YoshiEgg Wii is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it's a game by YoshiEgg (tbc), please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is the third game in the YoshiEgg Series and it is for the Wii.


It was a peaceful day in the area by King Boo's Mansion. It was one of those few days when it was actually sunny there. At the little shack next to the mansion lived YoshiEgg Nook. Business was exceptionally good that day because YoshiEgg started selling lemonade and Moo Moo Milk for fifty cents a cup. Suddenly, an orange blooper with green eyes jumped out of the ocean and hid behind YoshiEgg's shack. YoshiEgg was very confused about the whole thing when he realized what the blooper was hiding from. The Groo crawled out of the water, his red scales glowing from the water and the sun. He had developed a taste for bloopers, and he was attempting to wipe out the whole species. YoshiEgg protected the young blooper and battled The Groo. In the end, YoshiEgg came out as the victor and The Groo sank back into the ocean. The young blooper then told YoshiEgg that his name was Bloop and that it was blooper tradition to serve someone who saved a blooper's life until one of them died. YoshiEgg was grateful for this and let Bloop become his sidekick and have a job at the shack. The next day, it was sunny again, and business was slower than usual. Then, McBoo & RedYoshi came out of nowhere and told YoshiEgg and Bloop that The Groo turned giga and was on a hungry rampage to eat all species! McBoo, RedYoshi, and King Boo agreed to help YoshiEgg and Bloop, and then they were on their way...

Playable Characters and Helpers

YoshiEgg (default) (playable)

Bloop (default) (player 2 or switch-out character)

McBoo (helper) (licks enemies and stuns them)

RedYoshi (helper) (turns enemies into eggs for three seconds)

King Boo (helper) (licks enemies and stuns them for a longer time period than McBoo)

Yoshi (helper) (turns enemies into eggs for a longer time period than RedYoshi)

Elephant (helper) (throws enemies with trunk)

Boss List

World 1: Petey Piranha

World 2: Giant Koopa

World 3: Gooper Blooper

World 4: Coming Soon!

World 5: Coming Soon!

World 6: Coming Soon!

World 7: Coming Soon!

World 8: Giga Groo


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