Zmei (KillGames)



GENDER Unknown
WEAPONS Buster Breaker
SERIES KillGames

Zmei is a characted created by CrakaboLazy4090. He makes his debut in KillGames.


Zmei is a combat robot designed after a dragon. His body consists mostly of dark and light gray armor, covering his black body. His head has a pair of horns that are curved forward, along with a ponytail created out of superheated plasma.  In KIllGames 2, his design has been slightly altered. His head is now more pronounced, possessing a snout. His shoulder armor now has visible missile launchers, and when he jumps he unleashes blass of red energy from them, resembling wings.



With the possible threat of both demons and mutants threatning humanity, the AKA needed to find some sort of way of containing them. Thus, they created the Zmei, powerful combat robots decided to be able to defeat the both of them. In order to test their capabilities, a single Zmei unit was sent to join the KillGames, with the only goal of winning.


Zmei first appears in Chapter 3 of Redge's Story, initially as an antagonist. After Redge and Lane defeat Misery and Colt, he busts through the cieling of the room they are fighting in, and kidnaps Yuki, taking her to Neon Tower.

In Chapter 4, Zmei explains to Yuki that killing her would net him a large amount of points, enough for him to get to the finals. He challenges her to a fight, but is defeated. Almost about to fall off the building, Yuki saves her, wishing to become his friend. Zmei, breaking through his AI suddenly, feels emotions for the first time, hugging Yuki.

Redge suddenly appears near the end, challenging Zmei to a fight. He is almost about to be killed when Yuki steps in front of him, saving him. Zmei then decides to join Yuki, Redge and Storm.

During Chapter 5, he is sucked into a portal alongside Redge, Storm and Yuki. When Redge is injured, he charges into Soul and begins fighting her, allowing Yuki and Lane to help him. When Soul attempts to attack them once more, Zmei blocks the attack, but ends up gravely injured. When Soul is defeated the the dimension around them collapses, Zmei has one more conversation with Yuki, his only friend, wishing for her to win the tournament, before he falls into the abyss and dies.


Zmei, being a robot designed entirely for combat, has no free will and is incapable of showing emotions. He solely focuses on one thing: completing his purposes of winning the KillGames and destroying any demon or mutant in his way.


Zmei possesses a wide variety of weaponry. Alongside missiles and lasers, Zmei can form his claws together to form the Buster Breakers, his signature weapon. These weapons can be spun at high speeds like drills.


Canon Appearences


Zmei apppears as a playable character in KillGames.

KillGames 2

A mass-produced version of Zmei appears as a playable character in KillGames 2. They are part of the AKA faction.

Non-Canon Appearences

Fantendo Fisticuffs

In Fantendo Fisticuffs, Zmei makes a cameo in the Neo York City Streets stage. He can be seen in the background, watching the players as they fight. 


Official Art


  • Zmei was one of the first characters designed for the game, alongside Redge, Storm and Misery.
  • Zmei's design is inspired from Mechagodzilla.
  • Zmei's name is taken from Zmei Gornynch, a dragon of Russian origin.
  • Because Zmei's is completely robotic (unlike Storm and Adam who are cyborgs), several finishers are different if used of him.
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