BIRTHPLACE Yoshi Village, Lavalava Island

Yoyo is a member of the Fearsome 5 from Yoshi Island with his friends Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow (their names are revealed to be SiShi, Yosi, Yosh and Shiyo respectively) and he was once a very rebellious young Yoshi. Him and his friends found themselves in big trouble when they went into the Jade Jungle and got themselves trapped. But were saved by Mario.

Yoyo has a pen pal in Toad Town called Dane T. with whom he writes letters to and swaps game ideas with him, he was even invited to go and visit him in Toad Town however he had to decline his invitation because he wasn't aloud to go.

However Yoyo has grown up quite a bit and is now a responsible young Yoshi. When Yoob announced that he was looking for an heir in the Yoshi kids Yoyo decided that he would repair the relations with the Yoshi's Island Yoshis and so he headed off to Dinosaur Land with his overprotected Cheep Cheep Babysitter Sushie not far behind.

He traversed through the hardships to find the place only to find out that the Yoshi tribe had been kidnapped by the Rex tribe, Yoyo set out to save his fellow Yoshis, recruiting many friends along the way. He eventually saved the Yoshis from the Rexs.

Yoyo was thanked by the Yoshi's Island tribe and they promised that they would make better relations with their Lavalava cousins, when he returned home Yoyo was celebrated as a hero and appointed heir by Yoob.

Exploits of a Yoshi

Yoyo is the star of the Nintendo Wii RPG Fearsome Red's Fantastic Follies. He traverses through Dinosaur Land to free the Yoshi tribe that lives there. He gains many new friends and allies along the way as well as bringing an old ally with Sushie. He can use his flutter jump to reach far away ledges and can use his ground pound to destroy many blocks, even more when he gets special pants along the way.


Attack Yosi Points Needed Effect To Attack Attack Power Move Ranks
Lick None Attacks single enemy Hold down left until star lights up then release. Level 1: 1-4
Level 2: 2-5
Level 3: 3-6
Ground Pound 2 Attacks single enemy and flips over shelled enemies Press A at right time Level 1: N/A
Level 2: 3
Level 3: 3
Eat 4 Swallows enemy, spits them out on next turn. Press to the left repeatedly. Level 1: 3
Level 2: 5
Level 3: 6
Digestive Badge
Flutter Jump Slam 3 Jumps up and slams down Press A at right time. Level 1: 4
Level 2: 5
Level 3: 7
Flutter Slam Badge
Egg throw 4 Throws Egg Aim and Release. Level 1: 4
Level 6: N/A
Level 3: 8
Egg Throw Badge
Swallow 10 Kills Instantly N/A Level 1: N/A
Level 5: N/A
Level 3: N/A
Pooper Badge
Multiple Lick Slam 2 Lick all foes Press A repeatly to fill up gauge. Level 1: 2
Level 2: 4
Level 3: 6
Licklots Badge

Leader of Lavalava land

Appearing in Wrapped Up with his babysitter Sushie keeping an eye on him as per usual he serves as a guide and a mentor for Amber and Iron when they find their way to Lavalava land. He has greatly matured since his own adventures across Dinosaur Land and takes his responsiblity of future leader very seriously, however he is still quick to dismiss his duties as a guide to play with his friends the fearsome five. She is playable in multiplayer mode.

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