Zelda Maker (CrakaboLazy4090)
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Action-adventure, Level editor
Series The Legend of Zelda
Release Date(s) JP:




Zelda Maker is a fantasy action-adventure game and game creation system developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, releasing worldwide on ?. Taking inspiration from the Mario Maker series, players can create and play their own Zelda dungeons in various game styles. They can also share them online and download and play other dungeons designed by other players.


As said before, Zelda Maker allows players to build their own Zelda dungeons and publish them to the Internet for other players to experience. 

Creating Dungeons

Zelda Maker features various elements to create your own dungeons. Unlike Mario Maker, the game doesn't feature various game styles, and features one, universal style. Dungeons can have various themes and players can place walls, tiles, items, enemies, create puzzles, etc. Dungeons can consist of up to 5 floors, and can be connected with stairs. Players can place these items by using their finger in handheld mode, or by pressing buttons in docked mode.


Playing Dungeons

Zelda Maker plays like a 2D Zelda game. Players can play as Link, who can walk around, interact with items, and attack with his sword. Items can be placed around you dungeon for Link to use. Enemies can damage Link, and if Link loses all of his hearts, you will experience a game over. The player can adjust the amount of hearts Link has, from 3 hearts to 20 hearts.


  • C-Stick: Move
  • A: Interact
  • B: Sword
  • X/Y: Use Item

Sharing Dungeons

Players can share dungeons online for others to play. To publish a game, the dungeon needs to be completable with an End Point. Once this is done, the player can name the dungeon, give it a description and up to two tags. When shared, other players can play your dungeons, and give you ratings and comments.



Dungeon Elements

Dungeon Themes

Theme Name Description
Forest TBA
Fire TBA
Desert TBA
Water TBA



Element Name Description
Ground Flat, indestructible ground where Link and various enemies can be placed to walk on. If Link or an enemy leaves a ground tile, they will fall.
Ice Ice which causes Link and other enemies to slip. Pushable blocks will also slide too.
Spike Spikes which damage Link when touched.
Dark Area A dark area of the dungeon. Areas can be light from fire, torches, or the Lantern.
Falling Tile A tile that falls if stood on for too long.
Fast Falling Tile A tiles that falls quicker than the Falling Tile. Requires the Pegasus Boots to properly cross.
Wall A wall that nothing can pass. Can be used to seperate areas.
Bombable Wall A wall which can be destroyed through the use of Bombs or Bombchus.
Stairs Stairs which can be used to access new floors.
Link Invisible links which can allow you to create effects when doing certain actions. (Not to be confused with Link himself). Combine Links together to create a puzzle that requires multiple objectives.
Door A door which allows players to go through. Placing a link on it will require that link objective to be done for the door to open.
Key Door A door which requires a key to open.
Boss Door A special door which requires a boss key to open.
Rock A rock. Can be carried with the Power Bracelet, and can be destroyed with Bombs or Hammers.
Block A basic block. 
Pushable Block A block which can be pushed and pulled to activate certain objects.
Shock Switch A switch that is activated when hit by an attack.
Timed Shock Switch A switch that only works for a few seconds after activated.
Eye Switch A switwch that is activated when shot at by a Bow or Slingshot.
Button A button on the ground. If pressed, it can activate Links.
Heavy Button A button that requires constant weight to be active. 
Torch A burning torch. Can be used with the Bow or Boomerang to light enemies on fire.
Unlit Torch A torch that isn't burning. Can be activated with a Lantern, Fire Rod, or from other Torches.
Fire Generator A machine that creates fire above it. Use ice to stop it.
Ice Block A block of ice. Melt it with fire.
Peg A wooden peg. They block Link's path, but can be crushed with a Hammer. They can also be used in conjunction with the Clawshot. 
Mole Unusual creatures that can be found in holes, pounding them with a Hammer will squash them, but moments later, they will open, launching Link into the air. 
Battery A electrical battery. When hit by electricity, they will activate.
Checkpoint When activated, the next time Link dies, he will be revive at that Checkpoint.
End Point When Link stands on this End Point, he compltes the dungeon.



Container Name Description
Pot A pot. You can place items in them.
Chest A chest. You can place items in them.
Key Chest A chest that requires a key to open.


Collectible Name Description
Green Rupee A green rupee. It is worth one rupee. Collecting 100 will grant you an extra life.
Blue Rupee A blue rupee. It is worth five rupees. Collecting 100 will grant you an extra life.
Red Rupee A red rupee. It is worth twenty rupees. Collecting 100 will grant you an extra life.
Key Rupee A yellow rupee. They don't increase your rupee counter
Heart A heart. It replenishes your hearts.
Fairy A fairy. Gives you an extra life.
Seeds Seeds which can be fired from your bow. Requires Link to have the Slingshot to appear.
Arrows Arrows which can be fired from your bow. Requires Link to have the Bow to appear.
Bombs Bombs which can be thrown by Link. Requires him to have the Bombs to appear.
Key A key that can open a key door.
Boss Key A key that can open a boss door.


Equipment Name Description
Sword Link's default weapon. Attack enemies with the B button and hold it to a spin attack.
Master Sword The Master Sword, is twice as powerful as the normal sword. If Link is a full health, the Master Sword can fire sword beams.
Hylian Shield The Hylian Shield can block frontal attacks, and can also reflect small projectiles.
Mirror Shield The Mirror Shield is a powerful shield which can reflect magical attacks.
Slingshot The Slingshot can be used to fire seeds at enemies. It can only damage weak enemies, stunning larger enemies. Can be used to activate Shock and Eye Switches.
Bow The Bow can be used to fire bows at enemies from a distance. Can also be used to activate Shock and Eye Switches.
Boomerang The Boomerang allows you to throw it and control where it goes. It can pick up faraway items, and stun enemies it touches. It can also pick up fire.
Bombs Bombs can be used to create a powerful explosion that can destroy Rocks, Bombable Walls, and enemies.
Bombchus Bombchus travel along the ground, and explode upon contact. It can destroy Rocks, Bombable Walls, and enemies.
Hammer The Hamemr can be used to destroy rocks, bring down pegs and Moles, and can also be used to damage enemies.
Clawshot The Clawshot allows you to fire a claw which can bring Link across large gaps. 
Lantern The Lantern can be used to light dark areas, light unlit torches, and attack enemies with fire.
Fire Rod The Fire Rod allows you to launch a flaming tornado which can damage enemies and light unlit torches.
Ice Rod The Ice Rod allows you to launch an icy tornado which can damage enemies and freeze water.
Thunder Rod The Thunder Rod allows you to launch an electric tornado, which can damage enemies and turn on electrical equipment.
Roc's Feather The Roc's Feather grants Link the ability to jump across gaps.
Pegasus Boots The Pegasus Boots allows Link to run at high speeds.
Zora Flippers The Zora Flippers allows Link to swim in water.
Power Glove The Power Glove allows Link to grab rocks and other heavy items.


Common Enemies

Enemy Name Description
Blade Trap
Red Bokoblin
Blue Bokoblin
Black Bokoblin
Green Chuchu
Fire Chuchu
Ice Chuchu
Thunder Chuchu
Fire Keese
Ice Keese
Thunder Keese
Like Like
Rupee Like
Green Lizalfos
Blue Lizalfos
Black Lizalfos
Red Moblin
Blue Moblin
Black Moblin
Dark Poe
Dark Stalfos
Stalfos Archer
Dark Stalfos Archer
Fire Wizzrobe
Ice Wizzrobe
Thunder Wizzrobe


Boss Name Description
Flame Darkhammer
Black Hinox
Black Lynel
Stalfos Knight
Dark Stalfos Knight
Stone Talus
Frost Talus
Igneo Talus


Boss Name Description
Helmaroc King
King Dodongo



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