Zelda Future
Developer(s) TheComingShadow
Publisher(s) See Above
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
May 18th 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included Wii U Media Disc

Zelda: Future is a game created by TheComingShadow, and is his first attempt at a Zelda Series Game.

It takes place several million years after Zelda: Twilight Princess, and features the last incarnation of Link.


Part One: Light on the Shadow World

Link is a normal guy who lives on "Shadow World" Umbral, the planet furthest from the sun, where the soldiers spend most of their time defending from "Shadow Beasts".

When Link leaves his house, he is approached by his best friend, Kaliz, who tells him that the Shadow Beasts are getting increasingly organized in their attacks, and that they need Link at the west gate, so Link thanks him and heads off the the gate.

And so the first Overworld part comes into play, Link arrives at the gate, but is not allowed to get to the battlement's without the proper armor.

So Link goes to the Armory, where he obtains the first gear of the game: the Shadow Tech (In this game, The armor is put in four sections: Helmets, Armor, Gauntlets and Boots) and the Light Shield.

After putting on the Shadow Tech and fighting off the Shadow Beasts, Link is informed by the leader of the village that there was a request from the leader of the confederacy of alligned planets on the galactic capital, Seltok, about including Umbral in the Confederacy, and that they would like him to be an emissary for the planet on the first trip to the planet.

Now for the first time ever, allowed to leave the planet, Link gets into a very old starship and flies off.

Part Two: Jungle Planet: Tetsor

While on his way to the galactic capital, Seltok, Link's starship malfunctions, so he has to land on the nearby planet, Tetsor, but upon entering the atmosphere, the ship's engine explodes, and Link crashes into the jungle.

Upon re-awakening, Link puts on his Shadow Tech armor and sets of throught a nearby cave.

Dungeon One: Acid Cave: Sector One

In this Dungeon, as it's name suggests, is a cave filled with acid.

The Mini-Boss for the Dungeon are two Lizalfos on tilting platforms.

After defeating them by over-balancing them so that they fall off the platform, A treasure chest appears, containing the first sword, the Ancient Sword.

The Boss of this Dungeon is the Serpendraa, a somewhat large cross between a Snake and the legendary Hydra, but it's heads don't regenerate, so Link needs to cut them off.

Upon destroying the beast, Link finds the exit to the dungeon, and a sort of research facility.

Something worth noting is that some dungeons are put into sectors for if they are so large and contain more than one boss, or if they are revisited later in the story, normally in different, previously unexplored areas, and sometimes  expanding upon the previously visited part of the dungeon.

Part Two: Jungle Planet: Tetsor (continued)

Upon entering the facility, the researchers decide to test Link, due to not having much knowledge about the people of Umbral.

Upon completing the tests, Link is given a new starship, which he pilots on his continued corse to Seltok.

Part Three: Galactic Capital: Seltok

Coming Soon.

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