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Type of Company Video game industry
Founder(s) Zekons
Founded at/in September 2018
Owner(s) Zekons
Parent Company Nintendo

Zekotendo is the company that was making the Nintendo-stylish series founded by Zekons (tbc).


I'm making the Nintendo-stylish company and named it, Zekotendo.


Main (Completed)

Image/Name Release Date(s) Platform(s)

Others (Completed)

Image/Name Release Date(s) Platform(s)

In Development

Image/Name Release Date(s) Platform(s)
Heart Sins
October 20, 2018 Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS
Eon: Day of Life February 20, 2019
Nintendo Switch
Primal Cage November 6, 2018
Nintendo Switch
Bionic Evil: Revelations May 20, 2019 Nintendo Switch
Hi-Speed F1 December 18, 2018 Nintendo Switch
Mons Camera March 30, 2019 New Nintendo 3DS
Conker: Good Fur Day April 4, 2019 Nintendo Switch
Dragon Ball x Persona 4: Dimension Arena February 6, 2019 Nintendo Switch
Daikaiju Combat May 1, 2019 Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS
Persona X January 21, 2019 Nintendo Switch
Kirby: Path to the Mirrors September 20, 2019 Nintendo Switch
Super Smash Bros. Sunburst and Moonlight
June 1, 2019 Nintendo Switch


Original Consoles

Although Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS are still present, I will develop the new console soon.

Original Characters

Main article: Zekotendo/Characters



Feel free to add your company if you like Zekotendo products, view yourself as a friend, or wish to collaborate with Zekotendo in the future.

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