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Scluboops! In trouble again!
One of Zing Zang Zoodi's many catchphrases

Zing Zang Zoodi is one of first Boltzmann students and was involved in the battle that caused The Threat to attack Earth. He comes from the planet Wraiggon and is trained in creating Telekinetic Power Circles with his mind. He is known for his lengthy list of catchphrases and his uplifting personality.


Zing Zang Zoodi is a blue small creature with big eyes and smile. He has seven tentacles, with six usually raised and the seventh below his feet, trailing behind. He has a set of horn-like structures on his head.


He is always very happy and upbeat about everything and always know how to cheer his fellow classmates up even in the bleakest of situations. He is described as zany and cartoonish and spurts out several catchphrases that actually don't mean anything.


Days of Victory

Zing Zang Zoodi appears briefly in the third act of Days of Victory in a forced flashback sequence that The Threat puts The Fan and The Enemy under. He appears among the old class of Boltzmann Students, who fought against The Threat's first attempt to take over the Earth, being killed in the process by Four via a blast to the face. After a last catch phrase, Zing Zang Zoodi dies.


Scluboops! In trouble again!
Zing Zang Zoodi

Rechmuorp bleep borp! Mail's here!
Zing Zang Zoodi

Don't be such a shemulpoerb!
Zing Zang Zoodi

Aw man, what's got you drown?
Zing Zang Zoodi

Klick clack crazy rat!
Zing Zang Zoodi


The Fan

The Enemy

The Threat


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