All YoshiEgg games are owned by Bomb Productions Games. They can only be edited by YoshiEgg (tbc) and/or other people who worked on the games with him. It is a spin-off of the

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Mario franchise, and it stars the popular fan-character YoshiEgg Nook. As of May 6th, 2012, the series has been discontinued.

Games in the Series:

Modern Series:

  • YoshiEgg DS - The second game in the series for the DS and the first YoshiEgg game that is Wi-Fi compatible.
  • YoshiEgg Wii - The third game in the series for the Wii and the first YoshiEgg game with Bloop in it.
  • YoshiEgg: Keeping Shop - The fourth game in the series for the DS and the first YoshiEgg game where you get to work in the shop outside of minigames.
  • YoshiEgg DSi - The sixth game in the series for the DSi and the last in the modern series.

Expanded Modern Series:

  • YoshiEgg: Key - The first game that continues onto the modern series and explains more of what happened in the future games.

Future Series:

  • YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time - The newer, holiday-released game that may or may not be canon to the series. The name is a play on Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time.
  • YoshiEgg & Bloop: Tools of Destruction - Another game that may or may not be canon to the series and is the sequel to the wildly successful A Crack in Time. Not much is known about the game.
  • Tanooki Hearts - Some may consider this game that is slightly canon to the series the third game in the alleged YoshiEgg & Bloop series. This time, the YoshiEgg series ties into the popular Kingdom Hearts series. It is the only YoshiEgg game that does not have YoshiEgg in the beginning so far.
  • New Adventures of YoshiEgg - A New Super Mario Bros. themed game that is barely canon to the series, considering no major events happen. But, there are some new characters that may be featured in future games.
  • Super YoshiEgg Galaxy - A Super Mario Galaxy themed game which the public knows pretty much nothing about.
  • YoshiEgg & Bloop: Laser Tagged - The fourth game in the supposed YoshiEgg & Bloop series that has a laser tag-centric gameplay mechanic.
  • YoshiEgg Disruption - A milestone YE game that is for the PC. It is for the PC and is the first YE game in the "run n' gun" genre.
  • YoshiEgg & Bloop: Cove of Thieves - A holiday-released game in the YoshiEgg & Bloop sub-series that features a deep storyline, new weapons, and a vastly updated online mode.
  • YoshiEgg Culmination - The long-awaited final installment of the YoshiEgg series; made with the intention to wrap everything up and fill plotholes within the series, with a very controversial ending.

StarForce Series:

  • YoshiEgg StarForce - The first game in the StarForce series for the Wii. It follows the adventures of YoshiEgg Nook's son and uses YE & Bloop gameplay as well as Star Fox-esque gameplay.
    • Let it be noted that this game is not canon to the rest of the series, considering the ending; presumably, StarForce takes place in an alternate universe.


Movies in the Series:

Characters in the Series:

  • YoshiEgg Nook - The main, silent protagonist in the games. He is the owner of a small shop by McBoo's Mansion.
  • Bloop - YoshiEgg's sidekick and his best friend. Ever since being saved from The Groo by YoshiEgg, Bloop has been grateful.
  • Tulip Nook - YoshiEgg's girlfriend who used to be a holographic computer program working for Haunty Mole and The Groo until she fell in love with YoshiEgg and he converted her data into a real Tanooki.
  • The Groo - The main antagonist in the games. He is an evil animal mastermind who hates all Tanookis and is the last of his kind. Has since turned into more of a helper than an enemy, after all.
  • M'Icho - YoshiEgg's ancestor from the Ancient Times and the past leader of the Tanookis. He led the Tanookis to victory against the Groos.
  • Rhode - YoshiEgg's friend and rival who first appeared in Tanooki Hearts. He is a Tanooki Knight and may be genetically related to YE.
  • Overman Supreme - An immensely powerful dark spirit and the main series antagonist. Spectur, Spiryt, and Spavento are among his minions.
  • CrackedEgg - A dark replica of YE, created by Overman Supreme using Bloop's memories of YE and The Groo's negative feelings towards YE. Mostly acts as Overman's apprentice of sorts, but advances to become the main antagonist during the events of Culmination.
  • Item Master - The aptly named master of items. He's a living conglomeration of various items and a good friend of YE.
  • McBoo - YoshiEgg's occasional sidekick and one of his many best friends. He lives in the Mansion next door to YoshiEgg's shack.
  • O' Lanturn - YoshiEgg's occasional sidekick and one of McBoo and RedYoshi's best friends.
  • Dr. Claw - Another antagonist in the games. He is a bounty hunter at large and hunts all heroes.
  • William Scratch - A human pirate who first appeared in YoshiEgg DSi as a young captain who kidnapped YoshiEgg and friends in search of the "Picture Box", but later found out that it was in the possession of The Groo and Dr. Claw. Ever since then, he and YoshiEgg have been close friends and rivals.
  • RedYoshi - YoshiEgg's occasional sidekick and another one of his friends. He visits McBoo and YoshiEgg many times a day.
  • King Boo - The leader of the Boo's and YoshiEgg's occasional sidekick. YoshiEgg frowns upon his evil past, but King Boo has mostly reverted to the good side.
  • Yoshi - YoshiEgg's favorite animals in the zoo and the reason for his name. They constantly help YoshiEgg out in his adventures.
  • Lemmykoopa24 - A Scientist Wizard Koopa who resides in Bowser Valley. He is mainly a helper in the series.
  • Clyde - Mostly acts as a mount for YE, but occasionally helps him more.
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