Yellow Fuzzer is a game on the Nintendo Wii U.This game uses amiibo.


Once upon a time,there was a forest.This forest had trees that were alive and could talk and be social.These trees would be helpful if a Fuzzball was lost by giving him/her advice.

Speaking of Fuzzballs,there was a Fuzzball named Yello.This is the story of him.

One day,Yello was getting a drink at the Grand Water Fountain(Which is a tree).But it turns out the Fountain was cut into pieces!He screamed in horror.His siblings Pinky and Blute heard him and found him gazing at the chopped fountain.

Then,a Big and black tree-cutting robot flew in and summoned a giant comet to crash right on the 3 siblings.Yello knew the robot was the cutter of the fountain.Without it.The trees were getting sick.Then the comet smashed the ground and out came an evil purple worm with a hat (Worms are threatening to Fuzzballs)!

After defeating the worm.It transforms into a normal worm.The black robot says "I AM SYNCWOOD.YOU WILL PERISH."He blasts the Fuzzballs (And the worm) into the unknown...


Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Yello The main protagonist.Yello found the evil Syncwood that cut down the fountain.He will not give up to stop it!
Pinky The fabulous younger sister of Yello.
Blute A big,blue, and scary Fuzzball.
Mr.Worm The posessed worm that Yello faced.


Name Level Picture Description
1-1 (End of the Beginning)
1-2 (Slaphappy Leaves)
1-BOSS (Machblade's Spinning Assault!)
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