Zelda Role Playing Game is a Zelda Spinoff with mechanics based on The Elder Scrolls Skyrim.
Zelda Role Playing Game Edition
Developer(s) Fanon Crazy Coders
Publisher(s) Fanon Crazy Wiki
Platform(s) Wii U


Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Role Playing Game


Following the events of Majora`s Mask, fifty years afterwards to be exact, the player is born in Hyrule. They are not in any way or form signifigant to saving the world, as the land of Hyrule and Termina were in a time of peace. One day "There are seven sacred spirits in the lands of Hyrule and Termina. If you receive the Gift of each spirit, you are granted eternal happiness." You aim to win eternal happines, and  now are on your mission


There are many RPG elements added into the game, such as character custumization, leveling, and classes. You can be any race, any gender, you can use magic, weapons, or avoid combat completley. You can build a party of team mates to help you in your journey. The game is played on all versions with standard controls. The game can be played in 1080p HD, 720p, or 420p. The PC version is like an emulator for other games.



As usual in Zelda Games, the player starts with three hearts and can gain Heart Peices to have more health capacity.


The magic meter measure how much power magic users have to cast spells.


Hunger depletes slowly at all times, and when at zero, will start killing the player. Hunger may be ailed with food.


Stamina is used like Magic, but for melee attacks, and physical activities such as sprinting, climbing, and swimming.


DPS (Damage Per Strike)

Damage Per Strike is the Measurement of damage dealt by weapons. Each regular (vertical and horizontal) strike is one DPS. Spinning is three, and special strikes are five. One DPS will take 1 HP from enemies.

SPA (Stamina Per Action)

Stamina Per Action is the amount of stamina taken to do things. Every 5 SPA will take 1 Stamina Point.

MPA (Magic Per Action)

Magic Per Action is the amount of magic power taken to do things. Every 5 MPA will take 1 Magic Point.

SAE (Sword Armor Effectiveness)

Sheild Armor Effectiveness is the measure of how much damage is blocked by sheilds and armor. Every 1 SAE will block 1 damage at a time. Enchantments can be added to stack SAE.


Magic Damage

Magic Damage is cuased by magic attacks.

Forst Damage

Frost Damage is cuased by Ice attacks.

Burn Damage

Burn Damage is cuased by Fire attacks.

Shock Damage

Shock Damage is cuased by Electric attacks.


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The overworld of ZRPGE includes Termina, Hyrule, and the Dark World. Many shops, houses, quests, NPC`s, and enemies can be found.

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Dungeons can be found throughout the world and can be explored at any time. Most dungeons are too difficult or impossible to complete without certain items unobtainable at the start of the game. Depending on the game`s difficulty setting, the player, when killed in a dungeon, will ltems.

Difficulty Loss Damage Taken
Peaceful Traveler Nothing x.5
Novice Rookie 1/10 Money x1
Hero in Training 5/10 Money, Random Items x1
Hero All Money, Random Items x2
Master Everything x3
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Random Encounters

Random Encounters are events that can happen at random times.

Event Desc. Location Outcome(s) Obligation
Robbery You get robbed by a theif. Hyrule Feild, Termina Feild, Faron Woods, Clocktown, Castletown

-Money (Depending on wallet/secu rity) or Kill Theif

Wondering Orphan A small child wandering around. Castletown, Termina




Own a house
Mailman Get mail from the mailman. Hyrule Feild Receive Castletown Mail Visited Castletown
Witness Robbery See someone get robbed. Castletown Kill Theif or Ignore Have been robbed
Free Horse Find a free horse. Hyrule Feild +Horse N/A
Long Lost Cousin See your long lost cousin. Faron Woods


or Kill Impostor

Own a house
Stampede A stampede of cows about to trample you. Hyrule Feild, Termina Feild Die or Live Have a whip


Many Enemies can be found in Dungeons and the overworld. Some can be tamed or befreinded, but others are completly hostile. Depending on your race, faction, and class, some enemies will be freindly or hostile.

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Many items can found in the game. There are weapons, armor, food, potions, tools, treasure, and more. Some items are craftable, and others can only be found, bought, or traded.

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Downloadable Content

Downloadable content is available through the Wii U E-shop and over the internet for ZRPGE. DLCs can include new features, items, enemies, and more.

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