Xsomnis DD2

Humanoid Form

Xsomnis Dragon DD2

Dragon Form

Nightmare Warrior
SPECIES Draconid
CURRENT STATUS Deceased (physical incarnation)
AGE 1,000+
BIRTHPLACE Etherial Realm
RESIDING AT Etherial Realm
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Evil
The Hero (enemy)
Lumino (enemy)
Dimentra (enemy)
Slyza (ally, formerly)
Wywyrm (ally, formerly)
Valance (ally, formerly)

Xsomnis (pronounced: ZOM-niss) is a playable character in the Draco Duel series. Xsomnis is considered to be the main antagonist of the first two games, particularly in Draco Duel 2 where she is the main antagonist of the game's story mode, A Rift in Time. Xsomnis is a being born from nightmares and evil thoughts, and she gains her power from the pain and suffering of others.



In her humanoid form, Xsomnis takes the form of a young woman, who wears dark purple and blue plated body armor with a helmet that resembles the head of her dragon form, with pink crystal horns, as well as an eye mask and a light blue cape. Xsomnis's humanoid form's main weapon is a long magenta and red scythe called the Scythe of Souls, which she uses to extract the nightmares from her victims.

In her dragon form, Xsomnis is a predominantly purple wyvern with dark blue scales, and light blue tattered wings. On the end of her tail, Xsomnis wields two smaller Scythes of Souls which function similarly by draining nightmares from the victim.


Xsomnis is a maniacal, power-hungry and twisted being whose only goal is to break free from the Etherial Realm, which she has been trapped in, and take over Arcania - although she wants to rule it, she does not care about destroying it and everyone within it in the process, as it is merely one world in an endless universe that she could control.

Since she becomes stronger from the suffering and dark thoughts of others, Xsomnis is always satisfied when her opponent is in pain, as it only makes her more powerful. Even her own suffering strengthens her, as she becomes significantly more powerful when on low health.

Xsomnis does not let anyone get in her way from achieving her goal of controlling Arcania by obliterating it in the process. She even casts aside and attempts to kill her henchmen upon realising they are one of the only threats who could potentially stop her from achieving her goal. She also resents Lumino for this very reason and is brutal enough to try and kill him by throwing him into the sun.


Xsomnis has access to a range of attacks while in her dragon form. These are listed in order of first usable appearance in the Draco Duel series, with moves listed in orange debuting in Draco Duel and moves listed in lime debuting in Draco Duel 2.

  • Blue Flare Burst - Shoots a homing blue flare projectile which explodes on contact, dealing high damage. The projectile moves quite slowly but as Xsomnis becomes weaker, its speed increases.
  • Crystal Blizzard - Casts a storm of crystalline fragments to deal light but rapid damage to foes within its range, although this range will decrease as the attack is held for longer.
  • Scythe of Souls - strikes the foe with her scythe tail, dealing heavy damage. The attack is quite slow and has a lot of ending lag, however a successful hit will pass on Xsomnis's status conditions to the foe.
  • Leeching Cloak - Casts a shadow, which slowly moves forwards. If it makes contact with an opponent, they will take residual damage while Xsomnis recovers health.
  • Eruption of Oblivion - creates an Etherial Rift in the middle of the battlefield, opening up the Etherial Realm, from where nightmarish creatures such as Etherial Ghouls and Etherial Tentacles attack the foe en masse, dealing very heavy damage to the target. However the attack's uncontrollable power does damage Xsomnis slightly.
  • Etherial Lightning Strike - Shoots a purple bolt of lightning from her tail, which quickly moves in a straight line and damages the foe on contact.
  • Nightmare Curse - Cutting her own health, Xsomnis fires a homing ball of dark energy to strike the target. On contact, it deals moderate damage and restores Xsomnis by a significant amount.



Xsomnis has existed within the Etherial Realm for as long as Arcania has existed, however she was not able to leave it until King Yucatan, the last monarch of Arcania, opened an Etherial Rift in an attempt to ward off the rebels who were threatening his rule. This however led to a greater problem than the war that was already being fought against the royals and led to the Etherial Crisis, where Xsomnis destroyed large amounts of the continent.

It wasn't until The Hero was able to trap her back inside the Etherial Realm that her rampage of destruction ended. Although The Hero lost his life in the process, this meant that Xsomnis would be trapped forever within her Etherial Realm, secured by six Etherial Hearts, hopefully to never threaten Arcania again.

At some point between the Etherial Crisis and the events of Draco Duel, Dimentra, Selesté, Ozara and Frostspark accidentally destroy one of the Etherial Hearts holding Xsomnis within the Etherial Realm. This weakens the force keeping her trapped within, thus allowing her to slowly escape by creating a small, but continuously growing rift in Arcania City that goes undetected for many years.

Draco Duel

Xsomnis makes her first playable appearance in Draco Duel. However, the playable character of Xsomnis in this game is not actually Xsomnis, but rather a clone projected by her into Arcania as she was still bound within the Etherial Realm during this game's events.

Draco Duel 2

In the game's story mode, A Rift in Time, Xsomnis manages to let more and more of her power out of the Etherial Rift, which lets her create an army of Etherial monsters to fight on her behalf while the rift continues to grow, eventually, she hopes, it will let her escape as well. Xsomnis also enlists the help of Slyza, Wywyrm and Valance to help her escape her prison, promising them a fair share of power once she takes over Arcania.

For the first half of the story, Xsomnis is seen very little, only being seen as a shadow inside the Etherial Realm commanding her underlings to kill Lumino, the one Draconid in Arcania she sees as a threat due to his relation to The Hero who trapped her one thousand years ago.

She is not encountered by the player until Chapter 5, where she wins a fight against Lumino and Dimentra and expels them both from the Etherial Realm afterwards. As her power continues to grow with the rift ever-expanding, she eventually breaks free at the start of Chapter 7, causing mass chaos and destruction in Arcania City.

During this time, she casts aside her henchmen and attempts to kill them, but due to Dimentra's intervention, they are saved. Not worried by this, she turns her attention to Lumino and tries to kill him by throwing him into the sun, but Lumino is able to use the Etherium from the Etherial Hearts to unleash his Etherial Finale on Xsomnis, blasting her into the sun where she disintegrates.

While Xsomnis's physical form in Arcania was most definitely destroyed, it is unknown whether she subsequently regenerated inside the Etherial Realm.

Other Appearances


Zmei's KillGames costume based off Xsomnis's design.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Xsomnis appears as a Boss and Spirit in Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333). Her Spirit battle is represented by Dragon Queen as her puppet fighter.


While Xsomnis does not actually appear in KillGames, she is referenced in one of Zmei's alternate costumes, which is based off her design. This costume is called the Nightmaric Costume which is also a reference to Xsomnis.



Xsomnis's relationship with Lumino is mostly a cold and hateful rivalry, however Xsomnis somewhat respects Lumino to a certain degree and is even slightly fearful of him as, being related to The Hero, he is the one Draconid who could possibly stop her from taking over Arcania. Despite this, she shows no remorse towards him and attempts to kill him brutally to prevent him from doing so. Despite this, Lumino is the one to kill Xsomnis at the end of the story and he is thus heralded as a hero, just like his ancestor.

The Hero

Despite the fact that The Hero and Xsomnis have not been seen interracting in any of the Draco Duel games, it's very evident that Xsomnis has a strong resentment towards The Hero, and by association, Lumino, for trapping her in the Etherial Realm.


Slyza is Xsomnis's second-in-command and she trusts him more than her other underlings. This may be due to the fact that Slyza was originally the one to inform her that Lumino was present to interfere with her plans, and that he had a strong resemblance to The Hero. Slyza is tasked with several missions from Xsomnis to prevent Lumino's collection of the Etherial Hearts.

However, despite her initial trust in Slyza, Xsomnis has no second thoughts about killing him once she finally escapes into Arcania. After the betrayal, Slyza helps the heroes fight back against her.


Wywyrm is another one of Xsomnis's most trusted underlings, although she isn't seen interracting with Wywyrm as much as she does with Slyza. Despite this it's clear that Xsomnis did trust Wywyrm, as he was tasked with trying to obtain the final Etherial Heart in Chapter 6.

Like Slyza, Wywyrm is also betrayed by Xsomnis during the climax of the story, and he agrees to help the heroes kill Xsomnis, having realised the error in his ways of assisting her.


Valance works for Xsomnis alongside Slyza and Wywyrm, however Xsomnis doesn't trust Valance as much as the other two, mainly based on the fact that Valance was a hired mercenary who would only help her if she rewarded him with payment. Additionally, her distrust of Valance is shown in Chapter 4 where she sends Slyza to accompany him and collect the Etherial Heart from him after it is stolen from Frostspark.

Unlike Slyza and Wywyrm, Valance willingly leaves Xsomnis at the end of Chapter 6 after overhearing her plans to kill the three of them once she breaks out of the Etherial Realm. Valance uses this opportunity to escape being attacked by her and warn the heroes of her arrival.



  • Xsomnis's name is derived from somnum, a Latin verb meaning "to sleep".
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