Zelda: Hyrule Monsters Slash is the Zelda game heavily based on Pokemon series, but only filling Zelda plotline and features. It was developed by Zekons and released on Nintendo 3DS. It was released on May 29, 2018.


  • Play as a either Hero of Light and Hero of Darkness which is Princess Zelda saying the player also called the Two Heroes of Chosen.
  • More over thousands of monsters to tame including mostly original monsters.


100 years ago, the Triforce was begun separate into three pieces and Ganondorf was imprisoned by sealing spell. However, the monsters were suddenly roaming and begins to normal lives by populations.



  • Playable Races
    • Human Race
    • Hylian Race
    • Kokiri Race
    • Sheikah Race (Unlockable)
    • Zora Race (Unlockable)
    • Twili Race (Unlockable)
  • Ally Characters
    • Princess Zelda


Each monsters were have population status in the wild. Each monsters were able to be tamed by the players.

Recently in the wild

  • Deku Baba
  • Green Chuchu

Near-threatened in the wild

  • Dodongo

Endangered vulnerable

  • Magtail
  • Mothula

Criticially-endangered in the wild

  • Helmasaur King

Extinct in the wild

  • Morpheel
  • Gleerok
  • Moua

Extinct recently



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