Yoshi's Island Maker is a game made specifically for the Nintendo Switch. This game functions as a Super Mario Maker esque level editor with the engine of Yoshi games.

As this is a Yoshi game, Yoshi will carry Baby Mario, among many other babies, through various course while eating creatures to lay eggs, all while flutter jumping to the Goal Ring, only now the user can add to Yoshi's Island with the many elements.

This game has Amiibo support, scanning them will unlock a baby for use in Stork Stops, they may also be unlocked through this game's 10 and 100 Yoshi Challenges.

Startup Screen

Just like in Super Mario Maker, there are special start up screens for each day of the week, here's a list of them:

  • Sunday: Yoshi gets ran over by a stampede of Fooly Flowers, the logo then appears, plus a Yellow Yoshi fluttering across the screen with a banner that says, "HAPPY SUNDAY!!!". Followed by text that says, "Another week in the bag!"
  • Monday: Yoshi is stolen by a horde of Bandits, with the logo behind him.
  • Tuesday: A Blue Yoshi is pushing a Chomp Rock, and kicks it into Yoshi, shattering him as if he was glass. The text then falls.
  • Wednesday: Adult Mario and Yoshi from Super Mario World appear, Yoshi then uses a Yellow Shell to make the big Yoshi fall via earthquake, the logo then slides in on screen.
  • Thursday: Water fills the screen, followed by a Lunge Fish appearing and nearly eating Yoshi, The logo then floats up as if it were to be buoyant.
  • Friday: The Friday in the corner is instead, "Fry-day" and a Red Yoshi torches Yoshi via a Fire Watermelon, he is torched himself when a fireball rolls into the middle and explodes into the logo, changing the, "Fry-day" back to, "Friday".
  • Saturday: Yoshi is crushed under a Super Big Tap-Tap, which then cracks open like an egg to reveal the logo with beams of light behind it, a Brown Yoshi then carries the text, "Saturday" and drops it onto the logo.

Title Screen

Also like in Mario Maker, the title screen's letters, if touched, will make something happen.

  • YOSHI'S: Multiple Eggs are shot around the screen, hitting whatever they come in contact with.
  • I: The I rolls up into a ball, which is then made to resemble an Incoming Chomp, it then flies into the background, where it then leaves as a twinkle in the sky, a new I then parachutes down in the original's place.
  • S: The S spins around and shoots offscreen, before coming back like a boomerang.
  • L: The L flips over into a Γ, Baby Waluigi's laughter is then heard.
  • A: The A turns into an icicle that then falls down, harming Yoshi if he is hit.
  • N: The N falls, before suddenly an Nep-Enut rises, before, coughing up the N and leaving.
  • D: The D becomes a Scratch Hammer, and shatters the screen, restarting the entire stage.
  • MAKER: The letters begin dropping many stars, eggs, and rarely, a Shy Guy.

Game Styles

Image + Name Info

1182 super mario world 2 yoshis island-prev

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Classic time! This game was the one where Baby Mario was saved by our favorite dinosaur for the first time. It still holds up! You can make eggs, but it dosen't have as many things the others do.

Yoshi's Island DS Logo

Yoshi's Island DS

In this one, even more gimmicks and cool gizmos, like the Stork Stop, were introduced for the first time, although they're in most themes. This game has updated graphics, making it look nice as well.

3DS YoshisNew logo01 E3

Yoshi's New Island

The series gets a graphical upgrade once this one comes around. Now you can experience the previous stuff in 3D!

Yoshis Woolly World logo DSSB

Yoshi's Woolly World

This one looks odd, it's yarn themed, has yarn balls in place of eggs, drops the babies entirely and has a new HP system, but it still rocks!

Course Themes

Image + Name Info

2019 04 03 034310


Beautiful, lush plains and smiling hills in the background, this is the perfect course if you are making an easy level.

2019 04 03 040716


A spooky cavern for when you want a bit of crystal scenery.

2019 04 03 041827


It's a fine, pine tree forest based on World 2. Some say it is haunted with Boos, however.

2019 04 03 042252


A theme based on World 3, it's like the Forest, but more wet and tropical, with Ukikis and Nep-Enuts about.

2019 04 03 042916


Based on World 4, these levels take place in arid, sandy lands at sunset, they mainly can be athletic.

2019 04 03 043519


Based on World 5, these levels are set on the peaks of Yoshi's Island's mountains. Usually there is a whole lot of snow.

2019 04 03 044359


Dark, grimy sewers are common throughout Yoshi's Island, and these levels are in them. The background is the sewer wall and the surfaces are the boundaries of the pipeline.

2019 04 03 044758

Lava Cave

An even spookier cavern full of flowing magma, best sub-level for the wasteland theme.

2019 04 03 045454


A favorite of Ravens, this is the only theme to have planetoid platforms, with the planet's surface in the distance.

2019 04 03 050314


A dark, gloomy landscape based on World 6, The Koopa Kingdom. With bones and lava littered about, truly creepy!

2019 04 03 065451


A fortified building filled with lava, watch your step!

Course Elements

Image + Name Info


Warp Pipe


This tube can take Yoshi into a sub-area, enemies can also be dispensed from them.


Egg Block


When Yoshi hits these from the bottom, they dispense eggs for him.

156195076508215619507885751561950811168SMW2YI Flashing Egg

Egg/Yarn Ball


Yoshi's weapon, eggs can be thrown, each color lasts a certain amount of hits on surfaces, with green surviving surface hitting the most, and red eggs being destroyed once they hit once, Flashing Eggs dispense Red Coins once they hit an enemy, but don't appear if the player already has 20 Red Coins in their level.

In the Yoshi's Woolly World theme, they are yarn balls that can tangle up enemies, and flashing eggs are rainbow yarn balls.


Small Ice Blocks


These start out as 1 block wide, but when grouped together, it will appear that it is all a giant glazed surface, an added bonus is the fact that in the Alpine theme, you can see frozen Shy Guys in it.

Flatbed Ferry

Flatbed Ferry


These platforms float around in random different directions if not on a track, they can be green, pink or red, with each color going faster.




This is a track for enemies, objects, blocks and Flatbed Ferries to ride on, you can curve them or choose if they have end points or not.

SMA3 Sprite - Poochy



This cute pooch will let you ride on his back, he can go over spikes, thorns, lava and poison. He moves the direction you face.


Coin/Red Coin


A common element in levels, they can be collected, and collecting 100 leads to a 1-Up, when shaken, coins become Red Coins, there can only be 20 Red Coins in a level.


Platform Block


If you hit a Platform Block with an egg or your head, they become platforms that float either up and down or left and right.


Balloon Platform


These balloons come from a place-able generator that can extend up to 64 blocks, these multi-colored balloons float up and soon dissappear, if stood on, they will slow down a bit, Bullet Bill like enemies can pop these balloons.




Similar to Mario Maker's One-Way Walls, if you go through one, it will open, once you've exited the Flippers, they will close and you are unable to go back the way you came.

SMW2YI Gray Chomp RockSMW2YI Brown Chomp Rock

Chomp Rock


A boulder resembling creatures of the Chomp family, Yoshi can roll it to kill enemies or reach ledges, the position of grey ones will reset when they are offscreen, the brown one's position does not.








Image + Name Info


Milde/Adhesive Milde


Don't be fooled, the innocent looking Milde can do damage to Yoshi, but if he steps on them, they pop, which even pushes away enemies within the radius.

Shake them and they will turn into the Adhesive Milde, which leaves behind a puddle of yellow goo, this is hard for a Yoshi to escape from without some struggling.

BigCheepCheep YIDSYoshi's Island DS Purple Cheep Chomp

Cheep Chomp


Towering fish that live in lakes and rivers, or any body of water really, the red ones lunge out of their water, jumping out in a huge arc, they will instantly eat Yoshi when coming down, but they miss him when going up, in which he simply loses the baby he has.

Purple Cheep Chomps don't notice Yoshi until he falls in the water they dwell in, in which they wake up and attempt to chase the dino for a snack, mouth agape, they will chase Yoshi until he leaves the water or if they just cannot reach him. They only jump in a very small arc should Yoshi jump close enough to the Cheep Chomp.


Image + Name Info

2019 07 10 104302Youdoodle-2019-07-10T10-41-42Z

Shoebill Speedster

This bird will help out with the autoscroll, she gives autoscroll lessons in the Dojo and also appears as the icon for the autoscroll options.


Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Sprite Credit

  • Credit to Mageker, Nemica, David Hurley, Shiny Ninetales, Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy and JigglyPuffGirl on The Spriter's Resource for ripping some of the sprites.

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