Zelda Builder: Legends in the Making is a "maker" game in the style of the Super Mario Maker games, allowing players to craft their own Zelda-styled dungeons or even full games using an assortment of pre-made tools and obstacles. It was originally developed and published for the Nintendo Switch, but was later ported to other consoles like the V².


In Zelda Builder: Legends in the Making, the player is given an assortment of tools to create their own Zelda dungeons, or even full Zelda games for those feeling especially ambitious, which they can then freely share online with others. Unlike other Maker-style games, Legends in the Making only has a single "art style" option - a style somewhat close to that of A Link Between Worlds. In exchange for this artistic limitation, however, it offers a huge amount of variety in its item selection, giving players enough resources to make puzzles of all shapes and sizes.

Button Configuration

The default button configuration is as follows:

  • A Button: Special actions (talk, read, pick up, etc.)
  • B Button: Attack with sword
  • X/Y Buttons: Use items allocated to those buttons
  • R Button: Defend with shield
  • L Button: Dash with Pegasus Boots

However, the player is able to freely rearrange the functions of the B, X, Y, L, and R buttons however they please when inside the Level Editor. For example, they could replace the B button's sword slash with an arrow shot or bug net swing, or allow the player to freely equip any item onto the B button. Playing around with the configuration of items and giving players more unorthodox equipment set-ups can result in some truly interesting level designs.

Item Usage Limiters

When adding items to your game using the Level Editor, you will be given the ability to tie certain items' usage to 1-2 specific resources. Picking the right usage limitations to use with the right item can potentially make your game a lot more interesting. The following are all options for item usage limiters:

  • No Limit: The item can be used an infinite number of times without depleting any sort of resource.
  • Ammunition: The item expends a special type of ammo when used, and cannot be used when you don't have that ammo type. Ammo for your items will automatically spawn inside of Pots. Ammo options include...
    • Copies of the chosen item (bombs for Bombs, bombchus for Bombchus, etc.)
    • Arrows
    • Deku Seeds
  • Durability: The item can only be used a certain number of times. Once its been used that many times, it will break, and you'll have to get a new one.
  • Energy: The item depletes your Energy Meter with every use, and cannot be used when the Energy Meter is empty. You can regain energy simply by waiting for it to regenerate.
  • Magic: The item depletes your Magic Meter with every use, and cannot be used when the Magic Meter is empty. You can regain magic by picking up Magic Jars found on the ground or inside of Pots.
  • Rupees: The item depletes your Rupees with every use, and cannot be used when you don't have enough Rupees.


Button Items

Name Bio
The Legend of Zelda
Use this weapon to slash in a wide arc in front of you, dealing quick and respectable damage to nearby enemies. Charge power in the blade to unleash a more powerful Spin Attack!
Master Sword
A Link to the Past
An upgraded Sword imbued with intense magical power. Its attacks deal increased damage, and swinging it at full health will launch a beam of magic that can hit distant foes!
The Legend of Zelda
Raising it will defend you against frontal attacks, and even reflect small projectiles... as long as they're not magical, of course.
Mirror Shield
A Link to the Past
An upgraded Shield with a polished surface. This one can block and reflect magical projectiles just as well as physical ones! It can also reflect beams of bright light.
The Legend of Zelda
Using this lets you shoot arrows to hit distant enemies or switches. They're particularly effective against eyeballs!
Bow of Fire
Ocarina of Time
A special Bow infused with magic, allowing it to transform arrows into fire arrows by charging power in them. In addition to dealing more damage, fire arrows can also set things on fire.
Bow of Ice
Ocarina of Time
A special Bow infused with magic, allowing it to transform arrows into ice arrows by charging power in them. In addition to dealing more damage, ice arrows can also freeze things solid.
The Legend of Zelda
Using this drops a bomb, which you can then pick up and throw. Bombs explode after their fuses burn up, damaging anything around them (including you!) and blowing open cracked walls and floors.
Ocarina of Time
Using this places down a mouse-shaped bomb that can be steered with the left stick until it explodes. These little guys can blow open cracked walls and floors, just like regular Bombs.
The Legend of Zelda
Using this item will cause you to throw it a short distance forward. Once it travels a set distance, it comes right back to you. Use it to hit switches, or grab small items like Rupees off the ground.
Twilight Princess
When used, this grappling hook lets you pull distant objects towards you... or pull yourself towards distant objects. Holding the button lets you cling to the object.
Makers' Tip: You can't fire the Clawshot while you're clinging to a midair grapple point... unless you have a second Clawshot.
The Adventure of Link
Using this item will cause you to swing it into the ground, smashing anything in front of you - Switches, Moles, cracked floors, ice, monsters... It also produces a small shockwave that can stun nearby foes.
Fire Rod
A Link to the Past
Using this magic rod will generate a tornado of fire that moves slowly forwards, burning through anything in its path. The tornado is affected by gravity, and will fall when it isn't grounded.
Ice Rod
A Link to the Past
Using this magic rod will create a shard of ice in the air and drop it on the space in front of you, freezing anything in that spot. You can use it to hit enemies higher up than you.
Tornado Rod
A Link Between Worlds
Using this magic rod will generate a whirlwind that lifts you a short distance upwards, blows away loose terrain, and leaves enemies dizzy.
Dominion Rod
Twilight Princess
Using this magic rod will fire off a sphere of light. Hitting certain statues with the sphere will grant you dominion over them, letting you control them until you put the Dominion Rod away.
Pegasus Boots
A Link to the Past
Using the Pegasus Boots will cause you to dash in the direction you're facing at tremendous speed, barreling over enemies. You can't steer until you stop moving, though!
Iron Boots
Ocarina of Time
Using this item will toggle it on and off. While the Iron Boots are on, you'll be able to walk on magnetic walls, and won't be fazed by strong winds or slippery ground. Wearing them also seriously hampers your movement, though.
Roc's Feather
Link's Awakening
Using this item causes you to leap into the air! You can't jump in midair, of course.
Makers' Tip: You can lock the Roc's Feather to a specific button press to give your players a permanent jump button!
Skyward Sword
The item can only be used in midair, but when used, it opens up like a glider above you and allows you maneuver yourself easily as you slowly descend.
Makers' Tip: Free flight is a dangerous thing, so consider adding a usage limiter like Magic or Energy to the Sailcloth when using it!
Lens of Truth
A Link to the Past
While using the Lens of Truth, you'll be able to see invisible objects and enemies within a certain radius of you.
A Link to the Past
When using the Shovel, you'll swing it forward to dig a hole directly in front of you. It can dig holes in the ground to find buried items, or dig through walls made of soft earth. It can also be used to damage enemies.
Gnat Hat
Four Swords
Putting on the Gnat Hat will cause you to shrink down to the size of... well, a gnat! You can't do much while small, but can fit into small spaces and weigh barely anything.
Oracle of Seasons
Using this lets you shoot seeds at distant targets. Unlike the bow's straight-forwards shots, the Slingshot fires its projectiles in an arc. You can't hit targets from far away, but can hit targets at higher or lower elevations if your aim is sharp!
Cadence of Hyrule
An upgraded Shovel with a large, heavy blade. The Greatshovel can deal more damage, and charging power in the weapon lets you briefly conjure huge earthen spikes from the ground in front of you to damage enemies and dig through soft earth.
Legends in the Making
Like the Sword, you swing this weapon in front of you when using it, but it has greater range and worse speed than the Sword. Charging power in the weapon lets you throw it in the direction you're facing like a boomerang!
Beamos Rod A rod topped with an eyeball that, when used, fires a laser beam forwards. The laser can reflect off mirrors or refract through crystals to hit distant targets.
Chronolite Coin Using this coin causes time to slow down for a short time. Don't worry, you can move freely in slowed time.
Makers' Tip: The Chronolite Coin is an incredibly game-breaking item when mishandled. Be very careful with how you use it.

Passive Items

Name Bio
Blue Ring
The Legend of Zelda
This ring inlaid with a blue gemstone reduces damage taken by half.
Goron's Bracelet
Ocarina of Time
This golden bracelet lets you lift heavy objects like rocks.
Zora's Flippers
A Link to the Past
These flippers let you swim in water. Without them, you would just drown.

World Elements

Generic Items

Name Bio
Rupee A gemstone used as currency. Different colors have different values: green is 1, blue is 5, red is 20, purple is 50, silver is 100, and gold is a whopping 300. Big Rupees are worth ten times as much.
Recovery Heart A tiny heart that restores a single Heart of your Life Meter when picked up.
Magic Jar A green vial that replenishes a portion of your Magic Meter when picked up.
Energy Jar A purple vial that replenishes a portion of your Energy Meter when picked up.
Heart Container A giant heart-shaped gemstone that increases the size of your Life Meter by a single Heart. As an added bonus, it also fully heals you when picked up.
Piece of Heart A piece of a heart-shaped gemstone. You can collect a certain number of them to create a Life Container.
Makers' Tip: Try to keep the size of your game in mind when deciding how many Pieces of Heart are needed to make a Heart Container in your game!
Rupoor A cursed gray gemstone that drains away your Rupees. Small ones reduce your Rupee count by 10, and big ones reduce it by 100.

General Elements

Name Bio
Vase A piece of pottery. You can pick it up and throw it, or smash it with a weapon, to shatter it. There may be an item hidden inside of it!

Outdoor Elements

Indoor Elements

Name Bio
Door A door leading into an adjacent room. It can be locked and require a key, it can be closed off until a puzzle is solved, or it can just be open by default.
Shock Switch A sphere-shaped switch that can be placed on the floor that can affect the environment in some way. It can be toggled on and off simply by damaging it.
Mole A springboard embedded in a surface. When they're compressed into the ground, you can walk onto them and use them to spring yourself high into the air. Most of them need to be smashed into the ground with a Hammer first, but you can also set them up so that they automatically compress into the ground.


Name Bio
Majora's Mask
A derpy-looking green blob that moves with slow, lurching movements. Most can only attack by leaping into you, but different-colored ones possess special abilities.
Blue Chuchu
The Wind Waker
A special Chuchu with an electrified body. Trying to hit them with a melee attack will only damage you, so defeat them with ranged weapons.
Deku Scrub
Ocarina of Time
A plantlike creature that hides inside of a flower when you get close, and fires harmful nuts at you when you're far away. Hit them with a ranged attack, or deflect their nuts with a Shield, to defeat them.
Phantom Hourglass
An enormous knight that acts as a guard, patrolling its territory and chasing any trespassers it spots. One swipe of its sword will void you out. It can be briefly stunned by an arrow to the back, but it cannot be defeated by conventional means.
Makers' Tip: When placing down a Phantom, you have the option to make it so that it can be possessed by the Dominion Rod while stunned!
A Link to the Past
A ghost carrying a small lantern. It can float through solid surfaces, making it a bit more troublesome to fight than most enemies.
The Legend of Zelda
A wizard that teleports from place to place, hurling spells at you from all directions. It takes a while for them to fully re-materialize after a teleport, which you can use as an opportunity to close in on where they'll appear.


Name Bio
Phantom Ganon
Ocarina of Time
A mirage created in the likeness of Ganondorf. It hovers in the air and fires balls of magic at you from below, but you can knock the balls back at it with your sword to knock it onto the ground. It can also phase in and out of the walls and floor to quickly move across the battlefield.

Sample Dungeons

Name Bio Puzzle Items
Eastern Palace
A Link to the Past
A basic dungeon with little in the way of gimmicks. The only item used for this level's puzzles is the Bow, which is found at its midway point. This dungeon is used by Zelda Builder to introduce players to the basic mechanics of building their own dungeons.
City in the Sky
Twilight Princess
An airborne dungeon plagued by gale winds, falling platforms, and long drops. To navigate this flying labyrinth and its heavy emphasis on movement-based puzzles, players begin with Iron Boots, a Sailcloth, and a single Clawshot. Halfway through, they receive a second Clawshot, which lets them take new paths through the stage.
Clawshot* (x2)
Iron Boots


  • Chronolite Coin: Pyrostar
  • The option of setting Moles so that they are automatically compressed into the ground: Pyrostar
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