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Xenocrow Female
200 lbs
2 (Mentally 23) years old Human/Evangel
Xenocrow, the wild woman from the stars
FULL NAME Xenocrow
POWERS Atomic Precision

Katana Prowess
Wild Instinct

BIRTHDAY December 24th

Liameno (creator)
Crow (DNA sister)


Nature, Fighting, Animals, Fire, Crow's Sisters


Liameno, F.A.N.T., Monkeys, Hunters


Xenocrow is a a clone of the wild woman Crow created by Liameno during the events of Days of Victory. Created as an obedient slave for Liameno using Crow's DNA and enhancing the alien dna inside her, Xenocrow would later turn on Liameno after a brief battle with Crow and the group aboard Liameno's ship, ejecting him out into space in an escape pod.

Xenocrow would later revealed to be living on Earth after the events of Days of Victory, "living" with Alpha-V.


Xenocrow is similar to Crow, although appears much more alien in origin. She has slick, wet skin and hooves for feet, with three fingers for hands. She also has a impressive tail that she can use in combat. Sigils decorate her grey skin and her "hair" is a mess of tentacle-like skin that covers her head. She carries around a black belt around her body where she sheathes her cyber-katana.


Xenocrow is pretty much Crow's equal in most respects, although she does not have familiarity with most of what Crow knows. She remains a fighter and over confident in her abilities, and her reasoning is more akin to an animal than a person. Despite being created to be Liameno's slave, Xenocrow was easily able to overpower him and rejected orders from him directly.

Xenocrow does seem to be a little less versed in survival than the original Crow, mostly staying around Alpha-V's location when she landed on Earth after the events of Days of Victory. However, her concept of relationships stay about the same.


Xenocrow has all of Crow's abilities and seems to have all her techniques as well. This includes Crow's atomic precision and swordswoman powers. She also has a tail that she can use in combat, although this is not used during her appearance during Days of Victory. Xenocrow is less versed than Crow in survival and has no need for clothes, so she does not seem to actually possess Crow's prowess over sewing.

Specific Powers

Innate Combat Abilities

  • Swordswoman - Xenocrow is excellent with blade-like weapons, having years of combat training implanted in her dna.
    • Edge Cut - Xenocrow lies her sword vertically flat, with anyone that runs into it to get cut. This can be followed up by other moves.
    • Strike Jab -Xenocrow strikes with the sword horizontally, knocking anyone hit with it back for modest damage. This can become a kill move if hit with the center of the blade, which is it's sweet spot.
    • Tension Builder - Xenocrow readies her sword, building energy until the button is released. If fully charged, it could become quite the devastating kill move. Lesser charges will still do a good amount of damage.
    • Beak Stinger - Xenocrow launches forward with blue energy with her katana forward, dealing a precise attack that can break shields or be used as a vertical recovery.
    • Stump Splitter - Xenocrow slams her katana down in a rapid slash that causes her to spin in the air downwards. This has a splitting effect against tree trunks and can set fire to the roots below, causing a explosion afterwards.
    • Katana 13 - Xenocrow slams the katana into her target and then proceeds to kick the hilt so it impales her opponent further.
    • Round Trip - Xenocrow sends her katana flying, spinning as it hits it's target multiple times before zipping back to Xenocrow in a boomerang fashion.
  • Atomic Precision - Xenocrow is able to slice and dice with an katana or other sword like weapons with atomic-level precision.
    • Explosive Strike - By studying the air hard enough, Xenocrow can strike the atoms in the air in a way that splits them apart and creates explosions.
    • Cackle Swish - Xenocrow cackles as she moves the sword in a upwards arc, with small explosions occurring and sizzling off the blade. The explosions can hit the opponent but that isn't as damaging as the sword strike itself.
    • Infinity Weave - Xenocrow jumps up with the blade and "cuts" into the air, setting off a series of explosions that go in a figure eight loop that lasts for three loops. If an opponent hits the Infinity Weave, the move stops and the opponent flies back.
    • Subatomic Blade - This attack has to be in range of an opponent to activate correctly. When done right, Crow will take an opponent into the air and a quick cut scene of the opponent being slashed by an atomic level will play. When it is finished, they will explode and nothing will be left. This is her Finisher in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.
  • Reaction Blue - In addition to her incredible preciseness, Xenocrow is able to react to any move with an perfect counterattack with Reaction Blue. While using Reaction Blue, her eyes light up blue.
  • Umbrakinesis - Xenocrow seems to have very limited control over her shadow, able to utilize it in certain attacks.
    • Black Arc - Xenocrow's shadow strikes upwards while Crow herself strikes downwards. The two blades clash for a killing move that has to be done just right.

Non-Combat Abilities

  • Wild Instinct - Xenocrow prefers the feel of nature and can survive in the wild very nicely. She is able to scavenge for food, kill animals, and create shelter very quickly. She is not as good as Crow in this respect, but is still able to scavenge quite well.
  • Animal Tongue - Xenocrow is able to communicate to an limited extent with animals- she cannot talk with them, but can generally understand them and they can generally understand her through grunts and other calling signals.
  • Immunity - Xenocrow is not able to get diseases due to her advanced genes from Liameno. As such, she can openly eat spoiled food and other things that would normally get her sick without fear.


  • Blade Runner - The name of Xenocrow's cyber katana, which seems to have the same general capabilities of A Crow is White.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

When Crow, Leah, Lexi, Thorn and Bombyx arrive on Liameno's ships, they are soon cornered by Liameno himself, who captures Crow after revealing that she is actually the daughter of him and one of his concubines, who died after giving birth to them on Earth. Notably, Crow is not at all impacted by this reveal. Leah, Thorn, Bombyx Icarusiot, and Lexi Larsen rescue her, although they are soon attacked by a alien clone of Crow dubbed "XenoCrow". After battling it and barely surviving it's attacks, Liameno commands it to defeat it's true enemy, in which Crow's innate fighting spirit activates inside of XenoCrow to defeat Liameno and send him out a escape pod.

Her fate is not known in this story. It would later be clarified in a future story.





  • Xenocrow's name is coined by Thorn in-universe. She is partially named after the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise.