The Sand Shark
SPECIES Sand Shark
AGE >1000

Zeth is a boss in Fierce Tales.


Zeth is a sand shark which lives in a temple in the Forseth Desert. He has the body of a shark, but has dinosaur-like legs as well. His eyes are on long stalks somewhat like an hammer shark. His skin seems to be covered in sandstone.

He is lazy and tends to sleep a lot. When he's not sleeping, he's either fighting or collecting stuff in the temple he lives it. Zeth can get angered very easily and is usually aggresive.

Zeth is immune to lava when he is awake. He can even breath and swim in it. The sand shark can summon sandstorms and breath flames. He can also shield his eyes and use his head like an hammer or even a sword on foes.


Zeth was born from a shark egg which was enchanted by wizards and put in a temple, the same one in which he still lives today. The wizards then waited until it hatched, in which then they trained him to survive in lava and live in the temple. They told him there was nothing outside the temple so he doesn't leaves it. However, he saw there was something outside, so he was very angry and killed the wizards. Before dying, the leader of the wizards told him to guard a key he gave him and not let anyone take it.

After these events, Zeth stayed true to the wizards and guarded the key, placing it in a flop in his sandstorm armor. He grew lazy, through, and eventually his sleeps could take years. He killed many intruders which entered the ruins, until Goblin came when he was sleeping. He attacked him, but Goblin won and took the key. He became unconscious but quickly woke up when he started to burn. He ran away and left out of the temple for the first time. The events after this are currently not revealen or leaked.

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