Zero is the God of Darkness and The Void in the Voidverse series. He is hinted at throughout the entire series, until finally making an appearance in The Colin Four Saga. He is a god from Elementha, as all the Voidverse gods are.


Zero is a Elementha god with only a head and two hands. His color scheme is gray because he is "devoid of life's color".



Zero corrupted Rukalor into a Void Persona when the Void was created, starting his plan towards controlling all life.

Jayl Cel

After Rukalor's death, Jayl Cel was corrupted by Zero and became the new Void Persona. Jayl would be integral in bringing about the domination over all life that Zero strived for.

Clemethai the Light

Zero's elemental opposite, Clemethai controls over the Light Personas, which stand for life, goodness, and the end of evil. Clemethai proves to be a major problem in Zero's plans.


  • Zero wasn't originally going to be the main antagonist of the Voidverse series; in The Eric Four Saga, which was to be the last saga, Negative Zero was created as the embodiment of darkness.
  • Zero's part of the Elementha symbol is the biggest of the 4 parts.
  • It is said that Zero lost his body because he would "only think with a selfish mind", not the goodness of the heart, so in a trial to test Zero's good power, he failed, and the Powers That Be (beings that judge the gods) took away everything he did not use in that trial, leaving only his hands, head, and his dark power.


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