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Zentech Studios

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Type of Company Video Game Company
Founder(s) White the Popopo (tbc)
Founded at/in 2012
Owner(s) White the Popopo (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) 9
Predecessor None
Successor None

Zentech Studios is a company that is still being established into the gaming industry. It works with many video game companies, including Nintendo, Sega, and Capcom, among others, but mostly for Nintendo. They are most famous for helping Nintendo create the Nintendo Retro System, and many of its games.


The company's insignia.


The Six Founding Brothers (Plus Any Other DMR Members That Join Fantendo)

Sorta New-ish Employees That Were Not Originally There



Zentech Studios Characters
Character Series Owner
White The Adventures of White White
Danni The Legend of Cielo White
Ace Ace of Spades White
Viran Viran's Destiny White
Quaz Soulstorm White
Vellfir Metallix White
Greenkiss All-Star Squad Adventures Asuna
Ryouka Silver Bay Islands Asuna
Acadia Solstices of Space Icaadan
Stadais Secret Sorcerers Society Icaadan
Ethan and Devyn Backflash Icaadan
Super Squirrel Super Squirrel Yellow
Poopy Head The Misadventures of Poopy Head Yellow


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Original Series
AoW Series
The Adventures of WhiteThe Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula
TLoC Series
The Legend of Cielo
AoS Series
Ace of Spades
VD Series
Viran's Destiny
Other Series
Codename: C.U.S.T.O.M.VestibulumVelocity FightersPC Greatness
Nintendo Franchises
SSB Series
Super Smash Bros. Battle RoyaleSuper Smash Bros. UproarNew Super Smash Bros. NRSSuper Smash Bros. Racing NRS
Kirby Series
Kirby Super All-StarsKirby Air Ride RushMagolor's QuestKirby Super Star NitroKirby Battle Royale REVAMPKirby and the Copy Computer
Mario Series
Super Mario Bros. Power Up!
Other Stuff
My Characters
White, from the Adventures of White seriesDanni, from the Legend of Cielo seriesAce, from the Ace of Spades seriesViran, from the Viran's Destiny seriesQuaz, from the Soulstorm seriesVellfir, from the Metallix seriesAvia, from a currently unknown seriesArzo, from the Test Subject #56 seriesVin, from the Bits & Pieces seriesJoey, from the Flaming Frost seriesMak, from the Three Shards seriesWhiteOC.png
Vestibulum Logo.png

A game based entirely around the users of Fantendo, who have to save the planet of Mirato from the evil TNG.
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