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A Yoshi Egg.

Not to be confused with YoshiEgg (tbc), YoshiEgg Nook, or the YoshiEgg (series).

Yoshi Eggs are the Eggs that are laid by Yoshies. Once Yoshi eats an enemy, he can swallow it and lay a Yoshi Egg. Yoshi can then throw the Eggs at enemies. Baby Yoshies also hatch from Yoshi Eggs. Baby Yoshies Eggs are inverted, the shell is a color while the spots are white. In Mario Kart, the Yoshi Egg acts like a Red Shell in that it targets the nearest racer ahead of the user. Unlike the Red Shell (which continues until it falls off the track, hits a wall, or reaches its target), the egg will only travel a certain distance before it self destructs. Once it hits its target, the egg will explode, and three items will pop out of it. These items can be Green Shells, Bananas, Bob-ombs, Mushrooms, or Stars, the first three of which will harm opponents and give the user an advantage, while the last two can benefit the opponents if they land within their vicinity. When Yoshi eats five Berries he will lay an Egg and it will usually have Coins, a Super Mushroom, a 1-Up Mushroom, or a Fire Flower.

Game Appearances

Wheelzen series

In Wheelzen's Wild Adventure, Yoshi Eggs hatch into Yoshi Kirby.

Sports Games

A Yoshi Egg is used for Yoshi's emblem.

Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch

In the move Flutter Egg Dunk Yoshi turns the ball into an Egg passes to Birdo who shoots it out her mouth and Yoshi Flutter Dunks it.

Mario Kart series

Mario Kart Silver

After being left out of the Mario Kart series after Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the Yoshi Egg returns as an item in Mario Kart Silver. In the game, it acts almost exactly like in it's previous appearance: loosely homing in onto the player ahead of the thrower, breaking apart when hitting something. Like in Double Dash!!, the Yoshi Egg drops three random items that can be picked up/hit once it breaks. It can be obtained as a common item in fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, eleventh and twelfth places, or as a rare item in ninth and tenth place.

Puzzle Games

Super Mario: Emoji Battle

A Yoshi Egg appears as an unlockable item in Super Mario: Emoji Battle. When the Yoshi Egg item is equipped it temporarily stuns your opponent for five seconds once per Vs. Battle. Yoshi Egg is a rare item that can be unlocked by finding in Point Mode, or picking the right box in Yoshi's Character Battle (50% chance). Collecting Yoshi Eggs items is also Challenge 1 and 5 in Yoshi's character battles. A Yoshi Egg is also used as Yoshi's Badge.


Yoshi Eggs

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