Princess Zoey Koopa
Zoey Koopa
Zoey Koopa
Punky Koopa
AGE 17
BIRTHDAY July 10, 1998
ZODIAC ♋ Cancer
WEIGHT 90lbs lbs
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom Kingdom
Bowser (father)
Clawdia (mother)
Larry Koopa (brother)
Iggy Koopa (brother)
Lemmy Koopa (brother)
Roy Koopa (brother)
Wendy O. Koopa (sister)
Morton Koopa (brother)
Ludwig von Koopa (brother)
Bowser Jr. (little brother)
CLASS Koopaling
SERIES Super Mario world series (as Punky)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (1985)Paper Mario: Color Splash
Zoey Koopa (known as Punky in the cartoons) is one of the 8 Koopalings, and the 4th oldest of the Koopalings.


 In general

Zoey has long red hair and a typical Koopa-like body. She has a Bowser-like snout and mouth and her mouth spares 2 large teeth. She has a red shell with spikes on it. She also had a yellowish body color, and emerald-green eyes.


During this time period, Zoey had a purple bow with hearts and a darker green color in her eyes. She also had three teeth in her mouth however, she now has two in the Mario games.


Zoey's hair is now a orange-firelike color and also was one eyelash on each eye. She also has aqua blue rings around the spikes of her shell. She is also more yellowish in color, instead of brown in color.


Zoey is a tomboyish koopa that prefers spiked bands rather than braclets like Wendy. She is very creative and smart a lot like Iggy and Ludwig. In Mario Kart 8 her class is medium weight. She is very mischevious and clever and will do anything to stop Mario and Luigi in their tracks. She is one of the stronger koopalings like Roy, Ludwig, and Morton. She is mostly arrogent and impoliet. She gets along well mostly with Wendy, Roy, Iggy, and Ludwig. 


Super Mario HML: Series 2

Zoey is a playable character in Super Mario HML: Series 2

Super Mario Heros

In Super Mario Heros Zoey is a boss in the game.

Boss Fight: 

You can fight her on world 6-9; Zoey's flying pirate ship after defeating all of the Koopa Troopas onboard, Mario will enter the Airship and fight Zoey in a arrow battle. After being hit three times and breathing fire once, Zoey will attempt to escape her ship. Mario will tie her up with a rope make an allaborate trap luring him into a pit of man- eating Pirahna Plants.

Mario Singalong Down Under!

Zoey made her debut in the Mario Singalong! Series in Mario Singalong Down Under! where she was an unlockable character. To unlock her you had to sing Katy Perry "Firework" at least once and compleate the story at least twice.

Super Koopa Mario!

In Super Koopa Mario she walks around Palm Portals and notices a Koopa that looks familiar. However Mario is clearly a koopa and ignores Mario.

Super Mario and the Glowing Diamond:

Zoey Koopa reappered along the rest of the Koopalings in Super Mario and the Glowing Diamond. She's in charge of World 8: Molten Volcano land. In battle, Zoey will shoot fireballs but tosses them randomly. To make the situation even worse, Kamek will assist her and will grow twice her size, After she is defeated World 9 along with Bowser will be unlcoked.

Lets-a go, Mario

Zoey Koopa reappers in Lets-a go, Mario as a boss in the Nostalgic Area with the other 7 Koopalings. She can breathe fire, throw spikes and use a spin attack to make her invincible. She can also create red orbs- when they make contact with the ground they spread fire. Her personal minions are Koopa Troopas, Wigglers, and Goombas.
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