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Xerra Female
102 lbs
21 years old Beorn
POWERS Unknown
ALIGNMENT Righting Time
Last of the Beorns?
Time Traveller

Banana Splits, Hodges, Red Eyes, Pinku Rozen


Romance, The Bogleech, Mechagod


Xerra is a female Beorn that first appeared in the Fantendo - Drive series called Xerra: The Last Beorn, which she is stranded on a tundra like planet and comes under the impression she is the last of the Beorns. Her escape pod flew out to a far off planet is mostly populated by robots and ascended beings that are immortal in nature.

As revealed at the end of volume 1 of her own series, she was actually in stasis for a very long time; upwards to millions of years. When she landed, she wasn't just far from home: she was stranded in the future. Eakin, a Time Keeper, was able to send her to the past to attempt to prevent the horrible future from occurring, which was a timeline known as Future's Dark. Teaming up with Umbra Shader and saving Rose Reaper and DREW from being killed by Two, it's quite possible that Xerra has prevented this bad future from coming to pass.

After this, Xerra was not sure what to do in her new time that was vastly unfamilar to her. She ended up camping out in a house that would later be legally owned by Pinku Rozen and was previously owned by Rei Carnation, leading the three to form the cast of Pink Lemonade.


Xerra was one of the many Beorns that were able to escape Zeon's destruction, however her course was sent out of whack by Unten Bluzen's escape pod, causing her to propel towards uncharted space for a unspecified period of time. She finally woke up in a gaezbo of a unknown planet, where she met Red Eyes and Hodges.

In actuality, that unspecified period of time ended up being decades, centuries, or even possibly millions of years into the future. When she had arrived, the events of Future's Dark had played out with Palutena beginning conquest of the New Fantendoverse to ensure safety for everyone. During a battle with the future Unten, Palutena was transformed into a spider-like creature and went even more insane attempting to transform back. When Xerra had landed, Palutena had not only won, but the entire universe was dying from neglect and a lack of any kind of balance.


Xerra is rough and rude to unfamiliar people and strangers, and can act extremely aggressive towards people she perceives as enemies. She, however, can be a lot softer with people she has gotten to know. She has violent thoughts and feelings deep inside her towards Unten and her own perceived failings, murdering them in dream sequences. She was not able to reconcile these until much later on.

Despite her rough exterior, Xerra has a knack for mechanics, similar to that of Doomulus Grime. Additionally, Xerra is a quick thinking problem solver and has strong resolve, as proven by her experiences with the various villains of her mini-series. Additionally, she feels very strongly about attempting to right the wrongs of the past and preventing bad things from happening that will have long-standing effects. If it came down to it, she would kill to preserve peace in the current timeline.

Xerra is not interested in romance or sex, although she does form very strong friendships with the people that she gets to know. She isn't against hugs but kisses are something she finds really unappealing and gross. Xerra tends to get herself injured quite a bit, similar to Unten Bluzen. She is also able to get rather violently ill a couple of different times across her adventures, although has been able to stave off her own death multiple times.

In Pink Lemonade, Xerra was shown to be somewhat ambivalent towards things she didn't care about, often sarcastically remarking at things concerning relationships. She also has been attempting to do a better job at keeping her emotions in check, similar to how she acted around Hodges and Red Eyes.


Xerra: The Last Beorn Volume 1

Xerra: The Last Beorn Volume 2

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Pink Lemonade


Xerra was based off the idea that there could be Beorns out there, who believe they are the last of their kind, which was explored in a comment by Somarinoa (tbc):

Yes, but it's also like saying "All Saiyans or Kryptonians are dead" but keep having characters of these species show up despite someone being the "last". Chances are the devastation means they won't see another of their kind for a long time, and they may very well come to believe that they are the only one(s) left. When in reality, it would be virtually impossible to actually tell if someone was the last of anything, and "the last of the ____s" is not necessarily entirely accurate and can be used as a simple terminology at times.

It is also possible that nobody still alive knows any of the other survivors are, thereby making them all the last of the species as far as anybody can tell. For the same reason that just because you find only one bird from a species left and declare it "the last" there might be another out there, SOMEWHERE. No way to actually tell.
Somarinoa on Origin's page, in response to criticism that Unten was no longer "the last Beorn".

Xerra's design is based off Unten's original look in Fissure (2014), although much more scuffed up and featuring a bag by her side. Despite the comparsions, Xerra retains very few of Unten's character traits.

Powers and Abilities

Interestingly, Xerra shows few, if any powers or abilities. She may be one of the few Beorns born without any kind of powers at all. She was able to visit Tennu in dreams, although it is somewhat ambiguous as to whether this was the true Tennu at all. She has a survivor's wit and endurance which kept her alive against various threats. If she has any powers, it would likely be Aura powers, which she has yet to tap into.

In Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, she has a lantern and a glowing scimitar in her artwork, suggesting she uses those as weapons. In Pink Lemonade, she instead utilizes a giant axe.

Specific Abilities

Innate Abilities

  • Lucidity - Xerra was shown multiple times with the ability to visit the realm of dreams even while under life-threatening sicknesses and diseases. She has been shown with the ability to pull objects from dreams as well as to interact with beings that are located or displaced in the realm of Dreams such as Tennu and The Fool.

Learned Abilities

  • Survivor's Wit - Xerra has been able to survive in perilous conditions and has knowledge of various ways to start fires, find shelters, as well as an internal clock and compass. Even when she was cooped up in a house for weeks, these survival instincts were still with her.


  • Unnamed Lantern - This lantern appears in Xerra's Victory art and would have played a key role in Xerra's moveset. It would have been able to drop the orb inside and act as a bomb, as well as act a way to attract projectiles and set off solar attacks that would have been radius of damage attacks.
  • Glowing Scimitar - This glowing scimitar appears in Xerra's Victory Art and would have played a key role in Xerra's moveset. It would have allowed Xerra to strike with deceptively long range with little movement exerted from her, allowing for fast piercing attacks that would have momentarily stunned the opponent, allowing Xerra to strike with various options afterwards. When the scimitar was glowing, Xerra would do additional damage, but this glow would only be present for a single strike before slowly recharging over time to emphasize careful use of it.
  • Dream Axe - Xerra gains an axe in the Pink Lemonade episode Connector by summoning it as a weapon. This axe was likely materialized from Xerra's own thoughts. It was shown to be able to split open asteroids and could extend out similar to Imperium, acting as a whip in some instances.
    • Fool's Axe - Xerra's dream axe is corrupted by The Fool during the events of Connector and it arrives in the real world in it's corrupted state. This axe features a shining white blade and a melted black handle. Xerra is able to switch between the two states when in the Dungeon Dimension.



  • Xerra's earlier names included:
    • Yelzi
    • Gihal
    • Alfanzi
    • Caurtz
    • Aperlin
  • Originally the plan was not to send her back into the past, as there were already enough Beorns in the current canon running around in the present. This changed for Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory and she is currently in the present attempting to prevent her own bad future timeline.
  • Xerra's theme is Hunger of the Pine by alt-J.

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