destroys close-by enemies when thrown to the ground

Mario Amiibo Mario
Hyrule u Hyrule Based on multiple entries in the "The Legend of Zelda" series.

Master Sword - Sword

Bunny Hood - Increases stamina

Stone Mask - Can be used to hide from enemies, however, if the mask is kept on too long, the effect will wear off.

Link Amiibo Link
Kirbys Dream Land GBC ScreenShot4 Dreamland Based on the location from Kirby's Dreamland Maxim Tomato - Restores full health Kirby Amiibo Kirby
Super Mario Series
Image Name Description Special Items Amiibo Image
Toad minecart Adventure! Based on multiple levels in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Minecart - A minecart you can ride around the stage

Turnips - Throwable items

Turnip Cannon - An enterable cannon that fires turnips

Toad MarAmiibo Toad
Grand Theft Auto Series
Image Name Description Special Items Amiibo Image
Vodka Storpitt Based on the club in Grand Theft Auto VI John Mogwai John mogwamiibo
Torchwood Series
Image Name Description Special Items Amiibo Image
Dance Hall A dance hall during The Blitz, as seen in the Torchwood episode "Captain Jack Harkness". Various weapons from 1941 Captain Jack Harkness Jack amiibo
Wedding Hall Based on the wedding hall in "Something Borrowed". Singularity Scalpel - A device used to destroy body parts without damaging the skin Gwen Cooper Gwen amiibo
Ianto Jones Ianto amiibo
Owen Harper Owen amiibo
St. Teilo's Hospital Based on the hospital in "To The Last Man". Tosh Tosh amiibo
Super Smash Bros. Assemble Series
Image Name Description Special Items Amiibo Image
Sailboat Based on Popeye's ship. Spinach - Doubles your melee strength Popeye AssembleAmiibo Popeye
Icicle Mountain Based on the Melee stage, based on the NES game Ice Climber Ice Climbers AssembleAmiibo IceClimbers
Area 6-1 Based on the first Battleship level of Super Bomberman 3 Fire Bomb - A bomb that emits fire in four directions

Power Bomb - A Fire Bomb, with increased distance

Bomberman AssembleAmiibo Bomberman


AssembleAmiibo Midna1AssembleAmiibo Midna2
Arena Based on the standard multiplayer map in Splatoon. Paintball gun - A gun that rapidly fires painballs Inkling AssembleAmiibo Inkling
Bayonetta AssembleAmiibo Bayonetta
Mini Mario AssembleAmiibo MiniMario
Kitchen Based on the kitchen in the cooking mama series. Ghost pepper grenade - A blinding tear gas grenade created with ghost peppers. Cooking Mama AssembleAmiibo Cooking Mama
Based on the stage from Yoshi's Island. Stork AssembleAmiibo Stork
Dracula's Castle Based on the castle from the Castlevania NES game. Simon Belmont AssembleAmiibo Simon
King Boo AssembleAmiibo KingBoo


  • Character Customisation introduced.
  • Clothing impacts characters' attributes.
  • Open World elements added.
  • Fewer loading screens.
  • Jobs were redesigned to actually impact the game.
  • More zombie character models to reduce the repetitiveness.
  • More weapons.
  • Vehicle Introduction.
  • Cutscenes are now in first person, as is scavenging.
  • Main Game has a multiplayer mode.
  • "Killer Freaks" Multiplayer Gamemode added.
  • All multiplayer modes are playable online.
  • The dirty lens effect can be turned on and off in the options menu.
  • Amiibo Support.



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