Xerra: The Last Beorn - Volume 1 is the first volume of the Fantendo - Drive series Xerra: The Last Beorn. Volume 1 was released in 2015 and introduces the main characters, and features the first three arcs. Volume 1 consists of the first 12 issues. The comic is weekly.


Main Protagonists

  • Xerra: The supposedly last Beorn, who crash-landed on the planet after a long journey from Zeon. She deals with loneliness, knowing she may be the last of her race.
  • Red Eyes: A robot with the titular red eyes. Not much is known about him, although he appears to be modeled in mankind's image and loves talking about baseball, but has no idea how to play it.
  • Hodges: A armless robot who has a cute face. He has forgotten his function, aimlessly chasing after birds.


  • The Bogleech - A creature who's full body is never seen, but his voice can be heard clearly. He desires any organic beings to come into his pond, where he plans to mutate them to his body.
  • "Doomulus Grime" - A Grimebot that somehow landed on the planet that believes he is Doomulus Grime.
  • Mechagod- A broken down and rusted robot that was in the middle of ascension before he overloaded and shut down during ascension process. He does not understand simple things like grass or trees, and cannot perceive the third dimension.


Issue 1: Xerra Crash Lands!

The comic begins with Xerra attempting to get into a escape pod as she goes through a swarm of people. She finally gets one but is knocked off course- and unconscious, by Unten's escape pod.

When she wakes up, it is snowing outside. She kicks the escape pod door open and begins to journey through the environment. There she comes across a robot with no arms chasing a bird. She attempts to hit it for attention, in which it begins to cry. Xerra attempts to inform the robot that it cannot cry, but it does anyway. Xerra sees red eyes in the distance, and pulls out a knife from her bag. The red eyes is actually a robot that is looking at baseball cards, and introduces himself as Red Eyes.

The other robot stops crying and introduces himself awkwardly as Hodges as he attempts to give a handshake to no avail. Xera heads towards the north, with the two robots following her as they have nowhere else to go.

Issue 2: Xerra Meets the Bogleech!

Xerra, Red Eyes, and Hodges head towards a marshier area. As Xerra swats away giant jungle flies, a hand sticks out of the water and a voice begins to speak. The voice and the group talk for a bit, learning that a creature lurks in the water and that it's name is Bogleech. The voice belongs to the Bogleech.

As they talk, the hand gets closer and closer to Xerra, who seems fairly oblivious. Hodges notices the hand and attempts to kick it away, angering the Bogleech, who reveals more of it's showing some of it's mutated flesh. It proclaims that it will live forever so long as it keeps fusing organics to it's body, but lately organics have became aware of the Bogleech's tricks. The Bogleech attempts to convince Xerra to give herself into the Bogleech and become part of the hivemind, but Xerra refuses.

The Bogleech's arm chases the three through the marsh, it's endless body becoming more and more exposed but still submerged. Eventually they run to a point where the Bogleech refuses to press onward with. Xerra and the two keep pressing forward, unsure why the Bogleech stopped following them.

Issue 3: Xerra Fights Doomulus Grime!

Xerra, Hodges, and Red Eyes continue to go forward until they reach a sandbar by a mountain. Following the sandbar, they come across a hodge podge of broken machines and other scrap metal. Something arises from the pile, announcing that it is Doomulus Grime and that he is rebuilding the drill to destroy the planet. As Xerra gets closer, she finds that it's a heavily damaged Grime Bot announcing this.

Xerra decides not to destroy the robot because he is so harmless and doing so feels bad. Taking advantage of this, "Doomulus Grime" looks at the two robots for analysis, although he finds that his software isn't compatible with the two. Xerra begins to walk away and heads onto the sand for sleep.

In the morning, "Doomulus Grime" heads to kill Xerra with a shank crafted from rusty metals. Xerra is able to take the weapon out of his hand and stab him in the stomach with it, causing him to short out. Xerra and the robots run as "Doomulus Grime" heads into reboot process.

Issue 4: Xerra Talks with God!

Xerra, Red Eyes, and Hodges run and stop to catch their breath as they reach a dim area covered by trees. Xerra finds that a ship has crashed here, with a wall completely blown open. Xerra enters the ship and finds a robot that seems to be turned off, however it activates when she gets too close to it.

Hodges and Red Eyes run in as Xerra attempts to talk to it, parsing that it was in the middle of ascension process before it was shut down. When it rebooted, it was only able to perceive in the second dimension and most of it's memory is corrupted, leaving it unable to do simple tasks. It attempts to stand up, but is unable to.

Xerra attempts to walk away but finds that "Mechagod" has her trapped in some kind of forcefield. Knowing that the force field is is likely off due to Mechagod's perception of the world, she finds that Hodges is trapped between the outside and inside of the field. Red Eyes and Xerra cling onto Hodges and escape the forcefield, trapping Mechagod in the forcefield. They head outside of the ship and press forward until they come across a abandoned campsite, deciding to rest there.

Issue 5: Xerra Makes a New Friend!

Xerra, Red Eyes, and Hodges make a fire and decide to try and tell stories. Red Eyes tells a story of a baseball player that hit a home run before suddenly being attacked by ninjas with glass swords. The baseball player takes them on, managing to shatter their swords without getting shards into his own body. As he defeats the ninjas, a woman with a glass umbrella comes down to take him on and have a battle. Xerra asks if he's making this up as he goes, but Red Eyes insists he's not as he ends the story by stating that the ball fell through her umbrella and killed her, finishing the story.

Hodges begins to tell a story of a woman in a tub with a cinder block on her lifeless body as a man pulls at his hair. The story goes backwards to reveal that the man had found his husband and daughter tied up and found the woman threatening them with a knife as he walks in. Taking a spare cinder block and fighting her, the story ends as the police come in and find the woman in the tub as the man attempts to explain.

Xerra asks what happened next, with Hodges stating that it was the end of the story. Xerra recounts her life on Zeon as a Narobi-Tron repair person. One day she finds a bunch of spare parts and decides to assemble her own Narobi-Tron protocol droid. The story flashes towards two months as she finishes the droid, bringing it to life with a zinthoid battery. Declaring that she has made a new friend, she attempts to teach it how to repair the robots, but the robot keeps attempting to take itself apart. The story flashes to two weeks later as the robot pulls off it's arm and attempts to give it to Xerra but falls apart as it does, with it's last words a proposal to marry her. Understandably confused, she sends the Narobi-Tron parts back into the scrap heap.

The fire is put out by Red Eyes as Xerra notices that it is midnight and a good time to get some rest.

Issue 6: Xerra Gives Hodges a Hand!

Xerra wakes up as she notices that Mechagod's forcefield is down. She states that it is time to move, helping Hodges up as the two begin to walk into the tropical forest. Xerra finds a red arm in the sand as she walks, and notices that it seems like it would fit into Hodges' arm holes. Shoving the arm into his right arm hole, Hodges attempts to move it with success. Xerra looks for his left arm but after a hour of searching, it seems to have no success.

Xerra, Hodges, and Red Eyes get to a broken bridge. Red Eyes simply flies over the broken section and Hodges jumps onto the other side. Xerra knows she can't make the jump, but can't fly. She asks Hodges to extend his hand so he can pull her across. Hodges carries her across, walking to the other side as Xerra clings onto his hand.

As the group makes their way deeper into the tropical forest, Xerra is bitten by a blue beetle with black spots but with seemingly no averse effects. Hodges attempts to kill the beetle but nearly takes out Red Eyes. Hodges then realizes why he took the arms off; he found them to be nothing but weapons to kill. As Xerra attempts to convince him that his arm can do more than that, he attempts to rip Xerra's arm out of her socket as Red Eyes disconnects Hodges' arm from his arm hole. Xerra shakes Hodges' arm off as Hodges kicks down the chasm, ashamed of his actions and sits down at the edge to contemplate. Xerra walks over to him and pats him on the head as the two stare down the chasm.

Issue 7: Xerra Throws Up!

Xerra wakes up as she feels ill, attempting to walk off the gastric pains in her stomach only to throw up. Red Eyes tells her that she is sick, with Xerra retorting with a "you think?" as she throws up again. Unsure of what condition Xerra is in, the robots attempt to feed her stuff from the tropical forest in an attempt to cure her, although her condition worsens as they keep attempting to feed her.

She blacks out as they attempt to feed her a coconut shell, the two robots unsure what to do. Red Eyes carries her over his shoulder as the two head to find someone that can help. Xerra awakens in a empty grey room and finds that she can phase through the walls to find a bunch of stairs. As she heads down the stairs, she hears strange noises that seem to be a conversation about hiding a body.

Hodges and Red Eyes leave the tropical forest and find MechaGod attempting to crawl his way towards them. Hodges and Red Eyes attempt to attack him but drop Xerra, causing her to fall down the stairs in her mind and winds up in a mushy orange pit where a short blue man in a red hat stirs the mixture. As Red Eyes flies back from hitting MechaGod with a bat, Hodges tells Red Eyes to run as MechaGod attempts to stand up. Red Eyes grabs Xerra and attempts to fly, but lands back onto the ground, causing Xerra to fly out of the orange mush and land in a place where she can only see black. Hodges kicks down a tree onto MechaGod as the two run.

The issue ends as Xerra walks in the blackness and sees a distorted Unten that she seems to believe is called Tennu, although she is unsure why.

Issue 8: Xerra Kills Unten!

Xerra makes her way towards "Tennu" as it turns to face her, coming to a understanding that she must enter it's mouth. As she does, she begins to walk on a landscape of screaming beorn faces. She watches as Unten heads towards a rocket, with Xerra rushing over to Unten and punching him, causing him to fall to the ground as she proceeds violently beat him.

Hodges and Red Eyes believe they found a safe area in a cave that they place Xerra down on. Red Eyes senses that she still has a heart beat, but is unsure of what to do from here. A black monkey-spider hybrid hops down from the ceiling of the cave and attempts to eat Xerra, but Hodges kicks the creature away as Red Eyes slams it with a bat. They find that they killed it and throw the body into a lake, where they find the Bogleech taking the creature with it's hand. The Bogleech attempts to convince Hodges and Xerra to allow Xerra to become part of the Bogleech, but Red Eyes and Hodges refuse.

The Bogleech states that her illness will be cured if she becomes part of the Bogleech, as the Bogleech will only take her body and morph it into his own, her own illnesses and troubles no longer mattering as her mind becomes part of the hivemind. Hodges and Red Eyes head back into the cave, continuing to refuse and heading deeper into the cave so the Bogleech does not try and take the body while they're not looking.

Xerra finishes hitting Unten, as his body falls lifelessly to the ground. The screaming stops as the Beorn heads close their mouths, but their eyeballs roll back as thousands of spirits are released from their sockets. Soon Xerra finds herself in complete darkness again with the lifeless Unten body as two lights appear. She "understands" that they are Origin and Destiny, the first Beorns. She offers the dead Unten body to them, but they appear to be discontent with her. Xerra throws the Unten body in frustration as Origin opens up his mouth but no words come out. Xerra, unable to read lips, is unsure what he's saying. Origin and Destiny disappear as she watches a comet come down, aiming for her by Vokkskar.

Hodges and Red Eyes come across a river in the cave as well as a house with lights on. They knock on the door and find a bird like creature that looks at their friend, who is moving in her sleep. The bird character tells them to come in.

Issue 9: Xerra Goes to the Doctor!

Xerra awakens to see Hodges and Red Eyes, as well as the bird character. The bird character introduces himself as Feath, and he claims to be a witch doctor. He says Xerra was stung by a blue backed beetle, which wouldn't have killed her but she had a nasty allergic reaction to the bite.

With that cleared up, Xerra recounts some of her vision. Feath says the Unten guy sounds familiar, with Xerra stating that Unten was a famous hero that ended up killing the entire planet and escaped, painting him as a villain. Feath pulls out a newspaper cut that claims that Unten found his way to Earth.

Still upset at Unten, Xerra asks if there's a way off the planet. Feath says he doesn't know, and Red Eyes asks where he even found the newspaper. Feath claims he found it by a big tree, and Xerra asks Feath to take them there. As they exit, they meet with the Bogleech, who attempts to grab them but Feath knocks him away with a stick as they run.

Issue 10: Xerra Makes Bird Calls!

Feath leads the group down to a dead forest as the sky grows dark. As the four set up camp, Feath teaches the three how to make bird calls in case they get separated. Feath also notes that he saw something blue crash just a few days ago, although he never saw what it was.

As the group rests, Xerra takes off to see what the blue thing might be. She then comes across "Doomulus Grime" again, this time armed with some kind of cannon. Xerra kicks him in the face as it goes off, with it sending a beacon into the sky. A giant mothlike bird swoops down and grabs the two.

Xerra and "Doomulus" land in a bird nest on top of a large stone pillar with a bunch of hungry baby birds. The birds eat the robot without issue, although they become full from eating him. Xerra attempts to make bird calls like Heath had taught her, but instead summons a tall lumbering beast made of stone that attacks the stone pillar.

Xerra falls to the ground and briefly passes out, having a vision of being Unten as Xerra attacks "herself". Unsure of what it means, she finds herself at the camp as Hodges heard the bird call. Xerra falls back asleep as the night continues on, birds singing in the twilight hours.

Issue 11: Xerra Finds a Time Keeper!

Xerra awakens and the group follows Feath into the dead woods. During the journey, Xerra looks around the woods, unsure if she will ever get out of here. She then finds herself away from the group again, getting frustrated as she makes bird calls. She then suddenly kicks her foot onto something hard.

The something hard that she kicked turns out to be some kind of robot or something. As it awakens, it introduces itself as Time Keeper Eakin. Eakin tells Xerra about the Time Keepers and their origins. Xerra asks how he was knocked out, leading Eakin to fuzzily recollect fighting against some cosmic threat before being bonked on the head... or something.

The group comes over as Eakin introduces himself. Feath notes that Eakin must have been the blue thing he saw crash. The group heads forth as Eakin scans the surface, identifying the planet as several different ones that have smashed together. Xerra wonders how that could be, with Eakin stating that it happened a couple hundred years ago.

The group finally arrives at the tree Feath was talking about, with Eakin gasping as he sees it. Xerra asks what he's so shocked about and Eakin states that it is Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

Issue 12: Xerra Hits a Tree!

Xerra and the others get to Yggdrasil as Eakin scans the area before silently realizing something that is hidden away from the audience. As Xerra gets close to the tree, she comes across a black gecko like creature that climbs down and identifies the five by name. As Xerra asks how he knows, the gecko tells her that he "understood" it.

Suddenly a roar comes from the distance as MechaGod is revealed, running with the help of the Bogleech. Understanding that they have a common goal, MechaGod and the Bogleech fused in order to graft Xerra and Feath to the Bogleech's hivemind and body. A battle ensues as Xerra is clearly overwhelemed by MechaGod and the Bogleech, taking out Hodges and Red Eyes briefly. Feath runs behind Yggdrasil, finding that it's roots are connecting the planets. He takes out a knife and begins to cut at some of the roots, causing the ground to shake.

Xerra slams her hand into a tree as she attempts to kill MechaGod. Eakin notes that he never fully ascended, and even if Xerra managed to land a hit it still wouldn't register her judgement. Xerra doesn't understand what the hell Eakin's talking about and jumps off the base of the tree, opening up a portal as she lands on MechaGod's head.

Feath cuts more roots and the ground begins to split as MechaGod's legs are caught between the separating landmasses. Eakin reboots Hodges and Red Eyes as Feath returns to the front of the tree to tell Xerra to get off MechaGod. Xerra slams her fist inside of MechaGod's head and takes out his messed up brain, tossing it into the portal. As MechaGod falls, Xerra jumps off but barely makes it before Red Eyes catches her.

The group looks at the white light and steps inside, with the portal being marked as "Earth".


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