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YoshiEgg Nook
BIRTHPLACE Dinosaur Land/McBoo's Mansion
WEAPONS Multitude of items and bare hands

YoshiEgg is a character owned by Bomb Productions Games.

This character does not exist within his own timeline and never did.

YoshiEgg Nook is a mute Tanooki who hails from Dinosaur Land in the Mushroom Kingdom. When he was a small boy, he started working at The Mushroom Kingdom Zoo (which his father owned) and worked there for most of his life, for that is where his family lived. Many people who came to the zoo teased YoshiEgg a lot about his job, which was cleaning up the elephant feces at the zoo, unfortunately, and called him "PooperScoop Nook". They also teased him about his green fur. One fateful day, a mean, obese Goomba who had been giving other people at the zoo trouble began teasing YoshiEgg while he was doing his job. In his teasing, the Goomba threw his giant cup of soda at a baby Elephant who YoshiEgg had become attached to over the years. At this, YoshiEgg threw a rock at the Goomba, knocking him unconscious. His parents, especially his father, were disappointed in him, and, being mute, YoshiEgg couldn't even tell them his side of the story. So, being a misunderstood soul, YoshiEgg snuck out at night and left the zoo forever. On his journey to find a new home, YoshiEgg stumbled across a mansion. It was a peculiar mansion, to say the least, and YoshiEgg Next to the mansion was an abandoned shack. In the back of the shack was a little bedroom. So, YoshiEgg decided to live in the shack and opened up a little shop that sold items and licenses to ride Yoshis, since they were YoshiEgg's favorite creatures at the zoo, hence the name YoshiEgg. In his shack-house, he met many friends, a couple being McBoo, who lived at the mansion, and RedYoshi, who was best friends with McBoo and passed by the shack to visit McBoo many times. YoshiEgg is a valiant hero, too. When he left the zoo to go find a new home, he forgot to lock the cage to a violent, vicious, and evil animal that the zoo had recently gotten from a strange island in The Mushroom Sea, The Groo. The Groo had a strong hatred for YoshiEgg and all Tanookis, because in Ancient Times, the Tanookis and the Groos had a major rivalry and were the reason for the Groos' ultimate downfall. The Groo was the last Groo in existence. So, The Groo followed YoshiEgg's scent and went out to eat him, along with all his friends and family. Luckily, YoshiEgg saved everyone from The Groo's wrath. YoshiEgg was in his first game, The Adventures of YoshiEgg, which was a big success. He then had many other adventures after on many different platforms, and is one of the most popular Fantendo characters to date.

Since the events of YoshiEgg Culmination, it was revealed that YoshiEgg, along with his friends, each existed in an offshoot, doomed timeline of the Nintendoverse, separate even from the Fantendoverse, and thus never existed anyway.


YoshiEgg is an overall friendly character who cares about others very much. He tries to help in any way possible and in any situation. Although he is mute, making him one of Fantendo's many silent protagonists, he is very expressive. He takes his friendships very seriously. YoshiEgg is a skilled fighter and uses his strength to his advantage, but never lets it go to his head. Being one of The Mushroom Kingdom's most famed underground heroes, YoshiEgg is always ready for any situation, if one may arise suddenly. He is often very protective of things that he cares about, especially his friends and girlfriend, and he often goes above and beyond to protect them if a dangerous situation is to put them in any kind of peril. He stops at nothing to protect these things, and often does. His thoughts and backstory are expressed in Nook's Log.

Relationships With Other Characters


Ever since YoshiEgg saved Bloop from The Groo in YoshiEgg Wii, Bloop has forever been his sidekick and best friend for life. Bloop then saved YoshiEgg from dying in YoshiEgg Nook & the Obstacle of Death.


YoshiEgg lives next door to McBoo. They became friends, even though YoshiEgg frowns upon the evil doings of King Boo. But, King Boo and all other Boos were friends with the Tanookis from the start of their being, especially YoshiEgg.


RedYoshi passes by YoshiEgg's shack many, many times a day to visit McBoo in the mansion. RedYoshi is YoshiEgg's friend because McBoo introduced YoshiEgg to him in the first place and the three go on many adventures together.

Tom Nook

It has been hinted numerous times before that Tom Nook and YoshiEgg are related in some way, considering they are the same species. In the handbook for The Adventures of YoshiEgg, it says that YoshiEgg is Tom Nook's cousin and has the marketing business in his blood.

Yoshi (species)

YoshiEgg's favorite creature in The Mushroom Kingdom are the Yoshis (hence the name) and YoshiEgg has spent most of his time with the Yoshis when he wasn't cleaning up elephant feces.


YoshiEgg once took a small vacation in Dreamland, where he met Kirby and went with him to stop King Dedede. This was only one of his minor adventures, though.

Tulip Nook

After meeting for the first time, YoshiEgg and Tulip fell in love. Unfortunately, Tulip was a holographic program designed to destroy YoshiEgg sent by The Groo and Overman Supreme. But, their love overcame that and Tulip's data was later configured into a real Tanooki. In Bloop's vision of Bus 108, YoshiEgg cried over Tulip's dead body. This never happened, but it would of if Bloop didn't intrude.

Kenny Koopa

He has been Kenny Koopa's friend ever since the scarred assailant left the Koopa Troop. He helps Kenny out by selling useful goods and giving out excellent tips that are great information necessary to help him on his quest.


After meeting, YoshiEgg was afraid that the interaction between him and M'Icho, his ancestor from the Ancient Times, would mess up the fabric of time. Fortunately, it didn't. Until now...


After helping him defeat a Darkside in Tanooki Hearts, YoshiEgg and Rhode have become good friends and rivals. They may even be related, being the same species.


YoshiEgg awakens from a statue in the Village of the Eternal Sun in Nightwolf vs. True Tom. Although YoshiEgg gets annoyed with Nightwolf because of Nightwolf's distrust towards most everyone, they slowly become better friends as the game goes on.

Thunder Nook

Dying before Thunder was born, YoshiEgg didn't know much about his son before his tragic demise. Thunder Nook is YE's only son and captain of a Starship.


Death wants to kill YoshiEgg. Bloop stopped Death from killing YE once, from Bus 108, and now Death is even more angry, and wants to kill YE even more

Games Appeared In

YoshiEgg NAOYE

YoshiEgg Nook in The New Adventures of YoshiEgg.

YoshiEgg Nook has had many appearances in games. His first appearances were in the YoshiEgg series. His first appearance outside of games was in Fantendo Kart 2 as a racer with Bloop. YoshiEgg has also appeared in Fantendo Hearts, Fantendo RumbleFantendo Chronicles: Episode 1, Super Smash Bros. Xtreme, Fantendo Party, Kenny Koopa series, the McBoo Series and many others. In the series Fantendo Adventures, YoshiEgg is a major hero. Since The Groo is the main villain, YoshiEgg is especially hyped and ready to kick butt. In the series, YoshiEgg is much stronger than he has ever been, using his Boo transformation more than usual. He is now portrayed as a bit darker, as are his new games. In the YoshiEgg & Bloop series, he wields a green laser blaster. Nowadays, YE has also been seen with a Keyblade, later with Purple and more recently with Micool the Master and Clyde.


In Fantendo Rumble

  • Speed: 4/10
  • Jump: 7/10
  • Power: 8/10
  • Stamina: 9/10


  • A: Punch
  • Side A: Headbutt
  • Up A: Throws an item in the air and hits \enemy
  • Down A: Trips with tail
  • B: Throws a spikeball at enemy
  • Side B: Whips enemy
  • Up B: Jumps up very high on spring
  • Down B: Plants a spiky mine in the ground that detonates like a motion sensor bomb
  • Final Smash: Throws out a bunch of spiky mines and poison mushrooms and damages the players greatly
  • Taunt: Throws both arms up and says "Yup!!"


  • Speed: 6/10
  • Power: 7/10
  • Special Attk: 5/10


  • A: Punch/Jump
  • Special A: Spike Chomp

Special Attacks:

  • 3/10 FP: 'Shroom Disk
    Description: YoshiEgg gets out a giant disk with a mushroom on it and two people in the party punch it. (Like BiS's Green Shell.)
  • 5/10 FP: For Sale
    Description: YoshiEgg puts the enemy in a bag, then his shack magically appears and he sells the enemy to one of the other party members and the other member hits the bag with a flaming hammer, inflicting major damage.
  • 7/10 FP: Inky Wave
    Description: YoshiEgg calls Bloop and tickles him, making Bloop shoot out a massive wave of ink, flooding the battlefield, blinding all enemies, and inflicting major damage.
  • 10/10 FP: Item Rain
    Description: YoshiEgg gets out his item bag, throws it up in the air, and makes spike balls, poison mushrooms, and other harmful items fall from the sky and hit all enemies, inflicting major damage.


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