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Zalvar Online
Developer(s) Ghostrealmstudios.png
Publisher(s) Ghostrealmstudios.png
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogoRed.png
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Genre(s) MMO
Release Date(s) 2018

Zalvar Online is a massively multiplayer online game developed and published by Ghostrealm Studios, within the Ghostrealmverse.


Zalvar Online takes place in the same universe as Champions of Ascerth, and its lore-heavy story counterpart Champions of Ascerth: The Chronicles.

In a distant corner of the galaxy, an area can be found known as the Zalvar Sector. An ancient empire inhabited the region, but was destroyed by the krexxon long ago and left to rot. However, thousands of years later, many different races arrived to forge paths for themselves, many of which came from the planet Ascerth. An alien group was taking biological samples from the planet long ago, but once they realized these races were sentient, they allowed them to find their place in the galaxy.

However, it's nowhere near peaceful in the Zalvar Sector. Cartels and clans fight for dominion of the ruins that dot the planets. Ancient technology constantly switches hands. Cities exist in the form of space stations. It's a brutal place, but the sector holds many secrets. Secrets that many different mercenaries for hire will want to investigate, which you players will be in the shoes of. We hope to tell you more about the story of this region, as well as how it ties into our past games.

For a more story-driven take to the game, click here.

Core Gameplay, Races, and Classes

Zalvar Online is very different from other MMOs, in that it combines the RPG and FPS genres as an FPRPS (First Person Role Playing Shooter). Players will fight in a first-person respective, but utilize traditional RPG abilities instead of pointing at and shooting at enemies, using a lock-on system. This makes combat more slow-paced, but allows for more variety in tactics.

When you first create a character: you will have two big choices: race and class. There are eight confirmed races so far, and six confirmed classes.


Players will have the option to play as one of the many races we saw in Champions of Ascerth: humans, rul'kor, grovarn, sulkrik, volant, gringar, and krexxon are all playable. Two new, original species will also be playable: the zalnik, a more canine-esque alien race known for their seedy dealings, and the saff, blue-skinned humanoids who have an affinity for navigation and exploration. Races are purely cosmetic, and don't affect gameplay whatsoever, as there have been issues in other MMOs with certain races having certain perks.

More races will be revealed as time goes on.


Classes are divided into the four traditional MMO roles: tank, healer, melee attacker, and ranged attacker. They all have unique playstyles, and some can play multiple roles. Classes are also divided into three armor classes: light, medium, and heavy, and have two specializations each.

Class Info
Heavy Armor
Brawler (Melee Attacker) and Vanguard (Tank)
Warriors are a traditional MMO class that revolve around melee combat. In a sci-fi environment like the Zalvar Sector, they rely on cybernetic enhancements and electricity-based weaponry to contend with ranged weapons, and wear heavy armor. Warriors have two specializations: Brawlers, who focus on beating the crap out of their foes with powerful attacks, and Vanguards, who focus on utilizing shield technology and protecting allies from harm.
Medium Armor
Grenadier and Pyromaniac (both Ranged Attackers)
Demolitionists are focused on one thing, and one thing only: ranged damage. They utilize both grenade launchers and flamethrowers to unleash devastating attacks against enemies from far away while wearing medium armor. As for specializations, Demolitionists can either focus on unleashing deadly varieties of explosives as a Grenadier, or watching the world burn as a Pyromaniac.
Light Armor
Medic (Healer) and Engineer (Ranged Attacker)
While other classes focus on fighting directly, Technicians are lazy, and have their technology fight for them. They're more in tune with the ancient alien technology left behind by the Zalvar Sector's previous inhabitants than any other class, and can utilize it for offensive and defensive purposes. Technicians can either heal their allies' wounds with healing technology as a Medic, or let loose devastating turrets and weaponry as an Engineer.
Medium Armor
Sniper (Ranged Attacker) and Juggernaut (Tank)
If you prefer FPS gameplay, Gunners are for you. They utilize traditional blaster-based weaponry to mow down their enemies in fast-paced combat. Gunners can either choose to take down enemies from afar as a Sniper, or head into the thick of battle and protect their allies as a Juggernaut.
Light Armor
Alchemist and Shadowblade (both Melee Attackers)
Assassins offer a unique kind of gameplay. While other classes fight fairly, these guys's don't, relying on unorthodox tactics and stabbing their enemies with daggers. Assassins can either choose to horrify their enemies with strange concoctions as an Alchemist, or go for a more traditional murdering approach as a Shadowblade.
Medium Armor
Revitalizer (Healer) and Marauder (Melee Attacker)
Monks have a sense of spirituality to them. Whereas other classes utilize traditional weapons, Monks use their bodies as their weapons, with the help of cybernetics. Unarmed combat is their game, as is strange meditative techniques. Monks can choose to utilize a spiritual approach of healing as a Revitalizer, or pummel their foes to oblivion as a Marauder.

Open World, PvE, and PvP

Zalvar Online has a vast open world for you to explore. Countless planets await you, but you'll need a ship to visit them. Ships serve as a form of player housing, with players capable of customizing their ships to suit their playstyles, and utilizing them in special ship-based combat areas.

Player vs. Environment

Player vs. Environment content is content where players will fight AI monsters and enemies. Expect to level up this way. At max level, you'll be doing content in quest hubs and grinding reputation for the various factions in the Zalvar Sector, as well as various bosses out in the world. However, for those who wish to team up with other players, there's content for you.

Strike Points

Strike Points are quick, randomized three-player instances that are queued for. Players will go through a small scripted experience that has a puzzle behind it, and is different every time. One time you could be fighting space pirates, and the next time, you're facing off against vicious wildlife. Strike Points offer tons of replayability and don't care for your role.


Dungeons are a core part of the MMO experience, and Zalvar Online is no exception. Dungeons here are five-player experiences balanced around a team consisting of a tank, healer, and three damage dealers (whether they're all ranged, all melee, or a mix doesn't matter). Bosses are taken down in dungeons, and offer great rewards.

Dungeons have two difficulties: Normal, and Hard. Normal Mode dungeons can be queued for, but Hard Mode requires you to make your own group. However, Hard Mode dungeons give greater rewards.


Oh boy. Raiding is fun. Players get together in massive groups to kill even more powerful bosses in larger instances. Raids are balanced around groups of 10-25 people, and utilize scaling technology to make bosses remain a challenge.

As for difficulties, raids can be done in Normal and Hard Mode. However, unlike dungeons, Normal Mode raids cannot be queued for, and raids in general give better rewards than any dungeon.


While most MMOs don't really focus on PvP, we're gonna be making it equal to PvE content.

Cartels & World PvP

Cartels provide the main system for PvP out in the world. Essentially, players choose to pledge their allegiance to one cartel whenever they choose to flag themselves for open-world PvP, and will be friendly to other members of their cartel and hostile to other cartel members. Cartel-based PvP combat is completely optional and is only for those who want to fight out in the world.

A Warzone system will also be in place. Every week, one planet will become a Warzone, and it's the goal of each Cartel to slaughter their enemies, gather resources, and expand their influence on that planet. If a Cartel wins a Warzone, those who fought for that cartel in the warzone it will get rewards.


Duels are on a much smaller scale and have players fighting one on one. Duels can be done out in the world, or in special arenas.


Arenas are essentially team deathmatches that have you in a team of two or three. Players can queue for regular arenas, but Ranked arenas require you to make your own team and have more prestigious rewards. Arenas operate on a season system where your rank is reset every season.


Skirmishes are big team-based PvP matches like World of Warcraft's Battlegrounds or most FPS games' matches. Players fight over objectives that depend on the map, such as capturing enemy flags, fighting over control points, or escorting minecarts. Teams are made up of ten to fifteen people, but the Ranked variant requires you to make a ten-person team and operates on the same season system as Arenas.


The Zalvar Sector is full of various regions for players to explore. Regarding leveling flow, any zone can be tackled in any order, and scales to your level, up to the level cap of 10. To make up for having such a small amount of levels, each level takes a while to gain, and this time increases the higher level you are.

Planets can be orbited by space stations and have a lot of interesting features in them.

Planet Description
Neolight Station A massive space station city in the middle of the sector, full of services and people. The main "hub" for players. The higher levels of the city hold more civilized infrastructure and buildings, while the lower levels are full of seedy bars, sketchy individuals, and dark secrets.
Xeblion A twisted jungle world full of terrifying wildlife and plants. Some say the land moves as a singular entity.
Ouzuno A desert world dominated by gorges and hot temperatures. The Grengol space pirates have made this world their main base of operations.
Nodrerth An ice-cold tundra planet that'll leave you cold to the touch. Yet, the icy caverns below hold ancient ruins.
Scakomia A volcanic planet where gravity acts erratically. Lava flows up to create floating islands, lava rivers flow on the sides of cliffs, and volcanoes exist in mountain overhangs.
Raenov A world shaped by Galnite ore; it makes up the mountains, the seas are made of its liquid form, and of course various industrial groups are mining out the planet's resources.
Jacrion A tropical planet dominated by a vast ocean. Yet, the planet's aquatic wildlife has a tenuous hold over the seas.
Kiemia A planet that's strangely shaped like a triangular prism. Each side of the prism holds its own ecosystem and inhabitants.
Osmiea A ring-shaped world full of extraordinary terrain and resources. It looks pretty tasty too.
Zalvax Full of ancient cities and ruined temples, the forest world of Zalvax is rumored to have been the beating heart of the alien empire that once inhabited the sector.


Strike Points

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Reputation Factions & Cartels

Reputation Factions

Reputation factions are factions that you gain reputation with for non-PvP reasons. They typically offer PvE-related rewards.

Faction Description
Neolight Council The ruling body of Neolight Station, and one of the few sources of order in the sector.
Kelnath Space Pirates A faction of space pirates that opposes the Grengol space pirates, and can often be found fighting them. Unlike other space pirates, they have a strict code of honor.
Delvers The Delvers are a group dedicated to unraveling the mystery behind the Zalvar Sector's original inhabitants, made up of archaeologists, explorers, and historians.
Osmiea Racing League The Osmiea Racing League (ORL) is dedicated to managing the sport known as driftracing, which is done utilizing a driftracer, a special kind of hovercraft.


Cartels are PvP factions that players pledge allegiance to whenever they flag themselves for PvP. Multiple cartels exist, each with their own ideologies and aesthetics. Each Cartel also has one rival cartel, but will still be hostile to the others.

Cartel Description
Forgelight Industries A corporation made up of profit-savvy merchants who seek to strip the Zalvar Sector of its resources. Weary of the "religious nuts" of the Cult of the Stars
Blackskull Gang A violent gang made up of arguably the most vicious mercenaries in the sector. They're motivated by greed and a rivalry with the Shadefuse Cartel.
Cult of the Stars A religious cult that worships the original inhabitants of the Zalvar Sector, and is weary of outsiders. Distrusts big businesses like Forgelight Industries.
Shadefuse Cartel A shady criminal organization focused on "chaos through manipulation". Known for a long-standing rivalry with the Blackskull Gang.

Professions & The Economy

The game's economy revolves around credits as a currency. Players will gain credits from completing quests, looting them off monsters, selling goods, and many other sources, and spend them on things they want. The problem most MMOs face is inflation due to how credits are transferred from player to player as well as constantly generated, and to combat this, Zalvar Online has some items that are sold by vendors for high prices, but are well worth the cash. These help regulate the economy because the credits spent on the items are "destroyed" due to the seller being an NPC.

Neolight Market

Neolight Market is your main base of operations when it comes to economic activities, and has several critical locations.

Auction House

At the auction house, players can put up items to be bid on or bought out. This is the main method of buying and selling items, and should be visited frequently. Auction houses also exist on other planets, but are nowhere near as grandiose as the one in Neolight Market.

Trader's Tavern

The Trader's Tavern is for more direct activities. Here, players can buy and sell items directly with other players within a set location. Players will be able to sell services and the like here, and socialize in this area.

Black Market

Located in a back alley of the market, the Black Market is a more vicious kind of auction house, where buyouts are disabled, you can't sell your own items, and NPCs put up rare items. It's a free for all bidding war here.

The Arcade

Based on the Game Corners seen in the Pokemon games, the Arcade offers minigames that reward cash, with two types: free to play, and gambling. While free to play minigames don't cost anything, gambling minigames are high-risk, high-reward types of minigames that can lead to far more lucrative rewards.


Professions are your main source of making cash, as you make items with them. Unlike most MMOs, which have gathering and crafting professions, professions in Zalvar Online are crafting-only, with players able to gather resources without restrictions. You can have one profession at once.

Profession Information
Weaponscrafting Weaponscrafting is the art of producing weaponry using metal and ore, as well as weapon enhancements like scopes and special kinds of ammo.
Armorsmithing Armorsmiths are dedicated to producing armor of all types as well as enhancements for said armor that can give it new features or enhance its protective abilities. Armorsmithing uses metal and ore.
Chemistry Chemistry is dedicated to creating alchemical concoctions like potions, elixirs, and other items that can boost stats. They utilize herbs and plants.
Cooking Cooking is as simple as it sounds: you make food. Said food can buff stats and also provide unique effects. Food utilizes many ingredients like meat, herbs, and even other strange materials.

Social Features

You can't have an MMO without social features, and Zalvar Online is no exception. Players will find a wide variety of ways to interact with other players, for you can't get far without socializing.


The simplest kind of group you can form is a party, by simply inviting someone. Parties can go up to five, but can be expanded to raid groups that can have up to forty players, but can only get credit for kills in raids and raid quests.


Guilds are essentially massive groups players can join and create. They offer playerbases of people who do various activities in-game, and are a core feature.

World Events

Major world events occur within the game as time passes by.


Holidays offer fun, festive events themed around real-world holidays as well as lore-significant ones.

One-Time Events

When major patches come out, there's usually a one-time event for players to participate in to "kickstart" the patch. These events usually see many players attending.


Patch 1.0: Zalvar Online

  • The initial release patch.