Yuki Silverfield
Winter Master
SPECIES Human, Arahitogami
AGE 20
BIRTHDAY December 1st
ZODIAC ♐ Sagittarius
BIRTHPLACE Yume's Mountains, Senkaihi
CLASS Magician, Manipulator of the Winter Equinox
Master of Four Seasons

Yuki Silverfield (ゆき 銀フィールド Shirubāfīrudo Yuki) is an human descendant of a god, and as a such, she is an Arahitogami similarly to Alice Harumi. She owns magical powers based on Winter, such as controlling cold air, snow and ice. She was created with the purpose of controlling the winter season and protect Senkaihi along with the other season heroines. She is one of the protagonists in the Master of Four Seasons series.



General Information


Yuki's personality really fits with all the snow / ice-theme, considering that she generally is a very calm, serious and cold person. Yuki tends to be kind of timid sometimes, but later gains confidence again. Even if she doesn't intend to, she can be kind of rude to other people, even if they're her friends. Yuki can get bugged easily, but won't show any high levels of angriness, but rather annoyance (always trying to remain serious, though). Yuki is somewhat feared by some people because of her cold-ish personality, this including the other heroines, and so they try to not annoy or play around with her too much. Despite all of this, Yuki can rarely show a sweet and caring side of her personality, and she sometimes demonstrates that she can actually feel happiness and love towards other even if she mostly attempts to hide it.


Yuki's ability is to manipulate winter-related magic. This includes controlling strong cold air, manipulate ice or create icy crystals, freeze objects or beings and creating weapons out of ice. She is also capable of manipulating the winter season itself, being in charge of the season cycle along with Alice, Lorelei and Luize.


Yuki's design consists in an all-blue winter-like outfit. She wears a blue coat with puffy white borders on the waist and the sleeves. She wears a small dress of the same coloration and the same puffy white border. She also wears a dark blue cap, a long purple scarf with white borders and long purple boots. She has light blue hair, pale skin and yellow eyes.





  • Her birth date is the date the Winter equinox starts. This also applies to Alice, Luize and Lorelei with their respective seasons.
  • Yuki is the only protagonist to have a japanese first name and a non-japanese second name. Alice, Luize and Lorelei all have their names the other way around.
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