Species Origin Zalvax
Rarity Extinct (with a few exceptions)
Alignment Neutral Good
First Appearance Champions of Ascerth
Latest Appearance Champions of Ascerth
Zalvosh Empire
The zalvosh were a race of ancient aliens from the planet Zalvax, known for their immensely powerful technology that they used.


The zalvosh were an avian race resembling penguins, with small beaks and large bellies. While incapable of flight, they made up for it with a keen intellect and sense of community.

The zalvosh tend to eat fish and meat, disliking plant-based foods. They also have a passion for technology, developing immensely powerful tech. Zalvosh can live for 150 years, at most 180.


Zalvosh culture is primarily a mystery due to their race now being extinct.


The zalvosh rose up fairly quickly, establishing an empire for themselves. As they scoured the cosmos for planets to control, they also began development of a kind of technology known as the LifeCell. Fueled by living energies, they would use it, often capturing and sacrificing prisoners of war to fuel this tech.

Later on, they would encounter the krexxon, and were intrigued by them. Their technology wasn't fueled by life, but they were far more barbaric than the zalvosh. When the krexxon declared war, the zalvosh would fight hard to secure their future.

As the war continued to rage, zalvosh scientists began development of a secret superweapon in deep space. Known as the Hungerer, it was designed to drain life energy from planets, thus killing the lifeforms on them. This weapon could turn the tide of the war, but their empire fell before the weapon could be used. Yet, it would have a planet formed around it: Ascerth.


  • The zalvosh were known for fiercely defending their holdings with robotic defense systems.
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