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This article is part of the Medieverse. Surely you're not looking for the original X-Ray?
AGE 20
SERIES Medieverse

X-Ray is a character in the Medieverse who takes a minor role in the story.


There really is nothing known about that past of X-Ray. She basically is a John Doe, as even her real name is a mystery to anyone. X-Ray was the only way to identify her. She was quickly caught by the plague, being inhabited by Sabel, and found be Leah who swore she would find a way to cure X-Ray, so they could get to learn each other better.

Hiddenverse Arc

It is currently unclear on whether Leah was successful in curing X-Ray's plague although at some point the two of them died and their souls were collected by The Programmer. taken to the Hiddenverse and into new bodies, X-Ray found her plague was gone and she possessed magical powers, although finding it somewhat humourous that Leah had been turned into a hat she was very sympathetic of Leah's unfortunate situation and kept her well protected. Unlike Leah, X-Ray was not affected by The Programmer's brainwashing and instead The Programmer had Leah forcibly use most of her magic to brainwash X-Ray into a state of bliss and peace to keep her controlled. X-Ray acted as a guard and nurse in The Programmer's Citadel making friends with a number of the Feragels.

After Fera's awakening, X-Ray attempted to convince Fera to stay although was unsuccessful, resulting in her being unable to stop Fera when Fera made her escape. As such X-Ray was stripped of a number of her abilities and was strictly prohibited from interacting with others casually. Fortunately however after a devastating blow to The Programmer, Leah's brainwashing was destroyed allowing her to regain her sanity and remove her own brainwashing from X-Ray. In their clarity the  duo utilized their concentrated magical abilities to forsee the future where The Programmer was destroyed, as such they created Robotic bodies, knowing they would be unable to leave The Programmer's Citadel alive they instead created a beacon signal that would pick up their souls and place them in their bodies upon death.

With the implosion of the Hiddenverse the duo were pulled into their new bodies, X-Ray opting for a body capable of handling tougher situations as she was uncertain what the Fantendoverse would hold for them. Perhaps fortunately though when the two awoke they found themselves on a tropical planet. Although confused at first Leah quickly devised a plan and had them change their names to Ashia and Gamma Ray, although uneasy about this Gamma Ray went along with the plan and the two ended up on an R&R Planet for Robots, there Gamma Ray was able to relax meeting several humans who'd implanted their brains into robotic bodies, intrigued by this potential as it seemed to be an answer to the diseases and suffering that were going on in the Medieverse when the duo were last there, Gamma Ray was able to talk up one of the wealthier robots and invested some money into their business which gave her a discount to robotic parts on a multitude of planets.

Although before she was able to discuss further Ashia returned asking Gamma Ray to come with her to a private room, where she handed Gamma Ray some clothes telling her that she'd figured out a way off the R&R Planet, although elated about this revelation, Gamma Ray also saw the potential prospect in talking to the wealthy robot although was unable to speak up as before she knew it her and Ashia were heading towards a small Earthly planet where they ended up in a surburban area. Ashia professed that on their trip she'd learned all the necessary information she needed about being a veterinarian and that she'd be able to take care of both of them. Although relieved by this news Gamma Ray was still concerned about the business deal and felt somewhat guilty about not having thought up such an idea as well.

Once the two got settled in Ashia would spend most of her days at the hospital while Gamma Ray mainly went out looking for stuff Ashia would ask for or to socialize. Making friends with a few shopkeepers, Gamma Ray was surprised to find that Ashia had taken her to a planet that was part of an organization called The Union which had prevented large corporations from building stores on a series of planets meaning Gamma Ray had no way of contacting her associate.

Weeks went by as Gamma Ray became relaxed and then bored of her life, often going to visit Ashia in the hospital sometimes faking an injury just to spend time with her. In a twisted sense of luck however, on one of the days that Gamma Ray went to visit Ashia, she was performing surgery on a Minotaur, distracted for whatever reason Ashia accidentally agitated the Minotaur which hadn't been given anesthetic by accident and ended up with heavy damages to her motherboard resulting in a lockdown of her higher functions causing her mental capabilities to become heavily restricted. Fortunately due to Gamma Ray's proximity she was able to prevent further injuries to Ashia and take her home with the hospital telling Gamma Ray they'd discuss the issue later on.

As it would happen Gamma Ray went to discuss with the hospital about the situation to which the hospital agreed to pay a leave salary to Ashia until she was fixed although it would only be enough to sustain them. Gamma Ray quickly got in contact with the repair services although due to Ashia's unusual design parameters it was estimated to take decades for the appropriate mechanic to reach her. As such Gamma Ray decided to sell a number of their furniture pieces in their apartment to augment herself with a Silenced Pistol in her right hand as well as some minor armour and sharp claws and advertised herself in the underground market as a Bounty Hunter.

Although her new line of work was stressful to her, Gamma Ray remained determined to succeed, often feeling guilty over her slothfulness when Ashia was providing for her, as such Gamma Ray is described by her employers when she's seeking new employers as being extremely aggressive due to pent up rage.

Physical description

Human Form (Medieverse)


Human Form (Hiddenverse)

Having been given a new body, X-Ray is dressed more like a mage than her previous rags. Wearing a large blue coat with details of bones on it, while also wearing bandages around her upper torso and red ripped jeans. She also wears dark brown shoes as well. She seems ot wield a small wand with some sort of blue flame emanating from it.

Robot Form

Appearing in a much larger frame than Ashia, Gamma Ray's body is made of a strong plastic which makes her immune to magnetism but is vulnerable to fire. She wears armour on her legs and has clawed fingers on her left hand. Her right hand's index finger is able to be retracted and hides a silenced pistol within. She wears grey clothes mainly with bandages wrapped around her left wrist and a sleeve on her right arm.


X-Ray seems to be a kind person, but nothing much is known about her personality. She always is kind to Leah, and thanks her when she is conscious. She doesn't talk very much, mostly due to her slipping in and out of a coma. However there is something about X-Ray that peaked the interest of Leah, and slowly makes her fall in love with her.


Capable of rather powerful magic in the Hiddenverse that was gifted to her by The Programmer, X-Ray is capable of projection spells as well as force-based spells which due to her combined knowledge with Leah allows her to effectively dispose of most monsters she faces. She is also rather proficient in Fire Magic capable to producing powerful fireballs.

As a Robot her large frame allows her to take hits and dish them out although lacking any of the magical capabilities from her Hiddenverse Human Form. Her silenced pistol is excellent for stealth and her clawed hand is able to break steel. The armour on her leg is strong enough that it can break bone if she knees someone with enough momentum.