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Zane Avem is an ally of F.A.N.T and an Operative. A knight-in-training from an alternate universe where birds are the main species rather than humans, Zane joined The Operatives to try and get home.

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Fantendo - Gaiden

Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy

Physical Appearance

Zane is an evolved Blue Macaw, looking similar to Earth's version of that species, but a bit more cartoony, with wide black eyes, a black beak, and a plump body.


Zane, being a bird, has the power of flight, being an expert with fast wings and excellent maneuverability. This allows Zane to use his sharpened claws to fly by and slash enemies and do lots of damage in a small amount of time. One of his weaknesses though, is that if he's caught he's fairly useless. In addition, his small size allows him to sneak around and spy.

Zane is also a strategist, being a knight, and knows how to get to his enemies. He can also communicate with birds, to a limited extent.


Zane is brave, courageous, and will always help someone in need. He also follows a strict code of honor and mercy, but will do what he must for the good of the many.

Despite these positive qualities, he's also very anxious and clumsy, and if things go south, Zane will easily lose his cool and flip out, having a panic attack.

Zane is pretty unaware of Earth's government, but respects it. He's mainly trying to get home, but he also does it to help those in need.






  • Like Shy Dude, part of Zane's character is taken from the character of the same name from Another World.

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