Yaku: Genesis
Help Yaku as she wanders through the Fantendoverse.
Series Yaku
Engine Nintendo 3DS/Wii U
Successor Yaku: Heroes
Release Date(s) Summer 2017
Age Rating(s) Everyone 10+ - ESRB


It has basic rpg elements with the occasional experience points and health points but it is in 3D. You can roam around the world and you have currency too so you can buy items and relics that can help you along the way. Of course, the story will go on as you progress and get better at the game. Though if you lose a battle, you have to go back to your save point. There is no trading systems online but you can trade items and such with your friends who are with you when you are playing the game. A normal battle between an enemy is basically pokemon-ish but when you have a boss battle you get to move around and fight just like in kirby. A skill system is provided for each member who levels up in the game, rpg common sense, experience and all that stuff. If you get FULFILL or complete your character's skill set you can upgrade your rank for example, if you have archer you may get one or more than one options, you can be a Dark Archer or a Hunter, both are stronger and have features that the "Archer" class doesn't have. If you are playing by yourself, you can start alone but you can recruit people as you progress the game.


Dragon and the Bandits


Archer Void


Dark Yaku



Trading System

Multiplayer- Trade with your friends, and share items, etc.

Single-player- Trade with your NPC allies or switch weapons/armor/and other adventure stuff.


The currency of this land are Gems, usually rewarded for completing a task or you can find them somewhere in dungeon, and by defeating enemies.


Multiplayer- Share coins and useful when you want to offer, give, sell things to gain money from other people.

Singleplayer- Get money from Merchants by selling stuff to them.

Skill System

The skill system is what most rpgs have, pick a skill, upgrade it, add to your skill book, get a more powerful skill after you fully upgraded that skill and so on till you complete the whole chart, you can upgrade your class.

for example: Once an archer fully upgrades all of his skills, he can change into a better class. There may be one or more options.

Archer -> Dark Archer

-> Sharpshooter

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