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Yaku is a human girl that turned into a creature, and found herself in fantendoverse.
AGE 10
Kirby: The Nightmare Inside

Yaku: Genesis

Yaku: Genesis

Yaku: Heroes

Yaku: Heroes


Yaku lived as a human in earth. But since there are many timelines. Her "earth" is just a copy of many thousands.

Portals rip her universe, and eventually the portals become bigger which ends up eating up her universe.

As she watches the end of the world she jumps through a portal that made her end up in

fantendo. Her human appearance had disappeared and became a bear-like creature. Upon waking up from the disaster she finds herself in a kingdom of other bear-like creatures called Chobari. Mistaken for their princess, she is taken in to the kingdom.

When she was a princess, she abused her power and bossed around the Chobari, but once the true princess was found. Everybody despises her. Despite, her sassy and rude attitude, she apologized to the Chobari and Sora the princess of the Chobari. She just wanted to feel like home, she was about to head out the gate but the princess felt bad, so she became friends with the Chobari, and the princess, and allows her to stay whenever she likes.

During her stay in the Chobari Kingdom, she helps Princess Sora manage and protect the kingdom from invaders. One day, a group of bandits and a mysterious dragon attack the kingdom, her bravery allows her to successfully defeat the bandits and the dragon. The dragon manage to escape but she's determined to find it. When the bandits entered the cell in the dungeon under the palace, she interrogated them, and got answers by doing it in a sadistic kind of way.

For more info click: Yaku: Genesis


Whenever she mets a villain she acts very competitive and mean, with no signs of feelings. But when she's around her friends, she deeply cares about them and protects them. Whenever she does something wrong, she's always silent and talks to herself most of the time, she'll eventually apologize for something she did wrong. While cheery and friendly towards her friends. Her attitude to her enemies, threats, villains, is completely the opposite, she'll stop at nothing to defeat them even if she's at the verge of death, she does not give mercy, unless they surrender. Rarely, if the enemies wants to join her team or sincerely apologizes, she forgives them and lets them go/or lets them in her team but If they trick her or even cause one bit of trouble she'll just lock them up in jail.

Battle Style

She uses the "hit and run" technique but if cornered, she uses smoke bombs to escape or slash her way out by using her dagger. She also has punching gloves, but she can only use them when she has no weapon left. She tends to have friends help her along battle. Whenever finding an enemy, she ambushes them.


Princess Sora of Chobari - At first, she despised her because she stole her throne, but they quickly became friends after the incident.

Chobarians - The people never liked her as the princess, but she became the town hero by helping some of the villagers and defeating bad guys, and quickly regained their trust.

Cryobite - She was curious and intrigued of this mysterious and charming magician but quickly lost interest and started to dislike him when she tried to hit Sora in the face. She quickly learned that he destroyed thousands of villages. Despite her enormous anger for him, they can reason with each other, with no harm done.

Kirby: The Nightmare Inside

She does make an appearance, though it's not exactly her, a similar bear is shown throughout the game in "Kirby: The Nightmare Inside".