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Zero, the outlier
AGE Unknown
BIRTHDAY September 3rd
WEIGHT 100 pounds lbs
The Threat (love interest, servant of)
Sakeena (friend)
CLASS The Threat's Top 10
The Threat, Sakeena, Tea
One, Grendel, and Mistress Nell

Zero is a mysterious member of The Threat's Top 10 that seems to exist outside of it. The character was introduced in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory and plays a big role in Act 2 in Sakeena Kamel's story.


Zero is a tall, lanky character that has several sharp edges in his design. His body is primarily white, gold, and black colored, with a hint of green across his collarbones. He has a near featureless face with only a black diamond making up the sole facial feature. He has a row of golden extending spikes on the back, which connect to his body through a ring-like feature on his body. He has huge, almost robotic-looking arms, which are connected to his torso. He has a thin stomach area that is connected to a thick hip holder, that connects his tail and legs. He has golden circuitry patterns across his whole body.


Zero is a secretive character that does not like to divulge much detail about himself. He seems only interested in helping when it directly benefits him. He expresses a dislike for many of the Threat's Top 10 and sees no point in attempting reform any of them. Zero especially dislikes One and Grendel, who he sees as cowards preying on the weak. Zero is not very trusting of others, and only when he sees something in it for him does he have any kind of interest in helping other people. He is especially protective of The Threat, and has a lone wolf personality. He is described as a "wild card" by Wormgar.

Zero warms up considerably on Sakeena after she defeats a large majority of The Threat's Top 10, although he stresses it's not for survival purposes. He offers to fight her as a final test, although Sakeena rejects this offer, stating that it would serve her and him no good. Upon hearing this, he claims she passed the test. Acadia later gets Zero to admit there was no test at all.

Zero, as helpful as he was to Sakeena and her band of friends, is also undyingly loyal to The Threat. This is most evident when Sakeena announces her plan to fight the Threat, which Zero immediately takes offense to, as well as in the epilogue where he is the only surviving member of The Threat's Top 10 to still serve by The Threat after her descended status.

Zero has liking for tea, as revealed in Act 3 of Victory, where he and the other reformed Top Ten members are sitting and drinking tea. This is because it speeds up his entire system, allowing for more optimal performance in battles as well as evolving.


Zero was one of the members of a past iteration of The Threat's Top 10, although he climbed the ladder quickly to try and gain the respect of The Threat herself, as he had developed feelings for her. The Threat attempted to kill Zero many times in retaliation, as his interest in her was genuinely effecting his job, but after several dead Ones, The Threat just removed him from the system and renamed him Zero.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Powers and Abilities

Zero's abilities are briefly glimpsed in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, where he seems to have acutely good balance, is able to transform one of his arms into a deadly arm cannon, and can fly. Zero's abilities, however, are tied to his mechanic of being able to evolve to any situation, hence his abilities seen in Days of Victory. For example, his skin is steelike due to his body evolving to defend against attacks. Zero takes 24 hours to develop a new ability based off muscle memory.

The full extent of his abilities has not been revealed, although it is known that his abilities far exceed most in The Threat's Top 10, with only The Infinite being able to rival him.


The Threat

Sakeena Kamel



  • Zero's birthday references the release date of the 2003 movie Zero Day.
  • Zero was based off the song "Zero" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which can be listened to here.
  • Zero was originally supposed to be revealed in a post-credit stinger for Victory as a way for the Threat to enact revenge after being Descended, although he was made into a more substantial role during later drafts. The scene would have revealed him being called upon by The Threat and leaving in what appeared to be a bomber jet.
    • Zero was also supposed to have a musical number explaining his backstory in earlier drafts, set to "Zero" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but this was cut in lieu of saving time. Instead, his backstory is briefly mentioned.
  • Zero's arm cannon is a nod to the Megaman franchise, which also features a prominent character by the name of Zero. Exotoro did not opt to give him a laser sword as she felt that kind of nod would be too much.
  • Zero prefers "Zero" as his name, as The Threat specifically gave it to him when he was more or less removed from her Top 10 system.