Yellow Wisp
A Yellow Wisp named Drill.
Item Type Drill
Kind of Item Wisp
Latest Appearance Sonic Colors
Makes transform Sonic a big drill.
Green Wisp

Blue Wisp Cyan Wisp White Wisp Pink Wisp Orange Wisp Indigo Wisp

Yellow Wisps (sometimes called Drill Wisps) are Wisp aliens that drill through dirt.

Games Appearances

Mario & Sonic Racing

Yellow Wisp is an item of Mario & Sonic Racing. It's a rare item to appear and it appears in 4th to 12th position. The user of the wisp will be able to go underground and make holes where other racers can fall in there. Including, Shells can fall in there too and go underground. The racer who uses it can also leave out the underground and hit his rivals.

The Yellow Wisp's effect lasts 10 seconds and when it finishes the person who is using it will leave out of the ground.

Mario & Sonic Grand Prix

The Yellow Wisp appears in Mario & Sonic Grand Prix as a rare item.


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