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Characters and Worlds


Yoshi, Little Yoshi and Birdo are taking a walk but then Bowser attacks and turns the Yoshis into blocks. A Lakitu decides to help the three. They set off.


After defeating Bowser, Yoshi grabs the Star Rod, waves it, then breaks it in half. After that, it says, COMING SOON: Yoshi's Dream Quest.


This is played like Tetris Attack. There are 11 blocks:

Green, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Red, Blue, Black, White and Small.

Lay 3 of each color in a row horizontally and 3 Yoshis of that type will appear (small is Green Baby Yoshi).

There is also an "Adventure Mode", where, instead of dropping blocks, you run around and pick them up to save the Yoshis. This is especially for people who dislike Puzzle Games. In this version, you actually control Yoshi, Little Yoshi, Lakitu and Birdo. You get to choose a character in a way similarly to SMB2.

Adventure Mode Abilities

Yoshi: Can lay eggs.

Little Yoshi: Longer tongue.

Lakitu: Can float and drop spinies.

Birdo: Can shoot eggs.


  • Although it is similar, this is not the sequel to Tetris Attack.


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