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Platform(s) APIMHanabiSmall
Release Date(s)
TBA 2013
Single Player, Multi Player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating CERO A OFLC G
Genre(s) Racing

XoverstarX (pronounced as "ex-over-star-ex") is a crossover game by APIM Group, Inc. Like Elite Fisticuffs, and many other games, it is a sort of an author appeal game (known as a so-called "Umbrella Game"), with some of the creator's favorite characters being playable. Unlike said games, it is a racing, featuring a small assortment of vehicles, making the game also similar to Diddy Kong Racing. It will be released for the APIM Hanabi.


The gameplay will differ between vehicles. There are three choices of vehicles: the Kart, the Boat and the Plane.

Kart racing is the same as in a Mario Kart game: A is to accelerate, B is to brake or drive backwards, the left Circle Pad is to steer, L can be used for items while R is for doing tricks or drifting. When the player drifts, he/she is able to do a Power Slide, which can result in a Mini Turbo. Tricks can be done on small ramps and edges, and when touching the ground, the player gets a Mini Turbo.

Boat racing has the player's character in a speedboat, with similar controls to kart racing, except the drifting will go automatically and the R button only provides tricks, while Y does get a new function: going into Sub Mode. When a meter known as the Dive Gauge gets full, the player uses Y to let its speedboat change into a submarine and dive underwater. When underwater, the Dive gauge will slowly empty itself, and when empty, the player will go back to the water surface, while the submarine will turn back into a speedboat. The player can fill the Dive Gauge with Coins in both modes.

In Sub Mode, the steering and the R button are the only things that will be different: the player can now go in any direction, and R provides drifting again. The player can go to the surface early by going up on the Circle Pad or by pressing Y. Sometimes, the player can't go into Sub Mode when the depth is too low. Some courses disable Sub Mode completely.

Plane racing provides a similar control scheme as in Sub Mode of boat racing. This time, the right Circle pad gets a function: steering Left or Right while pressing R will provide a Barrel Roll while steering Up while pressing R will provide a Somersault. Going into a ring while doing a Somersault provides a Mini Turbo.

In all three modes, players collect Coins to enhance their speed and pick up Item Boxes to use items against their opponents. Each mode has four Tours, with four courses each, having a total of 48 courses.


For detailed stat information, see Characters

There are 42 different playable characters, minus the Downloadable characters.


Classes determine how the character controls in his/her vehicle in overall. There are a total of eight classes, each with different stats.

  • The Balanced characters always have average stats. No downsides, no upsides.
  • The Speed-class consist of characters who have speed as their best stat. They are either worse at making curves, or lighter.
  • The Skill-class contain characters who are great at making curves. Some of them are light-weighted or slow, though.
  • The Strength-classed character are usually heavy. These are either slow or are bad with the curves.
  • The Speed-Balanced class is a more balanced version of Speed. A little slower, but also a little better at curves, or heavier.
  • The Skill-Balanced class is a more balanced version of Skill. A little worse at curves, but also a little heavier, or faster.
  • The Strength-Balanced class is a more balanced version of Strength. A little lighter, but also a little faster, or better at curves.
  • The Tricky characters have some crazy stats. They always differ per character, having sometimes many pros and one con.


There are 18 different Default Characters.

Yoshi Luigi Mario Phineas Ferb Perry
Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon PerryXoverstarX
Super Mario Super Mario Super Mario Phineas & Ferb Phineas & Ferb Phineas & Ferb
Speed-Balanced Balanced Balanced Speed-Balanced Balanced Speed
He's green, he's lovable, he's gluttonous, he's Yoshi! With an assortment of Eggs, he's ready to bash anyone in his way! Wait. Luigi is before Mario? This ought to make a party, but our overshadowed hero first needs to win the races! ...However, that doesn't mean that Mario isn't in this game! He's still a great choice for beginners. Phineas is a clever but kind of oblivious kid who can't stand boredom and thus makes incredible projects with his stepbrother Ferb. Maybe this is his idea too. Ferb works together with Phineas on almost impossible projects, but they always work due to their intelligence. Ferb is the silent one of the duo. Perry looks like an ordinary platypus, but he's actually a secret agent. Please don't ask how he wears a fedora with his owners in sight in this game.
Pikachu Oshawott Breloom Applejack Pinkie Pie Spike
Image Coming Soon OshawottXoverstarX Image Coming Soon ApplejackXoverstarX Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon
Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Speed Skill Balanced Strength-Balanced Skill-Balanced Speed
The electric-type Mouse Pokémon is also in for a race. Can he make it to the top with his shocking tactics? This Pokémon is a samurai-in-training and proud of itself. But he's especially proud of his scalchop shell on his stomach. Breloom's a real boxer! His arms may look short, but they can stretch out. But how can this mushroom-ish Pokémon do in racing? Applejack is an honest and quite strong pony who works at her family's apple farm, Sweet Apple Acres. Now she's here to show how strong she is at racing. Somebody said "party"?! Because Pinkie is always in for one. She's literally a party animal! Also, she's quite erratic. Spike is the best pony a baby dragon who is Twilight Sparkle's assistant (and has a crush on Rarity).
Rayman Globox Teensy King Donald Duck Blossom Blaze
Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon
Rayman Rayman Rayman Donald Duck Powerpuff Girls Sonic the Hedgehog
Balanced Strength Speed Balanced Skill-Balanced Speed-Balanced
The limbless human vegetable thingamajig is ready for a triathlon! He has saved the Glade of Dreams for quite some times. Rayman's blue companion also joins this game! He was originally red, but there re two theories how he got his blueish skin. The Grand Minimus is here to win trophies as well. An he has learned new spells (and bought new clothes) to achieve that! Don't make this marine-clad white drake lose, because he needs serious anger management when he does. He's sometimes quite unlucky too. The leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Cool-headed, but quite bossy, and nice ginger hair makes this pink-clad kindergartner all! Blaze is a princess from another dimension, and a friend of Sonic. She doesn't easily give up, and while usually cool, she can get hot-headed when things go wrong.


There are 24 unlockable characters.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz Rainbow Dash Daisy Twilight Sparkle Isabella Lopunny
Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon
Phineas & Ferb My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Super Mario My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Phineas & Ferb Pokémon
Skill Speed Skill-Balanced Skill Skill-Balanced Speed-Balanced
The bumbling evil scientist who had a terrible past joins in to take over the Tri-State AREA! ...wait, how smart is Heinz actually? This game just got 20% cooler, as Rainbow Dash will proof that she's the best at a race! She provided us a Sonic Rainboom after all. Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, and a good friend of Peach. Daisy's quite the spunky princess of Mario's world. Quite odd for a main character to be unlockable. But she's special: she's Celestia number 1 student, and holds the Harmonical Element of... magic? Isabella is Phineas' friend across the street. She actually has a crush on Phineas, but keeps it secret to him. She's one of the best Fireside Girls too! A rabbit Pokémon with fluffy, delicate ears. Touch them carefully, or she'll kick you in the face.
Win the Amateur Oran Tour with Gold. Win the Amateur Medal Tour with Gold. Win the Amateur Fedora Tour with Gold. Win the Amateur Crown Tour with Gold. Win the Amateur Gem Tour with Gold. Win the Amateur Jewel Tour with Gold.
Bubbles Scrooge McDuck Kirby Betilla Pit King Dedede
Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon
Powerpuff Girls Donald Duck Kirby's Dream Land Rayman Kid Icarus Kirby's Dream Land
Speed-Balanced Strength-Balanced Balanced Skill Skill-Balanced Strength
Bubbles is usually the cutie of the PowerPuffs. However, she has proven that even she could be hard-core. Don't judge books by their cover. Donald's uncle is the richest duck of Duckburg, if not the entire world. He earned it all by himself, and is still as hard as nails for his age. Hey look, it the pink puffball from Dream Land! He's quite odd, as he can gulp enemies down and take their abilities. Don't think too hard about that. Betilla and her sisters are the creators of Rayman, as the Glade needed a hero. She's also the oldest of the five Nymphs. Pit is the captain of Palutena's army and very loyal to this goddess. Even though he has wings, he can't fly without any deity's help. The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land. He's quite greedy and sees Kirby as his nemesis. They could get along, oddly.
Win the Progressed Oran Tour with Gold. Win the Progressed Medal Tour with Gold. Win the Progressed Fedora Tour with Gold. Win the Progressed Crown Tour with Gold. Win the Progressed Gem Tour with Gold. Win the Progressed Jewel Tour with Gold.
Sonic Ditzy Doo Ly Vanessa Quilava Rosalina
Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon
Sonic the Hedgehog My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Rayman Phineas & Ferb Pokémon Super Mario
Speed Tricky Skill Tricky Balanced Tricky
The fastest organism alive, and Mario's long-time rival. This hedgehog with attitude has thwarted the plans of his nemesis, Dr. Eggman, for 20 years plus! Ditzy Doo, better known as Derpy Hooves, is one of the most popular background characters of her series. She's quite unhandy, and not very smart. Ly is a friend of Rayman, who especially helped him during the war against the Robo-Pirates. She's quite the athlete. Vanessa is Dr. Doofenshmirtz' daughter, but she isn't as evil as Heinz. She has a taste for Gothic and is quite the action girl. Quilava is the evolution of Cyndaquil. Don't fear that he'll burn from his own flames, his fur is fire-proof. Rosalina is dubbed as the Princess of the Cosmos and lives with her Lumas on the Comet Observatory.
Win the Expert Oran Tour with Gold. Win the Expert Medal Tour with Gold. Win the Expert Fedora Tour with Gold. Win the Expert Crown Tour with Gold. Win the Expert Gem Tour with Gold. Win the Expert Jewel Tour with Gold.
Buttercup Viridi Razorbeard Lakitu Dragonite Pesh
Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon
PowerPuff Girls Kid Icarus Rayman Super Mario Pokémon Pusher's Pile
Strength-Balanced Balanced Tricky Tricky Strength Balanced
The toughest and roughest sister of the PowerPuff Girls. So do not mess with her or her sisters. Or talk about her green cloth. The Goddess of Nature will show everyone how harsh the nature actually is. By the way, we've convinced her that all the vehicles are environment-friendly. Admiral of the Robo-Pirates, who would succeeded to conquer the Glade if Rayman wasn't there. We've had to disappoint him that our vehicles do not crush the environment. Usually a referee in Mario Kart and professional Spiny Egg tosser, Lakitu joins in to take the cup... to the skies! This Pokémon is very nice, as it helps people from drowning in the sea. He could circle the globe in 16 hours, but he knows that's against the rules in this game. The protector of Pushopolis makes a surprise appearance in XoverstarX. His strong sense of justice makes him overconfident sometimes.
Win the Hardcore Oran Tour with Gold. Win the Hardcore Medal Tour with Gold. Win the Hardcore Fedora Tour with Gold. Win the Hardcore Crown Tour with Gold. Win the Hardcore Gem Tour with Gold. Win the Hardcore Jewel Tour with Gold.


See X-Shop, Characters


These items have been confirmed so far:

  • Coin - This Item is usually found everywhere on the track. They increase the speed of the vehicle.
  • Item Box - Also found everywhere on the track. Contains one of several items.
  • Oil Drum (Kart only) - Causes a splatter of oil to appear right where you laid the can down or where you've thrown it. Also works as a defense.
  • Anchored Buoy (Boat only) - Lay this buoy down the road, and an anchor will be released by it.
  • Winged Sphere (Plane only) - An iron sphere with wings. A perfect object to lay down the sky to slip down your opponents.
  • Blue Rocket - Gets shot straight forward and bounces off walls. Can appear in triples.
  • Green Rocket - Chases near foes, otherwise goes straight forward. Can appear in triples.
  • Yellow Rocket - Chases every foe, one by one. Can appear in triples.
  • Red Rocket - Goes straight forward to first place, and causes an explosion. Might pick up opponents in its way too.
  • Parasprite - When laid on the course, it will eat Items that have been laid down/released on the track.
  • Lum King - The user will glow red, while the Lum King song plays. Coins will be temporarily worth double.
  • Super Star - Grants temporary invincibility.
  • Mine Turtle - He's cute, but stepping on that huge button on his white carapace causes a huge explosion. Can be laid or held down, or thrown away.
  • Zubat - Lay this down, and a cluster of Zubat will appear to slow down opponents.
  • Speed Shoe - Grants a speed boost. Can appear as a triple item.

Modes and Content

There are several kinds of modes in this game.


The main mode. Here, participants will race against each other in a tour, existing of four courses with three rounds, differing per vehicle. There are four difficulty settings, and each must be won to get new vehicles and characters.

  • Amateur - The opposing AI players are Easy and the vehicles are Slow.
  • Progressed - The opposing AI players are Mediate and the vehicles are Normal.
  • Expert - The opposing AI players are Hard and the vehicles are Fast.
  • Hardcore - The opposing AI are Very Hard, the vehicles are Very Fast and the courses are Mirrored. This is unlocked when the player won gold on all the tours of previous difficulties.


The player is here able to do several missions and challenges. There are ten Campaigns, containing ten normal missions each. Each Campaign has a Boss Challenge as the eleventh mission. Completing each Boss Challenge will unlock a new Campaign, and completing all missions in one campaign with a Three-Star Rank will unlock a Bonus Mission, which are usually harder, but give a nice reward (for example, a vehicle).

For all the missions in XoverstarX, see Campaign.

VS Play

The Player can race against the computer racers without restrictions and with own settings.

Time Recorder

The player races alone to set his/her fastest time on a certain course. His/her character gets armed with three Speed Shoes to make shortcuts. The player can also race against ghosts, which are made with this mode.


Here, Downloadable content can be bought with money stored on the user's APIM Shop account, and extra goodies can also be bought with the X-Points the player receives in the game. Sometimes, both are needed. The player will unlock this when they completed all the missions in Campaign mode.

For all the DLC and goodies that can be bought, see X-Shop.


For more information, see Courses


Mushroom Tour

  • Duckburg Circuit
  • Sweet Apple Acres
  • Jibberish Jungle

Apple Tour

  • Mario Circuit
  • Menhir Hills
  • Angel Island

Oran Tour

  • Castle Dedede
  • Townsville Woods
  • Livid Dead Land

Medal Tour

  • Route 217
  • Reset Bomb Depot
  • Vanessa Circuit

DLC-K Tour


Hat Tour

  • Luigi Circuit
  • Danville Harbor

Cap Tour

  • Wet-Dry World
  • Southern Island

Fedora Tour

  • Luscious Lake
  • Seafoam Islands

Crown Tour

  • Underworld River
  • Bowser's Castle

DLC-B Tour


Stone Tour

  • Cloudsdale Circuit
  • Band Land

Rock Tour

  • Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.
  • Skyworld Temples

Gem Tour

  • Yoshi Circuit
  • Sky Babylon

Jewel Tour

  • Moody Clouds
  • Death Egg

DLC-P Tour


  • X-Points Chart - See where the player can get amounts of X-Points, and more detailed information about it.
  • Achievements - The achievements a player can get in this game. This gets supported by the APIM Achievements System.
  • Music Chart - More detailed information about the music in this game.
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