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Zingotta Female
? Unknown
560 lbs
8000 years old Teganite
Zingotta, the cosmic blacksmith
FULL NAME Zingotta
POWERS Lava Resistance

Heat Resistance
Malleable Body

BIRTHDAY February 2nd
ALIGNMENT Untens, whoever contracts her and passes her trials
OCCUPATION(S) Blacksmith at the Rainbow Forge



Building and constructing weapons, experimenting with various materials, a good meal


The Threat, The Fan, The Enemy, free-loading leeches


Zingotta is the owner of the Rainbow Forge and the builder of many amazing weapons and armors, such as Imperium and the Synth-Metal Jacket that Unten Bluzen. They were introduced briefly in Days of Victory as the creator of Imperium, repairing it's full functionality in the process. They also seemed knowledgeable about the existence of Hyper Mode Orbs and the greater Beorn lore, being connected to it's it's strongest members. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as the creator of Imperium and as a weapon smith that could be used on the more cosmic side of things.

Zingotta is a fairly minor character in the grand scheme of things, being used to explain Imperium and Hyper Mode Orbs during Days of Victory, although they would be revisited in Dissecting Sarah as Unten looks for a way to repair or replace his cloak that he got from The Silent One. Although Zingotta has implied connections to the broader Beorn lore, not much has actually been discussed yet on this front.


Zingotta is a very tall alien with dull cyan skin and a set of black horns. These horns all have different cuts and shapes, and one even extends across the back of their head. These are all sharp and cut if touched. Zingotta also has slits with thin black eyes and a toothy mouth with sharp cyan teeth. In the center of her forehead, a Lavastone is embedded into it. Zingotta has six appendages hanging off at her sides that can be formed into whatever tools she desires, like hammers or pliers. However, for most of her "prized" work, she uses a rainbow crystal (the material being known as Spectrumite) hammer.

She wears a black apron with her signature "Z" painted across it and black pants. She also wears large boots with cyan soles. She also wears black metal armor bands around her tentacles. A orange and green-blue bow is wrapped around her apron that features a Lavastone in the center.


Zingotta is a booming alien with seeming little needed for her services, although only Unten Bluzen has been seen directly interacting with her. She has inconsistent pronouns, being genderfluid to some extent- she identifies as female and occasionally decides to use they/them pronouns. She likes a good meal, although her modesty often sees her to do things for free- it seems like to some extent Zingotta makes armor and weapons for the art of it.

She owns her armory and weapons and has the ability to revoke her weapons if she feels they are being misused. However, Zingotta's mostly hands off with how people use her weapons. One user of her weapons used it to murder many "golden age" heroes in the New Fantendoverse, of which she had no issue with, seeing them as purging weakness from a group that was outnumbering chaos in the universe. She doesn't seem to like the gods. She seems to be a big advocate for subspace storage, as everything she has made has it to some extent.

Zingotta appears to have a belief system based off balance and chaos. She believes that the universe will attempt to always balance out chaos and order, that good and bad are equalized across the universe and if bad things happen, it's because chaos needs to occur in order for the universe to be balanced. This belief system is very similar to ones held by gods, and she appears to have a connection to celestial and deity objects.


Days of Victory

Zingotta appears very briefly in Days of Victory but has a huge impact on the plot. When Unten arrives at the Rainbow Forge with Mioda, Faria, Nycho Invalidez, and Obena, he comes into contact with Zingotta, who reveals themselves as the creator of Imperium and appears alongside the Beorn deities Origin and Destiny. Zingotta restores the full functionality of Imperium, which was previously locked off somehow, and explains Hyper Mode orbs although is cut off by the arrival of Querius. It is implied Zingotta was briefly held in The Fan and The Enemy's arctic base during the events of Victory, kept safe from further attacks.

Beorns from County Hell

Zingotta appears briefly when Reten goes into an alternate timeline circa Days of Victory in order to steal Unten's Hyper Orb for his own usage.

Dissecting Sarah

Zingotta is the driving force in Dissecting Sarah as Unten's cloak is falling apart after the events of Fantendo - Zenith. Zingotta creates a new coat for Unten made out of synthesized metals known as the Synth Metal Jacket. Zerita and Unten decide to treat Zingotta to lunch and briefly mention needing to return Zingotta back to the Rainbow Forge while visiting Sarah Auvic in the hospital after her and Sakeena's panic attacks.

Powers and Abilities

Zingotta has the ability to resist lave, fire, and heat in general via her skin. This allows her to work as close as possible to her materials, allowing her to construct intricate magi-tech weapons. This ability was based off the Lavastone that's embedded into her forehead. As a Teganite, Zingotta is able to use gemstones and metals to take on the properties of them. However, she has only ever been seen with the Lavastone in her forehead.

She can also change size as seen in Dissecting Sarah, able to shrink down to Zerita's size in order to fit on the ship. She also has malleable tentacle limbs that allows her to shift them into tools. She carries around a Spectrumite hammer that allows her to fix and craft objects at a seemingly god-like level, able to create Synthesized metal.

Specific Abilities

Innate Abilities

  • Lavastone - Zingotta has a Lavastone embedded into her head which gives her the innate qualities of the Lavastone.
    • Heat Resistance - Zingotta has tough skin that can resist any kind of heat as well as fire and even lava. This allows her to swim in lava or even hold it in her hand and throw it.
  • Teganite Tentacles - Zingotta features six tentacle limbs that allow for malleability to form into tools, weapons, and more.
  • Size-Changing - Zinotta can change her size to be smaller or larger. However, 11 feet and 8 inches is her base height. When size shifted, she exerts pressure onto her body and if size changed for too long (over 24 hours), damages her internal organs.


  • Spectrumite Hammer - This large hammer has a striking metal of rainbow colors that allows her to fix and repair objects made of metal. It also allows her to infuse various metals together to create Synthesized Metal.




  • Zingotta was based off Bismuth from Steven Universe and Azmuth from Ben 10.
  • ZIngotta's height, 11 feet and 8 inches, is a reference to the Norfolk Southern–Gregson Street Overpass bridge in Durham, North Carolina, United States. The bridge is infamous for over 148 documented cases of trucks slamming into it, as the bridge is not tall enough to accommodate for their height despite appearing to be. It has since been lifted 8 inches, although trucks continue to crash into it, with over 3 cases reported since the raising.