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Miranda "Xerox" Sodan
Xerox, Leah's ex-girlfriend.
CLASS Leah's Girlfriend
Master of Disguise
Fantendo Now

Xerox (real name Miranda Sodan) is the former girlfriend of Leah Needlenam, and was introduced in Fantendo Now. Although she loves Leah, Leah only seemed interested in Xerox's ability to look like X-Ray. As such, she has made several attempts to kill X-Ray in order to permanently replace her.

She is a master of disguise, able to fool most people with any disguise she uses. Although she is dressed up as X-Ray the most, she has also disguised herself as Leah, Beth Operatino, all four members of the Twisted Cross, and Strafe. As of Stand Out Stories, she has undergone therapy by Mingyu Li and has become relatively more stable.


Xerox seemed to be a very sweet girl who just didn't have a ton of luck despite her talents of disguise. Unemployed and homeless, Xerox met Leah Needlenam at a park and seemed to fall in love with her at first sight but didn't know if her feelings were shared. The two would eventually begin dating upon Leah's discovery of her disguise ability. This would turn out to be a mistake for both of them that would severely impact Xerox's psyche.

Slowly over the course of a couple of months of dating Leah, she lost sight of who she was and slowly became corrupted in a attempt to please Leah. She frequently became delusional and started plans to kill X-Ray in hopes that when she was out of Leah's life she would finally open up to Xerox's true self, which had mostly withered away by now. Xerox would devise multiple ways to try and get X-Ray killed, either by her own hand, or eventually attempting to trick the court into giving her the death penalty.

Put into prison for her crimes, Xerox would eventually break out to find Leah again, this time on a Kolob prison. While devoted to her, it was around her she finally realized Leah could never truly love her, as she had never bothered to learn her real name. Shortly after returning to Earth, she devised a plan to pardon herself and then began to work with superhuman psychiatrist Mingyu Li to genuinely try and get her to a more stable state. This appears to be have been successful as of Stand Out Stories.

Xerox's personality seems to be as twistable as her appearance in a small way. While in a toxic relationship created out of unrequited love, she became toxic and even murderous herself. When she sought out help, she began to slowly return to her original personality. However, lingering effects still impact Xerox on a day-to-day life as a result of Leah. She finds it hard to form relationships, something she is slowly trying to work through with Beth Operatino, and knives are a visual trigger for her.


Xerox, like X-Ray, has hair--whose color is also the same--over her left eye. She sometimes carries around a xeroxed copy of the x-ray that X-Ray carries around. In her civilian look, she wears a colorful hoodie with octopi on it. She also wears a grey grid skirt and different colored stockings that resemble an x-ray. She also wears red shoes.



Fantendo Now: Xerox

Xerox will be making her debut in the episode "Xerox" as a major character. Although she is mentioned a couple times by Leah before hand, she doesn't appear until late in the season.


Leah Needlenam

The two were previously in a relationship but it was superficial at best, with Leah only being interested in Xerox when she dresses up as X-Ray. On the other hand, Xerox was very much in love with Leah, and is willing to kill anyone who threatens their relationship. While she would eventually curb this behavior on her own, she still feels something towards Leah, but due to her death she is unable to act on any of those feelings anymore.


X-Ray seems completely neutral with Xerox at the start, and is also completely oblivious to the fact that Leah is only dating her because she dresses up as her. Xerox has attempted to kill X-Ray several times, with most of her attempts going completely unnoticed by X-Ray.


  • Her original name was Scan but was later changed to Xerox because it was a better fit and helped to relate her to X-Ray better.
  • According to Exotoro, this character idea had been around for about half a year prior to her debut. This would make her one of the earliest characters intended for the New Fantendoverse.