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Yggdrasil is a giant landmark that appears in the New Fantendoverse. It serves a portal for nine worlds (which of those nine worlds is currently unclear but one is assumed to be Earth) and has other functions. It made it's first appearance in Xerra: the Last Beorn - Volume 1 and then later made an appearance in the self-entitled Yggdrasil.


Yggdrasil is a gigantic tree that seems to vary in dimensions when measured, as nobody seems to have an actual answer when measured. One can measure it as 60 feet across and 80 feet high, while another could measure it as 600 feet across and 800 feet high. These numbers are also not consistent with anyone with measures, with different results every time.

The colors of the leaves on the tree also differ over the course of 100 years, shifting through the entire color spectrum one leaf at at a time. The tree's leaves fall off and do not regrow until 3 days later. Those three days are called "Omen Days" and during this, none of the Yggdrasil's functions are available.

Each of the Yggdrasil trees have a different colored bark. The bark for the Earth Yggdrasil is oak, while the one seen in Xerra: The Last Beorn is blue and purple.

The Yggdrasil also produces a white, fluffy fruit called Mana.




Yggdrasil produces white fluffy fruit called Mana, which can melt if out in the hot sun too long but oddly can be baked into a white ring like cereal that is said to have the taste of a banana and pineapple. The Mana fruit itself can be eaten, the flavor of said fruit varying based off what day it is.


Yggdrasil is home to a host of small alien like creatures that make homes inside the branches and bark of the tree. The one in Xerra is host to a race of small gecko-like creatures capable of speech.


Xerra: the Last Beorn - Volume 1

Yggdrasil (game)


  • In addition to being based off the Norse myth of Yggdrasil, the Mana the tree produces is a reference to the book of Exodus in the Bible.