A Zapfish, held in captivity.
Species Origin Electric catfish
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)
Great Zapfish

The Zapfish are a species that the Octarians have taken in the first game of the Splatoon series. They are said to be important, due to the fact that they generate electricity. As they and the Great Zapfish are stolen away, Cap'n Cuttlefish enlisted a random Inkling to take them back.

Zapfish are generally held in lightbulb-esque prisons at the end of each level. They also appear to be a power source used by the Great Octoweapons, giant tools of destruction DJ Octavio, the leader of the Octarians, intend to use to take over the land of the Inklings.


Zapfish are yellow catfish with giant orange lips and curly whiskers filled with electricity, similar to the filament of a light bulb. They have a round head, a body roughly the shape of a cone and small, black fins. Zapfish are generally small creatures, roughly the size of an Inkling's head.

Cap'n Cuttlefish also has woven plush versions of these Zapfish, often taking the place of a Zapfish already returned. These plush dolls look similar in appearance, aside from the stitches and patches standing out. They also have a plush Legendary Cap woven onto them, resembling the one Cuttlefish is wearing himself.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デンチナマズ
Denchi Namazu
Battery catfish. Also a pun of デンキナマズ denki namazu, 'electric catfish'
Spanish (NOA) Volbagre From voltio (volt) and bagre (catfish).
Spanish (NOE) Siluro eléctrico Battery catfish
Dutch Voltvis Voltfish
German Elektrowels Electrofish
Italian Pesciscossa From pesce (fish) and scossa (shock)
Russian Вольторыба*

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