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Yoshiro is a cyan Yoshi who has the ability to fly without wings. He is the main character in his own series. He has a purple shell and red shoes, and has a yellow glow while flying. Unlike Para-Yoshis, Yoshiro can fly for an unlimited amount of time.


Yoshiro is friendly to others, and is a good friend to Mario and Luigi. He often helps them out when they're in trouble. Most of the time, Yoshiro saves Mario or Luigi from falling into a lava pit or a bottomless pit. Yoshiro is also a good friend of Yoshi. He and Yoshi have been close friends since they both met. Yoshiro also likes to go on adventures with his sister Yoshara.


Yoshiro Land

Yoshiro's friends have been captured by Dark Bowser. Even Yoshara has been captured, too. Yoshiro has to go through all 24 levels to save all of his friends. After he does that, Dark Bowser's vortex explodes, and Yoshiro soars down towards the Mushroom Kingdom, losing his flying powers. Yoshara calls Dr. Mario over to cure the problems caused by Dark Bowser's vortex, so Yoshiro will be able to fly again.

Mario Kart Ultra

Yoshiro is a character in Mario Kart Ultra. He is unlocked via QR Code, along with Yoshara, who partners up with him. His special item is the glow shield, a shield that Yoshiro use to deflect harmful items and lasts for ten seconds.

Yoshiro World

Yoshiro is ridden by Mario, and they both have to save Princess Peach, who is captured by Bowser He meets Yoshlossus, a Yoshi who grows to immense sizes, in World 2. Yoshlossus can be able to smash Brick Blocks that block Yoshiro's way. The problem is, he can't smash them in World 5 because that world has a cloud theme to it, and he is able to obliterate clouds. So, instead of Yoshlossus breaking brick blocks in World 5, Yovitate can be able to levitate them. Yovitate is a Yoshi who is able to levitate objects.

Mario Kart: Charged Racers DX

Yoshiro is a character in the Nintendo AVr game, Mario Kart: Charged Racers DX. He and his Double GP partner, Yoshara, are unlocked by winning Mirror Lightning Cup.


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