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Zellen Harley Quimbleson Female
120 lbs
21 years old Human/Herald

Zellen, the sneaky Herald.

FULL NAME Zellen Harley Quimbleson
POWERS Portals to other universes

Being able to "write" alternate universes
Sealing and unsealing powers

BIRTHDAY May 10th, 1995
ALIGNMENT Whatever works for her!

Silver Zin (friend)
Quinn Fooly (friend)
Parvati (ally)


Guacamole, Watermelon, amiibo


Bothersome things, uninteresting things, feelings



My name is Zellen, if you must know...
Zellen, when typically meeting people.

Zellen (full name Zellen Harley Quimbleson) is a Herald, which is a person that can open up alternate universes and with the help of the Stenographer Stones, create alternate universes. She was the first character to be given the "Herald" status and has as such served as the template for the character archetype. While a prominent character in the New Fantendoverse, she also has a noticeably large role in the Zaxiverse and matured greatly during the events of COLD❄BLOOD.

She was created to have a character with a morally ambiguous nature that could be in any of her projects as well as to explore the Fantendoverse multiverse. While not originally one of Fuchsia's characters, she was adopted on July 9th 2020.


Zellen is a blonde haired woman who wears white glasses over her eyes. She has two "wings" in her hair that are actually her weapons the Angel Blades. She usually wears a white dress with detached sleeves and white socks and black boots. She has never been seen with the glasses off, playing up her more mysterious nature. She has been known to switch her outfit on occasion, although it generally stays within this description. She has a image to keep up, after all. She does switch up from time to time, though and has been seen in work out clothes and a bikini, although these stick with her main colors pretty hard.

She carries around a golden and white lunchbox from time to time as revealed in COLD❄BLOOD.

Hensō Suit

Henso Suit

The Hensō Suit was worn by Zellen Harley Quimbleson during the events of Days of Victory. It was her alternate costume in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, which came with alternate taunts and victory poses. The suit itself consisted of a new steel visor that was more blocky and a face mask with three question marks marked across the mask. She wears a new translucent rain coat with various markings across it in a blue-green color. She also wears black leggings, white boots, and black gloves with the thumb part cut off.

The purpose of the Hensō Suit remains mostly unknown, although it was likely to protect her body from the rain's acidic qualities, which her body wouldn't be able to fight off. The new visor likely was used the help telescope her sight, but the outfit didn't seem like it would be practical beyond a one-off appearance that it did get. As such, it's only used for rainy locations or scouting.


Zellen is self-righteous, cunning, and flamboyant, often showing off whenever she can. She is overtly confident in her own powers and she doesn't take things too seriously. She considers things that are of no interest bothersome, irked especially by characters like Unten and Reese. Even when faced with serious situations, she is calm and somewhat blasé.

She doesn't really "work" with others so much as "use" them for her own goals, which is usually seeking out the Stenographer Stones. She lies about anything to get what she wants, but is bad at keeping any promise she makes. She is actually fairly easy to mess up in a fight if annoyed, but is deadly otherwise. She hold no value for any life, with the knowledge that there exists infinite versions of that person. Her disregard for lives is incredible, as she will not even spare a second to save a person dangling on a cliff side. This trait seems to have come from her interactions with her mother, Ivy Raven Quimbleson.

She finds herself desperate for attention and craves it constantly. Despite not finding herself very attractive, she knows that other people tend to find her attractive and sometimes acts flirtatiously to get attention. She tends to get depressed if her attention-seeking goes ignored, often going to new extremes to get this attention she craves.

Her personality, to an extent, is a front. She is nowhere near as confident as she pretends to be, and the mask only slips around people she truly trusts or can call her bluff. She was called weak and unhelpful in her youth by her mother, which appears to have scarred her in a traumatic way- to an extent, she hates being considered unhelpful and it's a secret way to get her to do what you want. However, this only goes so far, and she knows when she's just being used. She might also just refuse to help simply out of spite.

She enjoys guacamole and watermelon, often seeing enjoying these two foods together much to the disgust of everyone else. Interestingly, Zellen seems to wince upon hearing Phil Collins music, although this seems to be tied to a reflex as opposed to hating the music...

In the future timeline of COLD❄BLOOD's Zinfestation story, Zellen ends up being one of Silver's partners and acts as a mediator for Pierce Hazel and Medea Neos as well as a strong love interest for Silver himself. She acts as a support for Pierce when Medea and Silver leave and appears to have a comfortable relationship with Silver where she can take off her mask-like glasses around him, something she would not do for anyone else due to the trauma from her mother. In the end of the original story, Zellen, Medea, and Piece all take Silver's blood to live much longer, resembling him and wielding their own Mind Weavers as well.


Zellen Harley Quimbleson's backstory is relatively unknown. In Super Speedstar RPG, the player discovers that she does not originate from any known universe, even the New Fantendoverse.


It's worth noting that all of her appearances are "canon" to an extent, as in she has memory of everything she's ever been in. Which means that regardless of what universe she's in, she can allude to events that happened in other universes. Which means if she was in a puzzle game, she might reference the events of that in the main!New Fantendoverse because she was actually there. The only truly non-canonical appearances she would have is if she died, but even then she could have tools to fake her own death.

Project F Zone

Zellen makes her first appearance (development wise) in the cancelled Project F Zone. When Zellen is called in during a battle, she summons alternate universe incarnations of the team she is assisting. These duplicates copy the movements of the original team, effectively doubling overall power. The doubles last for another turn after being summoned, and do not duplicate special moves.

Fantendo Realms Resort

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Zellen appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory as a playable character and was revealed on August 18th, 2016.


Zellen appears in Armiibo as a shopkeeper selling Digi-Amiibo. She doesn't have much involvement in the story but does help frame the World of Amiibo in the greater Multiverse.

Super Bunea World

Zellen makes a surprise appearance in World 3 of Super Bunea World as well, herself. She is tied to the amiibo functionality of the game and the player can scan amiibo to summon special weapons based off Nintendo and other amiibo characters. If the player's Attractiveness stat is over 100, she begins to make flirty comments but nothing ever really becomes of this.

Stampede Breakfast 2

Though Zellen doesn't physically appear in Stampede Breakfast 2, King Boo has an alternate costume based on her. He wears a blonde wig identical to Zellen's hair, as well as wearing her glasses and horns.

Super Speedstar RPG

Zellen appears in Super Speedstar RPG as a NPC that assists the player in finding Red Star Rings by scanning amiibo. Each amiibo helps find a single Red Star ring. She is very helpful to the cast, if a little bit flirty towards them. Her origins remain mysterious, although the player can guess it in a quiz about her to earn a Red Star Ring. This is actually a trick question, as answering Fantendoverse, Zaxinian Lifts, Sarasaland, or Aeo are all incorrect, and Zellen admits this to be a trick, claiming she comes from none of those places and she'll keep the player guessing. She gives Mario and his party a Red Star Ring as a "booby prize", claiming if the player finds where she's really from she'll award them with a real "booby prize". This information is not actually found anywhere in the game.

Syande - Waste Your Hate

Zellen appears in Syande - Waste Your Hate on Day 7, pretty much after all Valentine Day festivities. She introduces all the post-game content, being the power-up challenges that Syande can complete after the game. She also gives Syande and Rubelline their own amiibos, from her own collection of various amiibo from alternate universes. She also gives them pink Helix Juice to drink. Completing her post game challenges will unlock a additional ending where Syande and Rubelline attend a pool party hosted by Izuka Tifft, where Zellen can be seen on a Unten pool floatie sipping from a bottle of cyan Helix Juice in a white bikini.

Kirby: Nova Zoo

Zellen appears in Kirby: Nova Zoo, appearing as a secret boss in Cookie Chaos. To access her, Kirby must use the bomb ability to destroy a crack in the wall, allowing him to go to a unmarked spot on the map. Zellen has a new design in this game to fit her in with the Kirby characters, explained as her form shifting in this new dimension. Zellen is irritated in this new form and attacks Kirby when she comes across him. She attacks primarily with light based attacks, her angel blades, and portals to summon various items and attacks to attack Kirby with. When she is defeated, she can be inhaled for the secret Portal Ability.

Marvel vs. Fantendo: Battleworlds

Zellen Harley Quimbleson appears in Marvel vs. Fantendo: Battleworlds as a playable character. Her moveset is based off her Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory appearance. She plays a role as more or less the lone Fantendoverse "villain" in the story mode.

Powers and Abilities

Zellen is a Herald, which means she can go to any universe she knows of with her portal powers, as well as summon objects and creatures from other worlds. She can also use the Stenographer Stones to "write" her own alternate universe. Unique to her as a Herald, she has the ability to seal and unseal powers but she can't unseal powers from descended beings. Her sealing can also be undone through magical means. The sealing and unsealing ability will put her at risk- one sealing of powers extends a lot of energy and she is unable to heal for a full 24 hours, even in the finest of healing pools.

She carries around two weapons in her hair called the "Angel Blades", which can morph to match any opponent's blade or weapon, however the hilts shatter like porcelain. Getting her annoyed enough will cause her to shatter the hilts and render them unuseable.

She also has an amiibo Phone and a large collection of amiibo, mostly resembling Fantendo characters. She often scans with the phone to make calls or summon Fantendo characters for various purposes, some nefarious and some well-meaning. As every character she summons typically is from parallel universes from the main Fantendoverse one, the prime universe doesn't really realize she's doing this.

She lacks the basic human ability to heal over a period of time, meaning that every mark and every scar must be remedied through healing magic. She claims to bathe in a healing spring every three days.

Specific Abilities

  • Portal Creating - Zellen Harley Quimbleson can create portals to other dimensions, with her portals taking on a glowing gold border with white light coming out of it. She can make these portals as big or as small as she wants.
    • Portalbreaker - Zellen slams the opponent's face over her knee and throws them into a portal that throws their bodies to the opposite side of the battlefield away from her.
    • Portal Redirect - Zellen can summon various objects and creatures from other dimensions to deal attacks. Popular redirects include the Mad Piano from Super Mario 64 and the Punch Dimension from the Marvel Universe.
    • Warp Hole - Zellen can teleport quickly using her portals to travel across the battlefield.
    • Healing Puddle - Zellen summons healing water from her healing springs dimension to heal her a little bit. A full bath is required for a proper heal.
  • Power Sealing - Zellen Harley Quimbleson can seal away other character's powers as long as they're from the body; she can't disable equipment or objects with powers. She can't do anything about martial abilities. This exerts a lot of energy so she needs to be careful when using this ability.
    • Light's Seal - A shorter term sealing effect that exerts less energy but lasts a limited time. Can be gimped easily.
  • Power Unsealing - Zellen Harley Quimbleson can also activate latent powers or powers she has previously sealed. Doesn't take quite as much power as Power Sealing, but can't be done more than 10 times before she needs a rest.
  • No Natural Healing Ability - Zellen Harley Quimbleson lacks the healing abilities that most humans and species have, and her body cannot restore itself without help from a healing spring. After battles, Zellen Harley Quimbleson is usually seen bathing in her healing springs dimension to heal her body.
  • Angel Blades - Zellen Harley Quimbleson carries around two blades known as the Angel Blades, which she pulls from her hair to attack foes with. The Angel Blades can morph to match any opponent's blade or melee weapon, however the hilts shatter like porcelain.
    • Angel Slash - Zellen Harley Quimbleson slashes forward with the blades.
    • Light Cutter - Zellen slides forward with the Angel Blades extending.
    • Angel Wings - Zellen extends out her Angel Blades to look similar to angel wings, jumping at a great height as she swings them upwards. She gains a small hover effect when returning to the ground after using them.
  • amiibo Phone - Zellen Harley Quimbleson has access to a amiibo Phone, which she can scan amiibo with. Scanning amiibo allows her to summon various characters to do her bidding with, although not everyone does what Zellen Harley Quimbleson asks them to do. She has been able to summon weapons and use the amiibo Phone to track down objects. It's purpose can range from game to game. She prefers to summon characters through portals, but the amiibo phone can be handy in creating pawns to protect her.
    • Plastic Power - Zellen can use the amiibo phone to summon giant special attacks that devastate the battlefield. She can only seemingly do this where her internal ki is high, so this is usually reserved as a finisher move.
  • Mind Weaver Replica - Zellen Harley Quimbleson owns a replica of Silver Zin's Mindweaver which has 1/10th of the strength. Almost never used, but is displayed in her dimension of interesting nick-nacks and could be used in combat. Gifted to her by Silver Zin on her birthday.
  • Mirror of the Cat's Eye - A mirror gifted to Zellen by Kitty on her birthday, which features a golden frame. This mirror is used to see supernatural or invisible beings through the reflection.


Hyper Form Zellen


Hyper Form Zellen is the Hyper Mode of Zellen Harley Quimbleson, accessible through her Hyper Mode Orb. In this form, her Angel Blades become the Blessed Blades, which have stronger hilts that won't break when she is enraged and can form into other weapons at a quicker rate. Her body becomes more resistant against damage but still lacks a actual healing function. Any healing done in this form will form back weaker than it was originally until Zellen exits out of Hyper Mode form and waits 24 hours or more.

In this form, Zellen wears a more regal outfit with two golden wings in the back and generally looks more like a queen or a person with royal powers. In terms of upgrading power, Zellen actually doesn't gain that much of a boost to her powers, just a lot of the limitations or drawbacks to her powers generally decrease due to her increased resistance and hosting more raw energy inside herself. Her smugness becomes a lot worse in this form, as she grows overconfident and acts more like a villain, using her power-sealing powers a lot more often to screw over her opponents without worrying about getting tired. Her cockiness can be her downfall though, she won't draw back from battle until she's on the brink of death.


Quaznic Zellen


Zellen Harley Quimbleson in The Quaznic Fantendoverse takes on a slightly different personality in this universe when she goes to visit it. She appears a dark mage that lives in Noah, performing dances at the Dance Parlor or selling off dark artifacts. She has a somewhat friendly relationship with some Quaznic versions of the characters, although her trademark apathy for life still is present as she could always just go to another version of the Quaznic universe if her favorite character in there died. Her lack of apathy for life frustrates some of the characters, although she tends to be charming enough that they are never mad at her for too long.

Her appearance alters quite a bit in the Quaznic Fantendoverse, being more akin to a full body suit with some semi-transparent nylon around the lower half of her body, with black fabric covering her hands and chest. She has a golden pharaoh's collar around her neck and has a white cowl attached to the back of her arms. She often complains about the heat, almost seemingly unaware of the fact black absorbs sunlight, although it is debatable as to whether she is oblivious to this fact or not due her somewhat flirty nature.

Her ultimate goal in the Quaznic Fantendoverse is to find and locate the Quaznic for her wish to get thousands of Stenographer Stones to utilize. She is unaware of the Quaznic's true intentions, as most people are.


Silver Zin

At some point in time, Silver Zin and Zellen Harley Quimbleson met up and Silver Zin detected a future child of Zellen's that shared both Zellen and Silver's powers. Zellen somehow convinced Silver into having a child with her, seeing as this baby would have had immense power, dropping the baby into the Deeprealms. The results of this relationship seems to have resulted in a future child named Bronzelle. This event seems to have occurred around the Mallorian Monarch era of the original Lifts. While the two have conceived a child together, it was not really much of a romantic relationship, as Zellen only really wanted the child out of the relationship, seeing it at somewhat impersonal angle. As they have continued to meet up with each other, it's clear that Zellen has grown an affinity towards him, but it's clear that she is not looking for a long-term relationship with him despite their child.

Although Silver is far from the only Herald Zellen knows about, she seems very invested in wanting him to like her, perhaps because as a Herald he only exists in one universe- hence her impersonal and cynical look at other people's lives don't really apply to him or his sister. She likes to poke fun at him, as well as tease him greatly, especially playing at his insecurities towards her. In Summer Dayz she was a constant dominant presence around him, seemingly able to have some level of control around him. However, towards the end of the story, where her true motivations are revealed, he actually turns on her to a small extent. While Silver enjoys being pushed around a little bit by Zellen, it is shown she can go too far sometimes.

When he sacrificed himself to defeat Mallory in the story Horizonz, Zellen seemed genuinely upset by his "death", even though she was doomed to eventually completely forget it. Out of all the Heralds, Silver was the only one she felt a real connection with and his relative newness to the Herald concept meant he was less jaded and more empathetic than Zellen, who had long since become accustomed to the infinite amounts of everything in the Multiverse. Realizing Silver was one of a kind made Zellen much more open to him and thus explains why Zellen seems so fond of Silver.

When Silver was reborn in a new universe during the events of COLD❄BLOOD, Zellen would once again stumble upon the Herald. While he had vastly changed in many ways and Zellen had been forced to forget him, Zellen felt a spiritual connection to the Herald she could not explain and was intrigued by. As they unknowingly reconnected, they grew closer and closer, eventually declaring each other girlfriend and boyfriend. While Silver is in a mostly open relationship with Pierce and Ms. Replicate, those two openly dislike each other while Zellen can get along swimmingly along with both, making her a unique part of this odd four-way relationship.

Quinn Fooly

Both being Heralds, Quinn Fooly looks up to Zellen as she is more experienced and she thinks they share similar ideas about interacting with characters from other dimensions, although Zellen thinks there is more nuance to what she does than Quinn and finds her actually kind of irritating. She has become somewhat attached to her as their relationship has developed over time, although she still chides her for nearly every mistake she makes. Quinn looks at her more disillusioned over time, although still sees her as a mentor.

Trophy Information



  • Zellen was originally going to be in Fantendo Sports Resort, however only her design had been finalized and Cura was ultimately a better choice for a character to introduce in the game.
    • She did ultimately appear in the DLC Expansion Fantendo Realms Resort, where she appears as a playable character.
  • Zellen owns a amiibo Phone and seems to have gotten it fairly recently as she doesn't use it in her earlier appearances. She owns a wealth of amiibo in her pocket dimension, mostly of Fantendoverse characters.
  • The character was inspired by Ash Crimson of The King of Fighters franchise.
  • Zellen's Community Draw had the least amount of entries out of all the Community Draws when it ended.

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