The rather remote and mysterious Zebes.

Name: Zebes
Location: ZCG 09 Sigma Minor
Discovery Date: Unknown
Mass: 4.8 trillion teratons
Class: XIX Planet
Size: 90,000,000
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Triglixion, Methane, and Hydrogen.
Distinct Features: Massive hollow crust going miles into the surface due to Urthic ore which is primary compound found. Underground seas as well.


Planet Zebes is located in the ZCG 09 Sigma Minor sector. The discovery of Zebes is a strange one. Far from the galactic trade routes, Zebes was founded by accident. Many data files claim that it was founded by a freighter pilot named Hakro Zebeth, when he stumbled far off the trade routes and discovered a rather large planet not indicated on any previous navigational charts. Not only lost, Zebeth was also at the whim of the strange planet. In a panic, Zebeth blindly sent out his distress out into the depths of space, hoping for anyone to answer his signals. After transmitting his newly found discovery and distress signal, nothing else was ever heard from Zebeth or his crew again. Strangely though, this has not been the only incident. Many a space ferrier has never been heard from again after visiting this strange planet.


Planet Zebes, as surveyed, is a vast network of underground caverns and labyrinths, each leading to another larger than the last. They seem to lead deep into the planet, almost to the very core, although survey teams have never made it that far, due to the immense heat, making much of the planet's depths unknown.

Strangely, a deep cavernous area in the planet known from previous surveyor teams as Brinstar seems to be the home of over more than 60% of the planet's wildlife. Hundreds of creatures reside here, as well as strange fauna only found here and nowhere else in the galaxy.

Another strange fact is the existence of huge deposits of water just below the surface. From space, only small amounts of acidic pools of water can be seen, but on closer inspection there is more then that. Labeled Maridia, the water from this realm has seemed to spiral in all directions, eating away at the land, causing huge and sometimes dangerously vast mazes of water to be created. Also, with the constant eating away of the rock, in some areas, the ground "liquefies" and forms deadly quicksand traps leading deeper into the planet.


Life on Zebes has evolved into a very diverse variety of life, ranging from huge animals made entirely of molten rock, to small flying creatures that generate their own light, illuminating the whole room. Life is abundant everywhere, and one cannot sit down on a rock, and seconds later have the rock scurry away from under them. The majority of Zebes' life forms have been cataloged in a separate file from this one. On a side note, the remains of a strange civilization have also been found, indicating that there was once a strong civilization here, although to this day, no live specimens have been found.

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