Yssir of the Underworld
The Inheritance Death Bracelet
SPECIES Human, Demigod
AGE 13
BIRTHDAY 13th of November
ZODIAC ♏ Scorpio
BIRTHPLACE Hades' Palace
Hades (father), Persephone (mother)
WEAPONS Soul Reaper
How could I be proud of being the son of the Lord of the Underworld? Right now, I need this stupid item to fight. But actually, I need to depend on myself and not on the power of my father.
Yssir explaining to Aeacus the reason of his plans.

Yssir is one of the characters who appear on the Battle of Bracelets games. His first appearance is in Battle of Bracelets: Beyond as one of the main enemies and one of the final bosses of said game. He is the son of the God of the Underworld, Hades, and Persephone. That makes him a demigod, so he was given a Death Bracelet, the Inheritance Death Bracelet. This bracelet is the strongest one of the Death Army since it contains directly the power of Hades. His main weapon is thee Soul Reaper, a scythe that cuts life from the person who is attacked by this weapon, although it can be used to steal souls or the Chaos Energy of the bodies. His main abilities are still unknown.

Games Appearances

Battle of Bracelets Series



Yssir is a being for whom pride is one of the most important things of his life. He regrets not being a god since he feels as if he was failing his father for not being a powerful deity. That is why he starts to look for the way to become one. Although he is just a demigod, he acts as if he was a god with the rest of the infernal army. He is respected by them but only because of his power thanks to his bracelet and to avoid retributions of Hades. That does not happen when he wants to be respected by the Twin Gods, since they can face Hades more easily, they try to remind him that he is just "a project of half god", which angers him. Yssir is quite different that his power, whereas Hades is really cold and hardly loses control, his son is hot-tempered and tends to get angry extremely easily.

The end justifies the means, his machiavellian point of view will make him do anything to get what he wants. Yssir is very obsessed about resurrection, he thinks that dead heroes are useful to create a powerful army to control the world. That is the reason why he orders Pandora to get the Darkness Dýnamis of Darkreon

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Attacks, Power, Abilities


Attacks Power Lv. Effect Element
Phantom Dance 100 HP Lv. 1 - GhostBoB
Dead Face 100 HP Lv. 1 - DeathBoB
Cocytus Spirit 150 HP Lv. 1 Freeze IceBoB DeathBoB
Dead Blood 300 HP Lv. 1 - BloodBoB DeathBoB
Possess 250 HP Lv. 3 Possess GhostBoB
Demonic Chant 350 HP Lv. 6 - SwadowBoB MusicBoB
Eins: Logica Apocalyptica 400 HP Lv. 8 - DeathBoB
Phantom Punch 450 HP Lv. 11 - GhostBoB StrongBoB
Mortal Impasse 500 HP Lv. 14 Paralize DeathBoB
Gravity Impact 550 HP Lv. 17 - GravityBoB
Curse of Stars 600 HP Lv. 20 - DeathBoB CosmosBoB
Total Punch 650 HP Lv. 23 - StrongBoB
Cocytus Blast 700 HP Lv. 26 - DeathBoB IceBoB
Death Slash 750 HP Lv. 30 - DeathBoB
Wyvern Tail Hit 800 HP Lv. 33 Dizzy DragonBoB
Whistle for Cerberus 850 HP Lv. 36 - MusicBoB DeathBoB
Tectonic Cut 950 HP Lv. 38 - SandBoB
Deep Caution 1000 HP Lv. 41 - DeathBoB
Zwei: Divina Mortalis 1000 HP Lv. 44 - DeathBoB
Rigor Mortis 1200 HP Lv. 47 Paralize BloodBoB DeathBoB
Voodoo Chant 1250 HP Lv. 50 - BloodBoB MusicBoB
Viral Cage 1250 HP Lv. 53 - ToxicBoB
Phantom Wave 1350 HP Lv. 56 Possess GhostBoB
Wyvern Scream 1500 HP Lv. 59 - DragonBoB MusicBoB
Deadly Hour 1650 HP Lv. 62 - DeathBoB
Memento Mori 1750 HP Lv. 65 - WaterBoB DeathBoB
Drei: Executio Apocalyptica 2000 HP Lv. 68 - DeathBoB
Mortal Chant 2500 HP Lv. 71 Paralize DeathBoB MusicBoB
Rewind Spirit 2500 HP Lv. 74 - GhostBoB


Main Abilities

  • Awakening of the Past
  • Necromancer

Main Weapon

  • Soul Reaper


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