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Zeon is a planet that was formerly populated by Beorns, Catoneas, Narobi-Trons, Zeonian Humans and Siendralls. Beorns were exclusive to this planet prior to it's demise. It was destroyed by Doomulus Grime using a Planet Drill, a drill capable of digging to a planet's core and destroying it.



Zeon's history before the Shattering is a bit complicated as Unten's Catalyst abilities constantly changed the past of the place and how destroyed it was. Zeon shifted between only partially destroyed and robbed of life to completely destroyed; the latter of which was actually correct. During the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered it was revealed that the actual way events played out was the way they happened in the Proidgy series of events and that Unten was so traumatized he tried his best to forget them, although he would slowly begin remembering things like Netnu and Zerita.


Due to Unten's lack of Catalyst powers, Zeon followed the fixed line of events, albeit with one small difference: Destiny and Origin now existed when Zeon appeared in the Fantendoverse. The Fan and The Enemy aren't actually sure where Zeon and they came from, but left Zeon to it's own devices while Destiny and Origin quietly watched over it over the next couple of centuries. Destiny and Origin would later encounter the Doomuli, which they abandoned Zeon due to their sheer power and lack of deity-hood.

Doomulus Grime took over the planet by force, but then had to deal with Unten who would later cause Doomulus Grime to become frustrated enough with to decide to break the Doomuli code and destroy Zeon. Although Unten attempted to stop him, it was too late and opting not to take a chance to stop the drill with his life at risk, Unten barely left the planet. It was only through the sacrifice of Spunten that Unten was able to reach an escape pod. Unten's escape pod bumped into Xerra's, which would change it's trajectory immensely.

The planet was destroyed and many of the inhabitants perished as a result.


Zeon was a lush, canyon-like planet with desert-like regions and tundra-like regions. It had robots and technological advancements from visiting species that gifted the planet with them, however many species still remained in tribes and were nomadic. The exception to this was the Siendralls, which crafted elegant societies such as the Five Tail Society and more. The Narobi-Trons also created their own kingdoms, but they were programmed to do so.

Notable Inhabitants

† = Deceased



Zeonian Humans