Xenoblade Chronicles Remix
North American boxart
Developer(s): Studio Lillie
Publisher(s): Osmosis Ltd.
Series: Xenoblade
Platforms(s): Nintendo Switch
Nintendo DSGo
Japan Flag April 2022
US Flag April 2022
25px-Flag of Europe April 2022

Xenoblade Chronicles Remix is an upcoming role-playing game developed by Osmosis Ltd. in conjunction with Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DSGo and Nintendo Switch in April 2020. It is a remaster of the original Xenoblade Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii. It is the first game in the Xenoblade series on the Nintendo DSGo.


  • Talent Arts: All characters can now upgrade their Talent Art, not just Seven. Doing this requires AP and Power Tokens. This does not apply to the Monado Arts.
  • Power Tokens: Affinity Coins have been replaced with Power Tokens, still being acquired from Unique Monsters. In addition to being used for Skill Links, they can now also be used to upgrading Talent Arts and unlocking Advanced Arts.
  • Spikes: The power of Spikes has been massively decreased. Topple Spikes have been removed.
  • Break/Topple/Daze: A number of new Arts have been added to numerous characters like Riki that allow them to inflict Break, Topple, or Daze.
  • AI: Major improvement to the AI for characters. Shulk will check if characters can inflict damage upon Mechon before using Monado Enchant, Melia will apply better use of Elementals, and Sharla will use Cool Off more often, in addition to other improvements.


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