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Zerita, fierce warrior and the sidekick of Unten
BIRTHPLACE Peaceful Plains

Zerita (commonly shortened to Zeri) is Unten's sidekick and one of the main characters of That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember. She is a Catonea.


Zerita's history prior to her appearance in Fissure (2014) remains relatively unknown. She was created as a community character and the only relatively successful one; however nobody seemed to agree on any given back story. She appeared in mutiple crossovers prior, including Shattered's predecessor Fantendo Smash Bros. Mercury despite having not shown up in any game in That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember before.

This was finally remedied in 2014 with her appearance in the reboot of the series known as Fissure (2014). She is depicted as being part of Chief Dongorio's tribe along with Mondo, as well as a sort of "Zero" figure to Unten.

[...]You have Zerita who watches from basically the sidelines and you get this feeling that she could easily do Unten’s job but she’s too busy taking care of a village of two.
Exotoro on Zerita's appearance in Fissure 2014 in a interview done for the game.

At the end of the game, she seems to be on non-speaking terms with Unten due to the death of her "father" Chief Dongorio, which is accredited to Unten's failure to stop Doomulus Grime. However, in the sequel Underground (2014), they appear to be on speaking terms, even working together. However, after getting kidnapped multiple times over the story, Zerita leaves Unten to partner up with Boare. As Unten begins to prove that he is the hero of the prophecy, Zerita changes alliances again.


Zerita is an elegant lady with a slight schizophrenia, a chaotic woman with selfish desires, but a strong and powerful heart, certainly caring for the ones she loves. Being cold in the outside, she doesn't show emotions so-often. She is determined, concentrated and independent. Her early solution to things that annoy or upset her is to distance herself, either emotionally or physically. She is a tough girl, with great power. She can be kind and generous to the ones she loves, but it's hard to be friends with her, since of her coldness. However, she suffers from disorganized speech, and as such it's difficult to understand them. As so, she is ignored by others, which has made her loneliness go even higher.


Zerita has orange fur, with excess blue fur, along with sharp claws (which all Catoneans have) and brown hoove-like feet. Zerita also has purple eyes and wears a blue mask on her head.



Chief Dongorio


Doomulus Grime



Fantendo - Planetary Implosion

Fantendo All-Stars Racing

Zerita appears as an unlockable racer, obtainable by completing the Beorn Cup as Unten. She has good speed, excellent handling, good power, horrible drift and poor acceleration. Her special move has yet to be confirmed.

Luxmors Bastion

Zerita appears in Luxmors Bastion as a Major Secondary character, she is explained as having been captured by the Luxmors Prison Force  where it is discovered that she acted extremely hostile and so the Prison Force took it upon themselves to drug her and constrain her with hallucinogens that made her obedient to the Prison Force through a multitude of crystals. In addition to keep her controlled, the Luxmors Prison Force attached a number of mechanical armour to her that enhanced her fighting capabilities and restricted her mental capacity, surprisingly only one piece of armour is actually surgically attached to her being the Chesplate while othe others are merely held in place including a Tail Piece and Toungue Piece.

Zerita is the Fourth Boss in Unten's Storyline although makes her first appearance shortly after the second boss. She is also the third boss in Vitae's storyline.



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