Xenoblade Chronicles 2: ressurection is a Xenoblade game for the nintendo wii u. This game follows the story of the first game, now featuring new mechanics and characters.



Shulk, with Monado 3 in hand, is the heir to the monado and leader of the group. He retains his first fighting style, only has some new monado arts.

  1. Monado smash: Buffs a random stat by 90%, and grants damage immunity.
  2. Monado shooter: Ether attack that hits 6 times in a circle, inflicting paralysis.
  3. Monado brave: Maxes all stats and grants haste.
  4. Monado fear: Lowers all enemy stats and inflicts slow.
  5. Monado combo: 2 hit combo in a large fan shape.
  6. Monado summon: Summons blasters to counter if Shulk is hit.


Reyn is the hard headed muscle of the clan. He retains his tank style.


Sharla is a medic of Colony 6. She is still a healer.


Dunban is the hero of Colony 9. He remains an agility tank.


Fiora is the sister of Dunban. She is still a burst damage dealer.


Riki is the heropon of frontier village. He is still a jack of all trades.


Empress of Alcamoth, Melia is still an ether user.


A royal knight of the homs, a very brash man. He is very good friends with Riki.


  1. Dark impact
  2. Knightly heal
  3. Armour up
  4. Shadow attract
  5. Jump thrust
  6. Jade strike
  7. Metal claw
  8. Laser kick
  9. Gale edge
  10. Smash strike
  11. Quake pounce
  12. Civil spin
  13. Derived spirit
  14. Shadow blast
  15. Armour dive
  16. Regal flip
  17. Talent art: Zero slash


A war buddy of Dunban, he becomes a sponge tank in this game.


  1. Demon swipe
  2. Hell dive claw
  3. Lion's pounce
  4. Lion's den
  5. Hell hound
  6. Super spin
  7. Parental protect
  8. Peacock's charm
  9. Raptor's claw
  10. Lion's uprising
  11. Eagle's eye
  12. Bear's claw
  13. Fiery pain
  14. Lion's fury
  15. Giant's will
  16. Massacre lotus
  17. Talent art: Hell cross


A war buddy of Dunban, he becomes a buffer.

  1. Thunder bolt
  2. Heal bolt
  3. Cure bolt
  4. Shield round
  5. Heal shot
  6. Sleep bullet
  7. Cross bullet
  8. Heal spread
  9. Aggro bullet
  10. Unyielding barrier
  11. Star bolt
  12. Healing shield
  13. Aura bolt
  14. Dark shot
  15. Cure spread
  16. Power shaft
  17. Talent art: Heat wave


A mysterious man formerly associated with Zanza. He is now a glass cannon character.

  1. Cross ray
  2. Breaker ray
  3. Stagger ray
  4. Lost ray
  5. Ravaging power
  6. Repel
  7. Hidden power
  8. Guard ray
  9. Agile awaken
  10. Dark cross
  11. Critical power
  12. Dragon slam
  13. Soaring ray
  14. Glass breaker
  15. Sacrificial power
  16. Overthrow
  17. Talent art: Final ray
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