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Ylisse Warriors (Iris Warriors in Japan) is a Fire Emblem spin-off game for the Wii U combines the setting and characters of Fire Emblem: Awakening with the gameplay of Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors series. The game was released on the 10th of August 2014 for Japan and the 16th of November 2014 for Europe, Australia and North America.






Playable Characters

All of the playable units in Fire Emblem: Awakening return as playable characters in Ylisse Warriors. NPC's such as Phila and Validar also make a playable appearance too. Some of the units for Fire Emblem: Fates can be purchased as DLC.

Icon Name Title Base Class
RobinIcon Robin/Avatar Amnesiac Tactician Tactician
ChromIcon Chrom Captain of the Shepherds Lord
FrederickIcon Frederick Cold Lieutenant Great Knight
LissaIcon Lissa Sprightly Cleric Cleric
SullyIcon Sully Crimson Knight Cavalier
VirionIcon Virion Archest Archer Archer
VaikeIcon Vaike Zero to Hero Fighter
StahlIcon Stahl Viridian Knight Cavalier
MirielIcon Miriel Rapier Intellect Mage
SumiaIcon Sumia Maid of Flowers Pegasus Knight
KellamIcon Kellam Oft Forgoten Knight
LonquIcon Lon'qu Gynophobe Myrmidon
MaribelleIcon Maribelle Dire Damsel Troubadour
RickenIcon Ricken Upcoming Mage Mage
GaiusIcon Gaius Candy Stealer Thief
PanneIcon Panne Proud Taguel Taguel
CordeliaIcon Cordelia Knight Paragon Pegasus Knight
NowiIcon Nowi Eternal Youth Manakete
GregorIcon Gregor Swell Sword Mercenary
LibraIcon Libra Fetching Friar War Monk
TharjaIcon Tharja Grim Stalker Dark Mage
OliviaIcon Olivia Shrinking Violet Dancer
ChercheIcon Cherche Wyvern Friend Wyvern Rider
HenryIcon Henry Twisted Mind Dark Mage
SayriIcon Say'ri Blade Princess Swordmaster
BasilioIcon Basilio Intrepid Khan Warrior
FlaviaIcon Flavia Khan Lioness Hero
DonnelIcon Donnel Village Hero Villager
AnnaIcon Anna Secret Seller Trickster
TikiIcon Tiki Divine Voice Manakete
GangrelIcon Gangrel Mad King Trickster
WalhartIcon Walhart The Conqueror Conqueror
EmmerynIcon Emmeryn Gentle Heart Sage
Yenfayicon Yen'fay Blade Legend Swordmaster
AversaIcon Aversa Dark One Dark Flier
PriamIcon Priam Radiant Hero Hero




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